Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Madera

Seatcraft's Signature Leather 7000 series continues to delight with The Madera, a seat designed to offer luxury looks, luxury material, and luxury features at a superb value.  Everything about this chair is crafted with the utmost care, resulting in an experience that is immediately apparent upon sitting.  Even before you sit, the warmly inviting look of The Madera will please the eye.  Its casual contemporary style comes in muted brown or black colors that will blend effortlessly in to any decor, abetted by rich wooden accenting on the armrests that lends the chair its sense of naturalistic class.  The wooden accents are a popular feature unique to the Madera, which look even better in person than they do in product photos.  The overall effect mixes luxury opulence and an unpretentious amiability with ease.  

The Madera matches its look with its high-grade Leather 7000 material.  Leather 7000 is exclusively hand-picked from the top 30% of top grain outer cow hides, for premium looks, texture, and comfort.  Leather itself is a renowned in the seating industry for its tough yet pliable texture, ease of maintenance, and plush appearance. The material actually improves in texture, comfort and appearance over time, as it conforms naturally to your body's contours.  But Leather 7000 goes further than this, by being carefully buffed and polished to remove any blemishes or textural imperfections, for the smoothest feel possible.  Top-grain leather doesn't get any better than this. 

Leather 7000 is one of the primary highlights to this chair's overall sense of comfort, but it doesn't end there.  The Madera's plush, overstuffed headrests and full chaiselounger footrests ensure that your body stays fully supported, even as you sink into its folds.  Spacious seating gives one plenty of wiggle room, while a power recline option allows you to stay in any desired position with a simple button-press.  You can relax all the way to an almost flat position, yet the Madera can still be seated inches from the wall thanks to its special "wall-hugger" seating.  As with the best home theater seats, your body will feel so sumptuously relaxed and yet so fully supported, that you will barely notice you are in a chair!  Distracting discomforts like stiff necks and backs will be a thing of the past.

Finally, the Madera will make any home theater viewing a matter of full convenience, with everything you need for a great night's entertainment all within arm's reach.  LED lighted cupholders will provide a safe place for beverages, while ambient base lighting adds authentic marquee accents that will allow you or any guest to find your way in a darkened room.  Free added tray tables allow you to place anything you might need for the evening, from food and remote controls to books and tablets.  When you're done, simply place any items in the Madera's spacious in-arm storage compartments.   From its sleek wooden accents to the Leather 7000 material, chaiselounger footrests, power recline, tray tables and more, the Madera is everything a home theater chair can be.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Films For Summer

So it's still summertime, and you and your family still have some time on your hands. You've built the home theater, but the question remains: what to watch?  Sometimes, the dichotomy between what your kids want to watch, and what you want your kids to watch, can be Grand Canyon-sized.  Children, especially older children, are always looking for films above their "appropriate" age level, films that as a parent you will try your hardest to ban them from seeing.  You want films that will help them grow as people; they will see that as dull.  On the other hand, younger children are generally satisfied with G-rated fare.  If you have one older child and one younger one, the choice can be especially daunting if you are planning a night with the whole family.  Here are some films which may help with your dilemma:

DISNEY: There's a reason why Disney remains the go-to standard for family viewing; for 75 years now they have been churning out consistently high-quality fare that appeals to younger children, while cleverly sneaking in references that older kids and adults can enjoy.  Still, Disney is not infallible and some films are better than others.  You can never go wrong with established classics like Snow White, Pinnocchio, Sleeping Beauty, or Fantasia, which virtually define the term "timeless".  The animation of these older classics tends to be of a finer caliber than the computer-generated imagery of today.  Nonetheless, the new and wildly popular Pixar series of films contain a modern sensibility and sense of humor that will appeal to older children more than the classic films.  The Toy Story and Cars series have become modern-day standard bearers, while Wall-E is distinguished by an exceptionally sophisticated and mature plot, that is totally suitable for family viewing.

ACTION-ADVENTURE: The summer blockbuster can be a nightmare to navigate, since so many films place a priority on big-budget special effects and slick action sequences over plot and characterization: this may thrill the kids, but leave their brains on autopilot.  Intelligent and substantive action-adventure films are not unheard of, however, be they older classics such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Back To The Future, or some of the more acclaimed of the recent crop of superhero sagas including Spiderman 2 and The Dark Knight.  Be careful, however, as many of the rest of the superhero films vary wildly in quality; don't just leap for the next obscure Marvel Comic character to be brought to life in the hope that your kids will sit pliantly in front of the screen.  Check out the reviews first; generally speaking, a well-reviewed action-adventure flick will be more likely to please both children and adults.  Also, be sure that the film in question is not too intense for younger children; Back To The Future won't be a problem, but The Dark Knight may be, no matter how badly your seven-year old may want to see it.

DOCUMENTARY:  Surprisingly, you may find that your children enjoy this genre.  The trend toward reality television already has many accustomed to a less fiction-oriented approach, and documentaries offer a chance to learn and expand knowledge in a way that the trash which passes for usual reality TV fare cannot. The Discovery Channel is still a good source for many nature documentaries, while National Geographic features spotlights on exotic locations around the globe.  Many episodes from these channels are also available online, so if you have a tablet hookup to your screen, you can watch many of these commercial-free.  It's all about what your child is exposed to: give them a chance to like quality fare, and you may be surprised at how they take to it.  Besides, if they don't want to see a documentary, there's always the other options presented here.

MISCELLANEOUS TREASURES: Although many people are trained to think of family viewing in terms of Disney animation of fantasy/sci-fi action adventure, the truth is that many of the best family films fall outside of these categories.  For example, last year's Oscar-winning 3-D fantasia Life Of Pi--with its unusual metaphorical tale of a man stuck on a lifeboat with a tiger in the middle of the ocean--gripped both children and adults alike.  Another film which did well at the Academy Awards was 2002's Whale Rider, an uplifting tale of spirit that somehow avoided the treacly feel-good cliches that often permeate family viewing.  Among older films, The Black Stallion fulfills a similar purpose.

Many children these days, their minds programmed to an ADD frenzy by video games and ultra-fast scene cuts in film, will complain that older films are too "slow".  However, it is important to realize that what they are perceiving is the result of what has been put into their minds over time; when you give them a wide arrange of options to choose from at an early age, you may find that you end up avoiding many of the attention development problems that seem to be increasing in our society.  So, shake it up!  Put on a film from each of these categories in turn, older ones and newer ones, and always listen to the feedback your child gives you.   The rewards will be priceless.

At, we have the largest selection of in-stock and ready-to-ship home theater seating and home theater furniture available! We offer theater seating and design solutions for both the casual and professional home theater enthusiast.  We also have a complete line of custom home theater decor available.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Turino

When you design a home theater, whether you're opting for jaw-dropping grandiloquence or a modest, comfortable space in which to watch movies, the seats you choose will always be a central centerpiece to the action.  As the centerpiece, the stylistic design of the chair is of utmost importance.  Think about it: the eye always catches first, what the body will feel later.  Choose the wrong theater seat to match your decor, and it won't matter how comfortable the chair or how convenient its features; it will stay an unavoidable eyesore to anyone entering the room, be it friends, family, or loved ones. When looking for the right design, you'll want something which will match with your surroundings, yet still be able to stand out as a unique, appealing design.  Not an easy task--but the new Turino from Seatcraft will fit that bill perfectly.  

The Turino is a striking new model which combines art-deco individualism, futuristic savvy, and a smooth contemporary finish into one of the best looking theater seats you'll find anywhere.  The seat's gently curved armrests will immediately catch one's attention.  These armrests curve back, leaving a wide space between the armrest and the seat bottom itself, a feature which immediately stands out.  At the same time, the clean lines and smooth polish of the Turino lend it an elegant grace that allows it to be matched with any number of home theater design setups.  Plush, overstuffed headrests complete the picture, which provides its own curved look to both complement and offset the curve of the armrests.

The Turino is about more than just looks, however.  This seat is a part of Seatcraft's prized Leather 7000 series, which offers the highest quality leather at a terrific value.  Leather 7000 is hand-selected from only the top 30% of outer hides, ensuring a material that offers premium texture, softness, durability, and support. The hides are then carefully buffed to remove imperfections and polished to a bright, inviting sheen. Leather, of course, is renowned for its exceptional look, constitution, pliancy, and ease of maintenance.  Simply apply a damp cloth once a week to keep your chairs looking better than ever, and this leather will actually improve in both texture and appearance over time. 

The features of the Turino enhance its commitment to comfort.  Padded headrests and a chaiselounger footrest provide full support from head to toe.  Wall-hugger seating allows the seat to sit three inches from the wall even in full recline, for those looking to maximize space efficiency in their home theater.  LED lighted cupholders and ambient base lighting provide a softly radiant contrast to the seat's design, accenting its highlight curves for maneuverability in the dark.  For further details on this outstanding chair, please check out our Youtube video of the Turino, which points out each of these features in turn.