Thursday, July 27, 2017

5 Ways to Update Your Home Theater

Out with the old and in with the new, right? That’s how the saying goes and there are always updates to be done in the home! Your home theater is no exception! Here are 5 ways to update your media room or home theater.

Adjust Your Room’s Acoustics
Soften reflective surfaces. Your speakers may be producing great sound, but flat, hard surfaces of ceilings, hardwood floors, windows and walls reflect that sound back to you. You hear this distorted noise, rather than clean sound from your speakers. Carpeting and curtains can reduce this effect to leave you enthralled in the cinema!

Consider acoustic panels to soundproof your home theater and reduce ambient echo. These acoustic panels come in a variety of styles and ensure a clean and clear audio experience.

Upgrade Your Subwoofer
A high quality subwoofer can give your home theater an upscale experience. Most television setups at home don’t have a subwoofer. It is a unique addition that will instantly upgrade your media room.

A subwoofer gives a tactile-like response to sound. Consult a specialist if you are unsure of what size subwoofer to purchase. As a rule of thumb, choose higher quality over size!

Take Sound One Step Further with SoundShaker
Love the feeling a great subwoofer gives? Take it one step further with SoundShaker! SoundShaker allows you to feel the screen action from your seat. Not only will you see and hear the film, but you will live in the moment as your chair vibrates in coordination to explosions, car chases and more! The SoundShaker Amp connects to most major audio receivers, so no need to completely revamp what you already have. The Amp then sends a signal to the Transducer, which is attached to your seat and vibrates in synchronization with on-screen action. SoundShaker provides a look into a new dimension of cinema.

Optimize Your Seating
Seating can make or break your home theater. Comfortable, high quality seating will instantly upgrade your media room. Seatcraft offers home theater seating at a number of price points for all budgets. The Seatcraft Sienna, as well as other models, feature wall-hugger seating. This allows the chair to sit mere inches from the wall, even when fully reclined! Wall-hugger chairs are a great option for an efficient use of space. Other seats, like the Seatcraft Seville, offer a lighted base and cup holders, power recline and grade 7000 leather.

Add accessories to make your seats your own. A swivel tray is perfect place for your popcorn or laptop. A wine caddy or lighted cupholder will keep your drink from spilling.

If you can’t find a seat that suits you, Seatcraft gives you the option to build your own! Pick your material (fabric, bonded leather, leather 5000 or leather 7000) and color (black, brown, grey, red and more!). Then, choose if you want a straight or curved row. Lastly, decide between power and manual recline.

Ready to kick your lounging into high gear? Consider the Seatcraft Cuddle Seat.

Dress Up the Room
Remember that not all updates need to be large-scale. Making small changes can make a big difference in the long run. Little details add up!

Add a popcorn machine for easy access to mid-movie snacks. Interested in something sweeter? Swap popcorn for cotton candy. Wall accents not only provide extra soundproofing but they also add an extra decorative touch.

Don’t let the idea of upgrading your home theater be intimidating. It’s all in the details! Decide on your main priorities and then work down the list from there. Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest page for themes and designs to spark some ideas.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Design a Home Theater the Whole Family Will Love

When designing your home theater, it’s vital to consider a few things: What do you want this space for? A place to escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle? Or possibly a place where you and the kids can play? For most, a balance between play and relaxation is the sweet spot. With a few simple additions, your home theater can go from outdated to sophisticated fun the whole fam can enjoy!

The Most Important Addition: Quality Seating

The easiest way to update your media room is to furnish it with exquisitely tailored home theater seats like those from Seatcraft. The Grenada seats are not only are they comfortable, but they also add a touch of class and sophistication (and take you to a different land where your 4 year old isn’t throwing popcorn at you during the whole movie). Escape from the mundane and prop your feet up on one of Seatcraft’s finely made home theater seats!

Complete Home Theater Packages

For your all-in-one home theater set-up, try a complete home theater package, exclusively at! What’s included? It varies based on the package and price. A fan favorite is the Seatcraft Sienna Complete Theater Design pictured here.

This comes with the SoundRight contemporary wall accent for improved acoustics and contemporary styling.  Additionally, the SoundRight contemporary theater
column provides 18 colors to choose from. This is a great way to add a touch of elegance and is built to fit the height of your ceiling. Majesty theater carpeting provides that quintessential movie theater style but with the luxury commonly known by 4seating. What else? Soundright acoustical wall panel and last but not least, luxury home theater seating provided by Seatcraft.
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Cool Down with a Sno-Cone Machine

Whether you want to cool down during those hot summer months or simply release your inner child, a Sno-Cone machine is the ultimate addition to your home theater. Get creative and have fun with various flavors and mixtures to customize your shaved ice!

Add a SoundShaker to Your Chair

Kick your movie experience up a notch with SoundShaker, a seat vibration kit. Don’t just watch the movie - FEEL it! Once attached to your Seatcraft chair, it shakes and vibrates in synchronization with on-screen action!

This revolutionary product is one of a kind and allows you to feel as though you are in the movie. Take your movie watching  experience to a new level by adding a SoundShaker to your home theater seats!

Wine Caddy Accessory

Lumbar support? Check. Power recline? Check. Wine caddy? Double check! Just like a fine wine and cheese go together, a good movie is made complete with a glass of wine. Adding a Seatcraft wine caddy to your luxury home theater seat is the perfect way to decompress and unwind after a stressful day.
With “no-spill” technology, this wine caddy will fit any size glass. Every wine enthusiasts dream - a good movie AND wine!

Popcorn Machine

A movie night isn’t complete without the aroma and crunch of freshly popped popcorn! Just because you’re watching the movie at home doesn’t mean you have to forego the theater-style popcorn! No need to lose that nostalgic feeling of heading to the theater. Your new home theater is made complete with a high-quality popcorn machine. With a variety of options available from stationary stands, wheeled carts, and traditional hot air poppers.

While we may be experts in home theater seating, we know which additions truly enhance your movie-watching experience! Forget the costly concession popcorn purchase or leaving the movie for the refill! Grab a fresh bowl of popcorn and make a movie night tradition for lasting memories to come.

Add theater curtains for a touch of elegance

SoundRight surround curtains add class to your home theater and create the perfect movie theater design. Give that barren screen wall a facelift with red, blue, or black color options to coordinate the decor of your home theater. The classic red curtains add that quintessential theater feel that leaves you feeling like you’re at the movies without leaving your home!

These are built to fit the dimensions of your ceiling height and screen size. They are made to maximize your viewing experience, so head over to 4seating to add surround curtains to your home theater!

Cotton Candy Machine

Reminiscent of simpler times, a cotton candy machine satisfies the sweet tooth during your movie! With different styles to choose from, you will be able to pick one that is right for you and your guests.

These high quality machines produce high quality results to take you back to your childhood with flavors like strawberry and blue raspberry. So check out these vintage designs and make your home theater the place to be for movie night!

Put your feet up and enjoy!

Designing and decorating your home theater is made easy with the help of Simple changes and additions can easily take an outdated room to complete luxury that is both fun and relaxing. So, head over to to start designing your dream home theater today!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Home Theater Design We Love: July 2017

5 Home Theater Designs We Love

This month, we have rounded up our top 5 themed home theater designs! These home theaters all follow unique designs. Some are based on movies, but others are born out of sheer creativity and imagination. Get some inspiration for your dream home theater with these incredible designs and head over to to start designing today!

Drive-In Movie Themed Home Theater
This home theater is found in a villa in Orlando, Florida. The home theater is designed to look like an old school drive-in theater. It is complete with faux grass and trees, as well as a starry-night accent wall. The fencing along the walls makes the theater goers feel as though they are really enclosed in a drive-in theater. Converted retro cars pose as comfy seating with camp blankets and pillows. Props such as folding chairs, picnic baskets and bulb string lights complete the look.

Photos courtesy of

Pirates of the Caribbean
Know a Pirates of the Caribbean fan? They’ll love this $2.5 million Pirates themed home theater in Florida! This home theater truly feels like you are on a pirate ship, minus the sea sickness. Ship walls enclose the theater with window views displaying a beautiful evening at sea scene. Wood panels cover the floor and walls. A true ship wouldn’t be complete without a captain’s lookout! You can find one in this theater at the top of the seating rows. Sails drape across the top, from side to side. It even has an external ticket booth, completely in theme.

Photos courtesy of

Egyptian Tomb
This home theater is designed to look like an Egyptian tomb. The remarkable detail on the wall mimics ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Details like a Pharaoh's head, statues and mellow lighting enhance the theme. The couch offers a comfortable place for everyone, much like Seatcraft's Cuddle Seat.

Photos courtesy of

Star Wars
Think you’re a diehard Star Wars fan? Think again. This particular fan just took his home to a whole new level with the Jedi-themed theater. This home theater was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer from the first two Star Wars prequels. This ensured all parts of the room would be as close to identical to the real deal as possible. There’s even a lobby leading into the home theater with raised floors to mimic the Death Star’s gangplanks. The mirrors on the floor give the illusion that the hallways go on indefinitely. This home theater is any Star Wars fan’s dream!
Photos courtesy of

Star Trek
More of a Star Trek fan? There’s a home theater for that, too! This $1.5 million home theater took 4 years to design and build. The theater is designed to be the bridge of the USS Enterprise, a spaceship featured on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” This theater has 11 custom chairs and eight recline flat to beds. The doors to the theater are replicas of the Turbolift doors from the show. If you stand on the circular “transporter” the doors open with the signature “woosh” sound. Outside the main theater room you will find a lobby with bar seating and a TV, so you won’t miss a moment of the movie when you step out to grab a snack. If that isn’t enough, owner Marc Bell also has over $1 million in Star Trek memorabilia.

Photos courtesy of

If you’re ready to start designing your new home theater, consider starting with a theme and deciding on a few key focal points for the room! Items such as seating, projector and screen, surround sound, carpeting, etc. are a great place to start! Next, complete the rest of the room with accessories, curtains, risers, poster frames, and more! Be creative and original! A specialty home theaters create a fully immersive cinema experience. Discover the newest options in home theater seating and decor at

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Best Universal Remotes on the Market in 2017

Our top 5 universal remotes

TV, Xbox, surround sound, and lighting are only a few of the essential items in your new man cave that you’re constantly turning on/off with each in-home theater experience. Looking for a hassle-free way to manage multiple devices without using six different remotes? Save time (and patience) by investing in a universal remote.
Turn on the simplicity in your home theater, apartment, or workspace with the help of one small device. The main purpose of a universal remote is to easily maneuver and control different consumer devices such as TVs, DVD players, cell phones, etc. Since everything these days revolves around advancements in technology, a reliable universal remote has the capability to make life at home or in the office much easier.

Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is top of the line when it comes to universal remotes. Complete with impressive reviews on Amazon, this remote can control over 270,000 entertainment and smart device brands. You can virtually control everything in your home with one finger. Want to dim the lights and close the blinds while laying in bed? There’s a button for that.

The sleek design and touchscreen features are favored compared to bulky traditional universal remotes. Lose your remote in the dark abyss of your sofa or chair? Have no fear! The Logitech Harmony Elite is accessible on an app through your smartphone! Or check out Seatcraft Home Theater Recliner Seats equipped with compartments to store your universal remote. Get the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub, and App on Amazon for $267.13.


Logitech Harmony Companion

If you want to save a little more coin, this universal remote is a close second to the Harmony Elite. The Logitech Harmony Companion works with as many devices as the Harmony Elite for almost half the price. The Harmony Companion is remarkably lightweight and although it doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, it has organized, streamlined buttons. You can purchase this remote on Amazon for $146.98.

The Harmony Companion also comes with a separate hub to ensure every command is being received even if you’re not in the line-of-sight.

Philips SRP5018/27 8-In-1 Universal Remote Control

The Philips SRP5018/27 is a very reliable universal remote for a bargain price of $21.99 on Amazon! Not only can it combine eight remotes into one, it’s also perfect for streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, etc.

This Universal remote is perfect for people who desire simple and easy usage. The product has very high reviews online, with most of them mentioning how they love the easy set-up!
Logitech Harmony 350

If you still want a top notch brand for a reasonable price, the all-inclusive Logitech Harmony 350 is way the go. This remote makes connecting to all kinds of devices so efficient. Supporting over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, the Harmony 350 is the simpler of the two Logitech remotes mentioned above. Unlike the two Logitech remotes above, the Harmony 350 does not include the hub, but still functions flawlessly.

Syncing is now easier than ever by connecting it to your computer to download all of the commands. This remote is also available on Amazon for the low price of $37.99.



Since everything nowadays is ‘smart,’ why not have your cell phone connected to your universal remote? Well, that’s exactly what Touchsquid is! It’s an app that converts your Android smartphone into a universal remote. The downfall is not everyone has a cell phone with an IR blaster built-in like the Samsung galaxy S5 (which is what you need for the Touchsquid App).

For those of you who do have a phone with IR, there are two different softwares you can download. The $9.49 Home version allows you to control 6 devices from your android phone, which is almost as many as a universal remote. The second software is the $28.99 Pro Version that lets you control up to 15 devices from your smartphone.  

Users of Touchsquid have pointed out the app’s quick loading times and easy-to-use layout.


Have a few must-haves when it comes to movie accessories? From wine glass caddies to LED reading lights, we’ve got you covered at - including all of the latest Seatcraft products!