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11 Must-Have Home Theater Accessories

Check out our list of the latest home theater accessories that will enhance and transform your movie-watching experience

Freshly popped popcorn, ice-cold drinks, comfortable seats, and a big-screen TV are the beginnings of a great movie night at home. Add in some surround sound, a glass of wine, and an outstanding feature film, and it’s pretty near perfect. But what if you could enhance your at-home movie-watching experience so that it’s even better than going to an actual theater? Well, you can quickly and easily do just that with the help of some ultra-cool home theater accessories.

We’ve compiled a list of the best add-on features that will transform your home theater into the most luxurious and state-of-the-art cinema around. These accessories pair perfectly with Seatcraft home theater chairs from 4seating. They are designed to give you additional comfort and convenience. This way, you can enjoy movie time in complete relaxation and style. Below we give you a sneak peek into these exclusive Seatcraft home theater accessories. We also explain how they can help provide the ultimate movie experience.

Swivel Tray Table

Seatcraft’s Swivel Tray Table is an absolute must-have for any movie night. These sleek, Onyx-black trays easily attach to home theater chairs and rotate a full 360 degrees. They are perfect for holding bowls of popcorn, movie snacks, remote controls, electronic devices, and more. These trays are even big enough to eat a full meal on or use your laptop. So the next time you want to enjoy dinner and a movie, simply attach a swivel tray table to your Seatcraft theater seat. Then once the credits roll, the tray tables can easily be detached and stored in the hidden in-arm storage unit until your next at-home movie experience.

Adjustable Phone/Tablet Holder

Want to keep your phone or tablet nearby and comfortably browse, text, or game while you watch a movie? Seatcraft’s Adjustable Phone/Tablet Holder allows you to do just that. The holder comes with two adjustable mounts, one designed for a cell phone and the other for a tablet. The mounts adjust to fit any popular cell phone or tablet model. They can be positioned in a variety of ways thanks to their full 360 degrees swivel feature. The phone/tablet holder is the perfect theater accessory to keep your device within easy reach during movie time.

Wine Glass Caddy

Nothing pairs with a great movie quite like a glass of wine. This is why Seatcraft offers a Wine Glass Caddy that allows you to enjoy your favorite vino while you watch the show. The caddy fits any size glass, easily attaches to your theater chair, and swivels 360 degrees. Now you can comfortably sip and relax throughout the entire movie. The wine caddy also has a sturdy base and “no-spill” hook. This design securely holds your glass so that you never have to worry about spills. And to top it off, the wine glass caddy comes in a stylish stainless steel finish.

Wireless Charging Swivel Tray Table

Seatcraft’s Wireless Charging Swivel Tray Table is not only a convenient place to set your electronic devices, but it also charges them at the same time. While you relax and enjoy a movie, simply put your cell phone, tablet, or other Qi-enabled devices on the tray and they will wirelessly charge. The tray table also swivels a full 360 degrees. This means you can easily pick up your device for use and then lay it back down on the tray to continue charging. For storage, simply slide the wireless tray table into your Seatcraft’s in-arm storage compartment.

Wireless Charging Phone Mount

Seatcraft’s Wireless Charging Phone Mount allows you to comfortably use your phone and charge it simultaneously. Simply place your phone on the mount to wirelessly charge. Now you can enjoy the show without getting tangled in phone charging cords. Just like our Wireless Charging Swivel Tray Table, our phone mount is also compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. In addition, it swivels a full 360 degrees so that you can easily use your phone while you watch the movie.


See, hear, and now feel your favorite movies with Seatcraft’s exclusive SoundShaker system. This one-of-a-kind accessory makes you feel as if you’re actually inside the film.Our SoundShaker Amp receives and transmits wireless audio signals to a seat transducer located inside your Seatcraft chair. The transducer then shakes and vibrates your seat in sync with the action happening on-screen. Soundshaker is available only through Seatcraft and adds a whole new dimension to movie-watching that completely immerses you in the experience.

Lighted Cup Holder

Maintain a movie theater atmosphere and avoid drink fumbles with Seatcraft’s Lighted Cup Holders. These cup holders emit an ambient blue ring of light around your drink. This allows you to see it easily and still maintain a movie theater atmosphere. The cup holders have a stainless steel accent ring for added style and accommodate most beverage sizes. They can be easily removed for cleaning and fit any of Seatcraft’s home theater seats. They also have a low profile on/off switch. You can easily turn the cup holders on during a movie and off when showtime is over.

Universal Neck Pillow

Support your neck with added comfort during movie time with our Universal Neck Pillow. This pillow fits any home theater seat and securely drapes over the backrest. It can be easily adjusted to fit anyone and is made of plush foam. Our neck pillow gently upholds your head and neck so that you can view a movie in complete comfort. 

LED Reading Light

Seatcraft’s LED Reading Light allows you to enjoy a good book or other readings while your family or significant other watches their favorite movie. This little light attaches to your Seatcraft chair and is powerful enough to illuminate your reading materials without disrupting your seat neighbors or disturbing the movie ambiance. It features a flexible gooseneck design so that you can easily move the light into any position. The reading light also has a stylish stainless steel finish and a low profile on/off switch for effortless control. So the next time your family’s movie choice doesn’t interest you, simply turn on your LED reading light and relax with your favorite book instead.


Slide Arm

Add Seatcraft slide arms to your loveseat or sofa home theater seating configuration to give a more authentic movie theater feel. Our seat arms easily slide between the cushions of your loveseat or couch and provide a comfortable armrest for each person. The slide arms are made of genuine bonded leather and are available in either black or brown to complement a wide range of home decor. They also feature built-in cup holders that come in various finishes and have a lighted option as well. The slide arms can be easily removed when movie night is over to return your space to its original appearance. 

Cigar Host


If you enjoy pairing a cigar with your favorite movie or simply want to create a lounge feel in your living room, Seatcraft’s Cigar Host accessory is the perfect choice for you. Our cigar host features a deep collection basin and dual cigar rests that fit any size cigar. The cigar host swivels 360 degrees for maximum convenience and has a brilliant billet aluminum finish. So relax, light your favorite cigar, and enjoy an evening at home in your personal cigar lounge.


As you can see from this list, transforming and enhancing your home theater is as easy as attaching a few high-quality home theater accessories to your Seatcraft theater seat. So if you’re ready to have an unparalleled movie-watching experience or would like to find out more about these outstanding add-on features, please visit our website, Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the best movie experience possible.