Friday, May 20, 2011

Palliser Antica

The most important aspect of creating a home theater living space is having the right kind of theater seat. Although for some people, the electronics for setting up their media room is sufficient enough. However to have the full cinema experience, the proper home theater seat is also an important factor. With the proper home theater seating, you will enjoy watching movies while resting in comfort. There are various brands of movie theater recliners to choose from but when it comes to selecting the right home theater home theater seating, you can’t go wrong with choosing Palliser. Palliser offers top quality fabrics and modern styles of seating. Mostly the theater seats come in small sizes to accommodate any living space.

One of Palliser's new popular styles is the Antica Home Theater Seat. The Antica has full chaise support and a wall hugging recline design, allowing it to be placed a few inches from the wall. Equipped with your choice of manual or power recline. It can also be paired with an Antica RHFrecliner to make a loveseat out of two consecutive seats. And with Palliser's home theater seating life time warranty on the frame and reclining technology, your Antica leather theater recliner is sure to last a life time. Palliser also offers a five-year warranty on the theater seat padding.

Visit us at to see other lines of Palliser Home Theater Seats we carry. You can also browse other reputable theater seat brands we have in-stock.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Find Your Home Theater Deal

Now a day’s most homes are installing home theatre d├ęcor in place of their traditional living rooms and or family rooms. And you might thinking this is an expensive transition to home decorating, but think again prices are actually coming down harder on home theater furniture than on most living room furniture’s sold in furniture stores. Not to mention, most furniture stores are also creating theater seat replicas and charging anywhere from $795 to $995 per seat. With those prices of course transitioning to a home theater look will be a no holds bar. However, when you want to shop for real home theater furniture’s and not just replicas, visit our website at, you’ll definitely save money and acquire the look and feel of a real theater style decor.
Compared to our competitors we offer the lowest prices on theater seating and accessories. Our stylish Berkline 12022 series is at a low inventory blow out sale of $380 per chair. It’s not only affordable it’s also comfortable. It has the ability to fully recline inches away from the wall, allowing for decorating flexibility and efficient use of space. It effortlessly reclines at a touch of a button and provides continuous head to toe support when it is in a fully reclined position. The cup holders are illuminated from the inside to make it easy to find your beverage in the dark. And last but not least the top stitching accents provides durability and adds a decorative look to the chair.

For more home theater decor items and deals, visit us at You’ll definitely be happy that you did.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The SeatCraft Accessory Pod

The newest addition to our SeatCraft Home Theater Seating brand is the unique stainless steel Accessory Pod. The Accessory Pod feature provides a strong hold to any SeatCraft Theater Seating accessory attachments. This theater chair accessory makes use of the stainless steel reinforced cupholder that is factory installed on our theater seats. The reinforced cupholder is an essential item for the Accessory Pod to function. The Accessory Pod slides into the cupholder and provides a secure hold for our IPAD Dock, Wine Glass Caddy, Tray Tables, and Articulating LED Light home theater seat accessories.

Our SeatCraft Home Theater Seats comes standard with the black cupholders. With the option of upgrading to the stainless steel reinforced cupholder, you’ll enjoy the comfort of your home theater seats along with knowing your drinks are safely secured in the cupholders.

You don’t have to worry about any wobbly table trays, cup holders that can’t secure your wine glass or even having to re-adjust your position in the theater seat for better use of your laptop. With our unique Accessory Pod you gain the ability to use the insert able tray tables in any of our SeatCraft home theater Seating. It is also perfectly designed to secure our removable wine glass caddy for those relaxing nights with a glass of wine . To check out more of our items in stock, visit us at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seatcraft Rialto Stage Seating.

No Risers needed here! The Rialto Comes in 3 differently sized styles!

Mix & Match: You can have any type of configuration you want; A Standard and a front row. A Back row and a Standard row, or you can have all 3 for the ultimate package! Now you can get stadium style seating without the risers, or the additional cost!

The front row style Rialto is exactly what it is for, The Front Row! It is only 34" tall and can be combined with the standard or back row style! This style is unique because it has the support of a normal theater seat, but it is shorter than a normal movie chair. This seat can be purchased individually. Rialto Front Row Seating.

The Rialto Standard seat is a regular 41" tall theater seat. This is considered the middle row, although it is just the normal Rialto. This seat can be combined with either the front row, or the back row, or with both for the ultimate setup! This seat can also be sold individually. Rialto Standard Seating.

The Rialto back row style is great for the back row of any home theater! Coming in at a height 48" tall this seat completely eliminates the need for a riser! This seat can be combined with the front row or standard, or purchased individually! Rialto Back Row Theater Seating.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seatcraft Home Theater Seating, Elegant and Affordable

Seatcraft Home Theater Seating, Elegant and Affordable
Our line of Seatcraft theater seating has so many options, styles, and upgrades that make a decision on which theater seat will be the hardest part! Available in 4 different types of fabrics and leathers, each with different color options puts you in the driver seat when it comes to choosing and matching your theater seats and theater decor.

Elegant Styling in a Theater Seat
The Seatcraft line has 24 different styles to choose from! Each style has it own unique look. From the beautiful Bellagio Home Theater Seat with its Tray tables, IPAD Dock, Wine Glass Caddy, and Lighted Cupholders to the very affordable to the very stylish Rialto Theater Seat. The Rialto is a very special seat in that it comes in 3 different versions! A front row version which is 34" tall, the standard version which is 41" tall, and the back row version which is 48" tall. This theater seat is the perfect setup for any customer who wants to eliminate the need, and extra cost, for risers. The goal of Seatcraft is to offer as many choices as possible to give the consumer a wide array of theater seating options!

Leather and Suede Fabric Choices
Microfiber Suede Fabric - Microfiber has a velvety, suede-like surface. An extremely fine polyester fiber with enhanced wash ability, breathability, and water repellency that is pleasant to the touch.

100% Genuine Bonded Leather Material - This particular leather is a smooth black, with just a touch of a sheen, a very nice selection. It has a very smooth texture and is soft to the touch. Long lasting and very durable.

Genuine Top Grain Soft Black Leather - Genuine Top Grain has been lightly buffed to remove any natural blemishes in the leather, but leaving the natural grain and feel of the leather. This surface coating makes the leather more resistant to stains and abuse, while still retaining the natural appearance and softness of full grain leather.

Natural Top Grain Soft Leather - Natural Grain is uncorrected leather that is made from only the finest hides. A natural grain is the softest, most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. Of course the natural grain is always the most expensive, but if you want the very best, this natural grain leather is as good as it gets and well worth the cost.

Options and Upgrades
With the Seatcraft line of Home Theater Seating comes options! Pro Buttshaker upgrades are available for every chair! The Pro Buttshaker gives you the ability to FEEL the movie. These are very easy to install and hook up. If you want total immersion into the audio of your favorite home theater movie then the pro buttshaker upgrade is right up your alley.

Each theater seat can also be upgraded with the Ambient Blue Lighted Cupholder. With it's stainless steel ring and low profile on/off button this is a winner all around for any Seatcraft theater seat. It is removable and can be switched in and out at any time. This style cupholder is only available with this line of seating. These seats can also be upgraded to a stainless steel or burlwood finished cupholder. Each cupholder has exquisite styling and definitely enhances any theater seat upgraded with these items.

Wall hugger style seating with chaise lounger style footrests provide the ultimate comfort in a home theater seat line. If space is a concern then the wall hugger attribute will appeal to you. Only needing 3" of wall space to fully recline space is non-issue. The chaiselounge style footrests are amazingly comfortable and provide head-to-toe support when fully reclined. Every Seatcraft style home theater seat has this feature included at no extra cost to you!

The Montage Warranty adds a 5 year top shelf warranty to your product. If your new furniture is covered by this warranty and becomes accidentally stained or damaged as described below during normal residential use, and cannot be corrected by the Stain Protection Kit, The Montage warranty will cover the cleaning, repairing, or replacement of the affected portion or the complete item with the same or a similar item having a retail purchase price less or equal to the original purchase price of the affected item.

Home Theater Seating Configurations
Seatcraft line of seats can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate your room size and/or budget. All seats are available in Single seats, rows of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The can made into loveseats or sofas. Loveseats can be added to any row. Some seats are available in straight rows and some seats are available in curved rows. If you contact us directly our sales representatives will be happy to go over any, or all, configurations.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Largest Home Theater Seating Showroom in the Los Angeles / Orange County Area

The Largest Home Theater Seating Showroom in the Los Angeles / Orange County Area

Our new building has a huge showroom featuring over 20 different theater seat styles and over 15 different style sofas and sectionals! Located at 1000 S. Euclid Ave, La Habra, CA, 90631. Come and visit us today!

Open to the Public!

Our showroom is open to the public and we always have a very knowledgeable sales rep to guide your through and answer any question about any product.

Browse and Select

Not sure which seat is right for you? Now you can sit in each chair, feel each material style, see the seat color in person, not guessing what the actual color is on your computer monitor. Try the recline mechanism on any home theater seat, do you like manual or power better? These are just a few of the options you have when you come down to the showroom to view our wonderful products.