Monday, January 28, 2013

The Montage Extended Warranty

It’s been fourteen months since you’ve purchased your beautiful new theater seat.  Everything is going great until one day, your child accidentally spills a loaded plate of spaghetti all over it!  No problem, you think.  It’s covered by the warranty, right?  The only problem is, most manufacturer warranties only cover the first year.  After that, you’re on your own.  We here at 4Seating know that our chairs are long-term purchases.  They were meant to last for years, but we also realize that people lead busy lives.  Children, pets, and accidents do happen, long after the standard manufacturer’s warranty has expired.  To put your mind at ease, we have partnered with Montage Furniture Services to offer a five year protection plan for your theater seat. 

With Montage, you don’t just get a protection plan.  You get the full range of their services, which include special cleaning products and full customer service support to handle any breadth of furniture issues.  You will never have to worry about that proverbial plate of spaghetti, the leaky pen, or a pet that isn’t quite potty-trained.   If any issue arises, you simply call Montage and they will handle it for you.   Dispense with bulky and unattractive slipcovers; never have to remind invited guests that they need to “be careful” around your seat; never have to research about cleaning your chairs, only to find that your lack of expertise has made the situation worse! 

Montage is a leader in the industry, whose plans are insured by the Virginia Surety Company, an affiliate of the Warranty Group.   Montage Furniture Services is also rated an “A+” by the Better Business Bureau, which means that when you speak with one of their customer service representatives or house-call technicians, you will be receiving the highest quality professional care.   They have fielded over 4,000,000 calls and sent thousands of technicians to help customers.  Among the common problems encountered and expertly fixed by their agents, include both stains and damage to your home theater seat.  Stains can include food, drink, nail polish, pen/marker leaks, blood, and pet fluids.  Damage can include punctures, burns, cracks, and drying.  Don’t be overwhelmed by what can happen to your seat—let Montage do the work.  

If you know day-to-day life, then you know accidents will happen sooner or later.  The cost of adding a Montage protection plan to your home theater seat is minimal compared to the cost of repair or replacement when a situation arises.   Montage offers several different plans, so speak with one of 4Seating’s customer service representatives to discover which one is right for you.  

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Finding The Right Home Theater Seat

When building a home theater, the right home theater seating will be a clear centerpiece of your efforts.  How people sit is as important as what they are watching on the screen.   Comfort, look, convenience, and cost will be the four major factors to consider when choosing the right seat for your home theater, and you want to make sure you do it right the first time.  In order to help you do so, let’s examine some of the key factors which you will want to focus on when choosing the perfect theater seat for your needs.

The first element, comfort, is perhaps the most essential.  Audiences want to be able to relax when they stare at the screen, and not have to worry that the seat is too stiff, not the right size, or that the material is not to their liking.  Seats come in all shapes, sizes and comfort levels, so it’s important to read the description for each product before purchasing.  If you are near a showroom, take the time to come down and sit in various seats for yourself.  There’s nothing like the actual experience of feeling how your body contours to the chair.  Are you able to “sink in” to the cushioning?  Is there a headrest?  Does manual or power recline make the difference for you?  Remember, a home theater seat is meant to last years, and you don’t want to have to return what you got and start over.   If you are not near a showroom, don’t hesitate to call 4Seating and one of our experienced customer service reps will be able to go over the details of each chair with you. 

Related to the idea of comfort is the placement of your home theater seat.  Measuring the dimensions of the room to be converted is essential in figuring out the size and number of seats which you will be able to fit comfortably.  Also, be sure and factor in the placement of a row of seats with respect to the sound coming from the TV screen;  stand at various points in the room to find out which placing will give you the best audio experience.  Most of the chairs now offered by 4Seating now come with “Wall-Hugger” seating, which allows them to recline even when placed inches from the wall.  This permits for more convenient placement; also check if a seat has space-saver arms. 

The look of your theater seat is another no-brainer:  you want something that will fit the design layout of your new theater.  In that case, pick a color which will coordinate with the walls, floor and other home theater décor items in the most eye-catching manner.  4Seating offers chairs in a wide array of styles, from retro to modern, and each product page features a slideshow of photos you can scroll through to look at the chair from any angle.  Finally, consider the material.  Between leather and fabric, leather is the easier to clean and maintain, although fabric is the better value.  If you are looking to choose a fabric chair, it’s best to choose a thick, dark fabric that will hide spills and be easier to clean. 

You will also want to check out the accessory options for each chair, in order to tailor the seat for your specific needs.  Choose LED lighting to add marquee-style décor and find your way in the dark.  Tray tables and wine glass caddies will allow you to dine with convenience.  A tablet holder may be perfect for kids, or for connecting the internet to your home entertainment system.  Your home theater seat can truly become an all-in-one accompaniment to your theater!  

Finally, you will want to cross-compare to figure out which seating arrangement will provide the most bang for your buck.   Remember that this seat is an investment which will give back for years to come, so you should also choose the right materials, accessories and number of chairs to fit your needs.   Don’t just pick the first chair you see; browse through our internet catalog, or come to a showroom and take the time to pick the seat that’s perfect for you.  

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Leather Care And Maintenance

Leather is the premium material of choice for any home theater seat, but in order to keep it in optimum condition, proper care and maintenance is required just as with any other material.  The following are a few helpful facts everyone should know about leather, including tips on how to maintain your new leather seat to look its best.

The first thing to keep in mind about leather, is that it is not a synthetically made substance.  It is taken from nature, therefore it will retain variations in color, shade and texture that are typical of any natural product.  Indeed, these rich variations are a part of the reason why the material is so treasured among home theater seat enthusiasts.  Leather is also prized for its elasticity, which can easily adapt to the natural contours of the body.  Therefore, some amount of stretching is to be expected over time and is not a cause for concern. 

While variations and elasticity in leather are to be expected and even esteemed, there are other factors to keep in mind: the material can fade, harden, or age over time.  Fading occurs when leather is exposed to direct sunlight.  Hardening may occur if the pores of the leather become clogged with dirt and grease from hair, skin and clothes.  Leather can also dry and harden when left in a warm, dry environment for long periods.    All of these situations may result in peeling, tearing and cracks in the skin.  Most warranties protect against these pitfalls, as long as the material is properly maintained.  Fortunately, leather maintenance is simple, as long as you follow a few simple instructions:

1)    Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.  This will prevent fading and keep your leather looking young
and fresh. 
2)    Never place your home theater chair near heaters, radiators, or anything which gives off a warm, dry atmosphere.  This will help prevent drying and hardening of the material.  Make sure to keep at least a 20 inch distance from any heating agent, and maintain the room at normal humidity levels.
3)    Leather should be vacuumed on a regular basis, to prevent dirt and grease from clogging the pores. 
4)   A slightly moistened cloth should also be applied regularly to remove dirt and grease.  Do not use other cleaners or conditioners, which can damage the leather and also void most warranties. 

Although all products are packed and shipped very carefully from the manufacturer to your home, the material may exhibit a few extra folds, depressions or wrinkles that are normal after transportation.  These irregularities will settle over time; often, a simple pat-down of the cushions and back of the seat will return it to its natural shape.  Just remember, a little care will go a long way to making sure that your leather seat will look ageless for years to come, and a permanent fixture of your home theater decor.  

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spotlight: Palliser is proud to present the Palliser line of home theater seats, which is rapidly becoming among the most respected and popular of our brands.  Palliser, based in Canada, is a company which places an unusual emphasis on worker support and environmental friendliness like no other.  These twin goals reveal their dedication to bringing you the finest in comfort, without sacrificing honest and progressive business ideals. 

Palliser was founded in 1944 by Abram Albert DeFehr, who began crafting wooden pieces out of his basement in Winnipeg.  He eventually moved from his basement to a former chicken barn, establishing the first Palliser plant.  Today, Palliser has expanded to plants in both Canada and Mexico, ensuring that all products are designed and built right here in North America.   No pieces are imported from overseas.  In addition, their line of home theater chairs is considered among the finest available.  The Palliser code includes Integrity, Dignity, Excellence, Environmental Respect, and Community Support.  It is the last two of these we will be focusing on, as they provide an insight into what makes Palliser so unique among furniture manufacturers.

The first of these two, environmental respect, is outlined in an Environmental Stewardship Plan that emphasizes the reduction of waste, wastewater, and emissions.  This isn’t just talk—Palliser’s environmental management system is designed to meet the most rigorous environmental standards possible.  Any time a greener, more sustainable method or material for manufacture is tested and approved, Palliser upgrades their facilities to incorporate it.  Recycling, pollution prevention and green procurement initiatives are regularly employed to ensure that their plants leave the smallest carbon imprint possible, and greatly reduce toxic waste byproducts which can harm the community.

The community is of prime importance to Palliser.  Besides working toward the environmental security of the outer community, Palliser builds a community of its own through its workforce.  Palliser is thoroughly committed to hiring a diverse workforce with no barriers placed on gender, race, or religion.  In addition, the company provides an unprecedented level of opportunity for its employees to improve their lives.  Since 1994, Palliser has offered ESL language and literacy classes to anyone who needs it.  This practice eventually evolved into a series of classes by which employees can be trained in computer skills, retirement planning and leadership.  This not only improves lives, but ensures that all Palliser furniture is made by a highly trained, intelligent workforce committed to premium quality. 

The focus on environment and community are only two of the many fine attributes which distinguish Palliser from its competitors.  When you purchase a home theater seat, it’s good to know that the company who made it is supremely dedicated to a series of high ideals.  High ideals always translate into the highest possible value.   Look forward to further blog entries, where we will discuss the many other qualities which make Palliser such a trusted and valuable addition to our line.  

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Spotlight: Klaussner

Klaussner Home Furnishings celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year by continuing to be a standard in the industry. Established in 1963 by Stuart Lane as Stuart Furniture, the company quickly expanded from its humble beginnings. By 1972 they had moved operations to a bigger plant, and in 1979 were purchased by Hans Klaussner. Things moved quickly from there, with the further acquisition of Prestige Fabrications in 1988. A distribution center opened in 1993 and the company, along with its new affiliate Prestige, continued to grow over the next decade. After celebrating forty years in the business in 2003, the Klaussner brand was launched in 2009, followed quickly by the Erwo bedding line in 2010. A new showroom was completed at High Point in 2011, showcasing the hard work and high quality that goes into every Klaussner product.  

Klaussner is a homegrown, made-in-the-USA success story, and remains committed to staying that way. In 2011 the company was approved as a Foreign Trade Zone manufacturer by the US Commerce Dept., allowing them to be more competitive overseas. Even more importantly, the newly relaxed import duties on fabric mean that furniture can continue to be cost-effectively manufactured domestically, which helps in the hiring and maintenance of US jobs. The frames and cushions on Klaussner furniture are made right in their North Carolina factories, which also allows custom-made items to be manufactured and shipped within 21 days. Klaussner employs nearly 2,000 workers, all dedicated to their craft.  When you purchase a home theater seat from Klaussner, you can be assured it is crafted with the same high standard as all Klaussner items.
Klaussner is wholly committed to the highest-quality furniture at an amazing value. Having the frames and cushioning crafted at their very own plants by skilled US laborers, is just the beginning. Sophisticated 3D-drafting software is used to design each frame, allowing a complete picture of the item to be conceived before it hits the plant. The materials are then precision-cut using CNC routers. Seat springs are composed of 8 ½“ gauge-tempered steel, which are then attached using insulated spring clips to prevent squeaking. Springs are also attached edge-to-edge, so that the seating is even and firm. Finally, all frame edges are padded for a lush, comfortable finish which provides further support.

As with the frames, all Klaussner cushions are fashioned at their North Carolina factories. They use a soy-based foam, which reduces the amount of petroleum for a sustainable, green imprint. The outside of the cushion has a bonded polyester wrap which delivers both comfort and support. The care with which each individual frame and cushion is made, is a defining hallmark of the Klaussner assurance to excellence.

It’s been fifty years, but Klaussner is just getting started. The launch of the Klaussner brand in 2007 means that new, exciting designs will be continually added to their already-rich inventory. With over 500 styles, 600 fabric choices, and 75 leather choices available, all sizes, tastes and preferences are accommodated. is committed to offering only the highest level of top-quality furniture on the market, and Klaussner has proven to be a solid-gold standard. Choosing Klaussner means choosing comfort, style and innovation all in one convenient package.
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