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The Perfect Seating for Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Home theater seating has come a long way in the past few decades. You can enhance your home media experience with everything from commercial-style theater seating, plush reclining seats, or multimedia sectionals and sofas. Some even come loaded with built-in accessories like powered recline, powered headrests, lighted cup holders, and armrest storage, all designed for comfort and convenience. We’ve highlighted some important points to consider when thinking about buying theater seating for a media room or home theater.

Media Room or Home Theater?

If you’re wondering which one is right for your lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind that a home theater is a room dedicated exclusively to movie and TV viewing. A media room is more of a family room with a visual and/or audio media focus. A big-screen TV is often the centerpiece, usually accompanied by a nice sound system as well. You and your guests will spend much of your time in front of the screen, so it’s important to choose the proper theater seating for your room’s size and layout. You’ll also want these items to be as comfortable as possible. That’s a given.

Media Room
If space you’ve chosen doubles as a living room, or if it might include areas for board or video games, billiards, a pinball machine, and maybe a small bar, then you’ll obviously want to go this route. Your decor can be more tied-in with the rest of your house since this room won’t necessarily need to adhere to a traditional theater-style. You might want to outfit the space with light-blocking curtains or blinds and muted wall paint to help enhance the movie-watching experience when it happens.

Multimedia sectionals are perfect for media rooms since they more closely resemble furniture found in most family rooms, and their modular design can be altered to fit your lifestyle. The Seatcraft Heavenly modular sofa features a host of possible configurations, allowing you to move all pieces to either side for any space or occasion.

A host of recliners, theater seats, and media lounge sofas are perfect for media rooms because of the many options and styles. It makes matching your decor a snap as well. For instance, the Cavallo Media Lounge Sofas bridge the gap between extended media viewing and living room relaxation. These comfy chaise lounges, ottomans, and loveseats provide you with plenty of choices to complete your ideal media room experience.

Home Theater
A home theater that strives to recreate a true theater experience usually requires a bit more specialized focus on design, furnishings, and the ability to have complete lighting control. This is especially true if your home theater is in a separate area, like a bonus room, spare bedroom, or fully finished basement. Theater seating — whether commercial-style seats, recliners in one row or tiered in multiple rows — usually remain fixed in one place. However, there are plenty of options to fit just about any space you have.

Besides recliners — this is true for both home theaters and media rooms — you may choose to include media lounge sofas, loveseats, or sectionals. Adding items such as acoustical panels, columns and wall accents, stages and curtains, or fiber-optic star panels all act to round out the home theater experience. All of these accessories should work in just about any size room.

Comfort Is Key
The common necessity that all home theaters and media rooms share is comfort. In addition to cozy recliners, you might want to include plush furnishings, throw pillows, blankets, and soft lighting. If you have windows, be sure to cover them with light-blocking blinds or curtains.

Theater seat recliners in recent years have come a long way — they’re a breed apart from the easy chairs of your dad and granddad’s era. The Seatcraft Apex, for example, has a powered headrest, lumbar support, and recline. Standard features include SoundShakers, USB charging stations, LED armrest accents, storage, and more.

Whether you choose to create a home theater or media room, has all you need to create your own place for movie and TV watching with family and friends. Selecting just the right combination of seating and accessories can be an exciting experience all its own. With so many options available, it’s easy to put your unique mark on your entertainment space!

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Getting to Know Your Home Theater Seating Companies

When purchasing your theater seating it is essential to know who your dealing with. Here is a small bit of info on each of the companies whose products we proudly offer for purchase from our website.

Berkline Home Theater Seating

“A History of making people comfortable” Our company’s history is cut, nailed, glued and sewn into every product we create. This legacy began in 1928, when a craftsman by the name of Jacob Popkin founded Berkline in Springfield, Massachusetts. His goal was to create comfortable, quality furniture at a fair price. In 1937, he expanded the company to Morristown, Tennessee, and that’s been our home and headquarters ever since.

As a recognized leader in the industry, Berkline is committed to making the furnishings you need, with innovations that make life easier, healthier and more rewarding. That’s been our attitude since the beginning.

As you’ll see throughout our website, Berkline offers a larger selection and more functional features than any other reclining furniture brand. You’re sure to find all the styles and fabrics that compliment your home, as well as all the comfort features that will help you relax and renew, every day.

We hope you enjoy your online visit as you explore the Berkline recliners, sofas, sectionals, and home theater seating that will keep you comfortable for years to come!

Palliser Home Theater Seating

“We build value with values.” The year was 1944. Abram Albert DeFehr, a Russian born immigrant to Canada, began making simple wooden pieces in the basement of his Winnipeg home. Within a few years, the fledgling business had moved from the basement into a former chicken barn, which became Palliser Furniture’s first factory.

Today, Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. is a leading North American furniture company with local manufacturing facilities in Canada and Mexico. These centrally and strategically located plants allow us to provide prompt, cost efficient service and delivery to our valued clients across the continent.

Our Mission is to be a community of people dedicated to leadership in design, service, and customer value in the furniture industry.

Building on a heritage of faith, we aspire to:

• Demonstrate integrity in all relationships.
• Promote the dignity and value of each other.
• Respect the environment.
• Support our community.
• Strive for excellence in all we do.

Jaymar Home Theater Seating

Established in 1956, Jaymar is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of upholstered furniture. The 150,000 square foot modern production facility is located 30 minutes from downtown Montreal. Jaymar’s roots are firmly based on the proud European tradition of exquisite styling and savoir-faire. The experience is carried on by each of more than 200 employees in the production of every piece of furniture.

We are extremely proud of our more than 50-year history of industry leadership in fashion forward design inspirations as well as personalized custom order flexibility.

Jaymar sofas, sectionals, sleepers, chairs, motion furniture and, most recently introduced, our extensive line of Home Theatre seating, are sold through authorized retailers throughout North America. Our products are presented in our permanent showroom located in Terrebonne. We exhibit in three trade shows reserved to the industry: Toronto, Ontario, Las Vegas, Nevada, and High Point in North Carolina.

Our entire staff is dedicated to designing, building and promptly delivering the finest collection of upholstery in the world. The process includes the highest quality components, the final inspection, and wrapping and shipping. The ultimate goal of our Jaymar family members is customer satisfaction.

Seatcraft Home Theater Seating

SeatCraft Home Theater Seats are sold directly to the customer, so who better to listen to when it comes to new styles and features for our seats. Taking you into consideration we’ve manufactured our home theater seats in different high quality styles and popular colors. Equipped with features like space savers, power and manual recline, storage compartments, mid-ottomans, stainless steel cup holders, lumbar support, chaise loungers, full size seating, and last but not least, our famous low prices. Ask for our new loveseat configuration to help fit any SeatCraft style seat into your home theater space, whether large or small. This conversion is done right in our warehouse to speed up the process and get you your order as soon as possible. SeatCraft has a fully stocked inventory to keep up with the demand of their customers and strive for excellent customer service. With all these fabulous features, SeatCraft is a top seller in the home theater seating company.

Coaster Home Theater Seating

At Coaster our vision is to be a global enterprise, recognized throughout the world as distinguished by our employees, customers, and competitors. We will set the standard by which other home furnishing businesses measure their performance. Our hallmark will be the innovations, initiative and teamwork of our people, and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change and opportunity.

Our Mission is to be the best furniture distributor in America by way of exceeding customer expectations. We will offer the best value in merchandise and the finest service to our customers. Our goal will be met in efficient operations, utilizing teamwork, uncompromising respect and cooperation, and superior communications to provide for both our employees and customers.

Principal to our values is respect for the individual, the best customer service in the home furnishings industry and the pursuit of excellence. Coaster Company of America is one of the leading National Furniture Distributors in the United States with 7 branches nationwide and growing!

We have been in business for over 20 years with branches in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, and Texas.

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How to Clean and Maintain Your Home Theater

You’ve put in blood, sweat, tears, and hours to create the perfect home theater including your favorite Seatcraft chairs so now it’s time to take note on how to keep up appearances. Cleaning and maintaining your home theater can make all the difference when it comes to your movie viewing experience.

Running Audio Cables

Managing your audio cables improves sound as well as tidies up the space. Try to keep your cable runs as short as possible. Metal connectors are a more beneficial option over bare-wire ends. To avoid clutter, consider purchasing a sleeve to bundle cables together for a cleaner look. Another tactic is to run the wires behind baseboards to obscure them almost completely. Need more cable clutter fixes?

Speaker Cleaning
If your speakers are in a wood cabinet, know what type of wood you are working with to choose the proper cleaner. Knowing the finish will help you pick a solution that isn’t too harsh and might damage the wood. Do not use glass, bathroom, or kitchen cleaners. Oils are ideal for real wood while varnishes are used for vinyl or plywood.

When cleaning, use a soft cloth or cotton t-shirt instead of a paper towel that will leave behind white particles. If you’re cleaning away dust, a dry cloth will suffice. But if you are using an oil or varnish, have a wet cloth as well as a dry cloth. Use the cloth with solution first and then dry the area with the second, clean cloth.

A/V Cleaning
Dust, dirt, and pet hair can do long lasting damage to your A/V equipment so it’s important to keep up on maintenance. Make sure everything is ‘off’ before you begin cleaning. Only use spray cleaners meant for electronics. Switches should be cleaned with soft brushes as opposed to feather dusters. Do not use cleaners with harsh alcohols as they can damage your A/V equipment.

Projector Cleaning

If you have a television in your home theater, there are a few tips to keep the screen clean. Sprays can be harsh and leave behind streaks so stick to light dusting.

Most likely, you have a projector in your theater. It’s a good idea to clean your projector every time you change the light bulb or clean the air filter. Before cleaning, make sure the projector is unplugged and has cooled off completely. Before replacing the bulb or air filter, clean the vents of dust and pet hair. Much like with A/V cleaning, use a soft or microfiber cloth to clean the lens on the projector. A wet eyeglass wipe is another viable option for the lens. If you have used cleaning products, be sure to allow the projector to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Don’t forget about the screen! If the picture still isn’t clear after you have cleaned out your projector, you may have an issue with the screen. Check with the manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions, but it’s typically safe to use a dry cloth or warm water to wipe down the screen.

Seat Cleaning

Cleaning your favorite Seatcraft chair is not difficult, but it’s vital for longevity in your home theater. If you’ve chosen leather chairs, be sure to avoid placing them in direct sunlight, which can fade and damage the material. Use a moist cloth to wipe down the seats regularly for dirt and dust. Do not use harsh chemicals, which can cause the leather to fade.

Don’t let all of your efforts go to waste. Cleaning and maintaining your theater can make all the difference in your movie experience. Follow these tips we have assembled and you will be sure to enjoy your Seatcraft chairs and home theater for years to come.

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Moving in Together? How to Get Rid of His Favored Old Chair

You know what they say, his treasure is her mess! Moving in together is a big step in any relationship, but it can also be tricky. Is his favorite, old chair clashing with your fuzzy throw pillows? Don’t panic. Just scroll down for some easy tips and suggestions on how to build a home as unique as your relationship!

Step 1: Set Some Ground Rules
If you’ve reached the stage in your relationship where you feel ready to move in with your significant other then you should be able to tell them that their TV chair makes it seem like bear with a bad hair day has taken up residence in your living room, right? Absolutely! Just make sure that you are respectful about it. The worst thing you can do is to throw out the words “it’s ugly” because your partner could take that as a personal insult. Instead, use “I” statements. Rephrasing your thoughts into something like, “I don’t like it because I think it doesn’t work with the rest of the room” will drive your same point home while making it less confrontational.

Keep in mind that your significant other might have different interests than you, and those interests will manifest themselves in your home life. If your partner would rather watch TV while you’d prefer to snuggle up with a good book, discuss ways in which you can both be happy. That might mean adding a reading light to your couch or dividing the space up so you can multitask separately. Whatever the solution might be, discussing your differences before they create conflict is a great way to making your transitions into one home go smoothly!

Step 2: Compromise!
Living with someone takes a little bit of patience and a whole lot of compromise, especially when deciding what stays and what goes. Here are some strategies that can help you navigate your way through it!

First of all, decide on a number of items that each one of you are allowed to bring to the mix. This will help both you and your partner narrow everything down to the must-haves you can’t live without. Is your significant other set on displaying the ugly bookcase he bought with his first paycheck? Take a deep breath and let it be. You can take comfort in the fact that your prized collection of succulents will brighten it up!

Next, tackle all the duplicates. If both of you have nice couches but there’s only room for one in the living room choose the one that best fits the space. In this case, bigger is definitely better! Don’t try and cram two people in furniture that was intended for one.

In situations where you simply can’t decide whose furniture would be a better fit, sell both sets! Host a garage sale with everything you can’t agree on and whatever else you might not be taking with you to your new home. Use the money you receive to buy something more adaptable to the space (and that you both love). It can even be something that brings you closer together, like a cuddle couch tailored to couples such as yourselves. You can also choose to save the money from your combined garage sale to go on vacation! Moving in together can be stressful, and a small vacation is the perfect way to reconnect and remind yourselves of why you’ve chosen to take this step in your relationship.

Or, if he’s a sports or gaming fanatic, splurge to find him the perfect chair or sectional for complete comfort! Looking for a chair and a chaise? Seatcraft offers an all-in-one option. Meet the Grenada. Complete with a chaiselounger footrest, lighted cupholders, and leather gel, he may not even look up as you explain you’re headed out on your 3rd shopping trip of the week.

Maybe he’s more into the bells and whistles? You can’t do any better than the Seatcraft Equinox. With adjustable power lumbar, headrest, and recline, it’s love at first seat. If he wants a fully immersive movie and gaming experience, add the SoundShaker and he will see it, hear it, and feel it. The most important thing when moving in with together is to keep an open mind. Yes, it might feel overwhelming to find someplace to store his abundance of Star Wars figurines but remember that he might be feeling just as overwhelmed by the amount of hair you shed in the shower. It’s a give and take process, so give a little and take your relationship to a whole new level. You can do it!

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Why Build A Home Theater?

Building a home theater can be a daunting task. The time, money, and effort invested can be considerable, if you want to do it just right. Despite this, more and more people are now installing home theaters in their homes, for the simple reason that the return on the investment eventually far outweighs the initial cost. As movie theaters become less and less attractive, ticket prices skyrocket, and home audiovisual technology quickly catches up to what is available in your average theater, the home theater option becomes an excellent alternative. Some advantages to building a home theater are obvious, while others may take you by surprise. Listed below are ten excellent, persuasive reasons given by many as to why they built their own home theater:

COST: The prices of many consumer goods are skyrocketing far past the rate of inflation, and movie tickets are no exception. It is predicted that within five years, adult ticket prices will land at $20–and for movie buffs who like seeing a new movie a week on average, that’s going to translate to a huge hole in their wallets. If you have a family, costs are going to be even higher. Defenders of the theater experience often cite the large screen and superior sound systems that theaters provide: but just how close are home theaters now to matching this? Answer: with jumbo flat screens and 5.1 surround systems, very close.

CONTROL: This is your home theater, and with the ease of pushing a remote button, you can control the brightness, audio, subtitles, sound, contrast, or anything else to your own individual requirements. You can position just how close or far you sit, where to best place the 5.1 surround system, and much more.

NEVER MISS A FRAME: Have you ever had the urge to use the bathroom in the middle of a movie, but held it in for fear you would miss a key scene? Not at home–the pause and rewind buttons are now at your fingertips.

NOISE: The communal experience of watching a film with a large group of people used to be one of the upsides of the theater experience, but audiences these days are more inconsiderate than ever before. They talk and text on their cell phones, throw food around, and then shush the person next to them when they stop talking long enough to want to hear what’s going on. Who needs it?

INTIMACY: Getting intimate at the movies used to be another enjoyable facet of the theater experience, until everybody started to want to get in your business. Never have to worry about uncomfortable stares when you and your loved one just want to feel the romance.

DÉCOR: This one is an obvious advantage to a home theater–you are completely in charge of how your theater will look, right down to the carpeting, wall panels, paintings, speaker placement, accents and more. 4seating offers an array of these decor elements on our website, and can even help you custom-design the theater of your dreams.

YOU SAVE ON COST, PART II: The last time this author bought a single candy bar at a movie theater concession stand, he paid $4.50. Most movie theaters don’t allow you to bring food from home, because they make most of their money not from showing the film, but by gouging your pockets at the stand. Never have to feel guilty again about sneaking in food, just because you don’t want to pay $6 for a below-average hot dog. Bring your own snacks to your home theater–or even eat dinner on a tray table attached to your seat–snacks that are way cheaper, to boot.

PRIME SEATING: Attend the screening of a popular movie on opening weekend and chances are, you will be sitting in the nosebleed aisles, straining your neck just to see what’s going on. Wait until it’s out on DVD/Blu-Ray, and you can be front-and-center to the action every time, with a full theater setup at your disposal. Even better, with the groundbreaking online premiere of The Interview, other movies may soon find their way to online premieres, which means that with a simple hookup of your tablet or laptop to your screen, you can be there for the premiere right at home!

KIDS: Those of you with families know how hard it is at times to bring children to a movie. If they’re bored, they will want to get up, talk, and run around, bothering other audience members. With a home theater, your children will have the freedom to do as they please.

HOME THEATER SEATS ARE BEST: At the risk of tooting our own horn–but it’s very true, as anyone who has sat in one can attest–the kind of plush feel you get from a home theater seat is light years beyond even the best movie theater chairs. You can relax, recline, and utilize any number of convenient accessories (wine glass caddies, tablet holders) for an experience unlike any you will receive at an actual theater.

At, we have the largest selection of in-stock and ready-to-ship home theater seating and home theater furniture available! We offer theater seating and design solutions for both the casual and professional home theater enthusiast.  We also have a complete line of custom home theater decor available.

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What to Know About Home Theater Recliners

When most homeowners start setting up a home theater or media room they tend to focus on electronics: big screen, projector system, surround sound, and lighting. Selecting the right home theater recliners is just as important as choosing superior audio and video components.No matter the size of your space and whether you want a single recliner or multiple rows, if you’re serious about your home theater or media room you’ll want to look for recliners that are durable and made with quality materials. After all, you’ll be using your home theater seating for hours at a time and many years to come. Most recliners also come loaded with features you may not be aware of.

Basic Recliner Types

Classic Recliner – This is the recliner your dad or grandad loved and may have spent many afternoons napping in. The key feature is a manual lever or button that reclines the back and positions the footrest up.

Rocker Recliner – Another manually adjustable recliner with a built-in rocker mechanism designed to rock back and forth in an arc. Most of these also have a swivel feature.

Glider Recliner – Similar to a rocker recliner, the seat glides back and forth on a straight path instead of an arc. Gliders are most popular in nurseries for new parents to rock babies to sleep.

Power Recliner – This is the most substantial of all recliners and features fully automatic reclining mechanisms instead of manual levers or buttons. Electronic controls give you precise positioning for back and footrest. Many of these also feature power adjustable headrests.

Theater Recliner Essential Features
Power recliners are the type of seating perfectly designed for home theaters, media rooms, and living rooms alike. Home theater single recliners offer the same wide array of features that seating rows, tiered seating recliners, and theater loveseats offer. Top grain leather, tray tables, in-arm storage, power recline, power lumbar, and headrest just to name a few. Whether you choose a traditional or contemporary style theater chair, you’re sure to find something that will look great in your family room, media room, or home theater.

A shining example of the perfect entry-level single recliner is the Seatcraft Monterey. It features most of the previously mentioned power options and is available in three top-grain leather colors. Additional features include a USB charging port, LED lighted cupholders, and ambient base lighting.

Soundshakers add an immersive sonic experience to home theater enjoyment. Integrated with your theater’s audio system, this bit of hi-tech wizardry transmits vibrations to your recliner in sync with the action on your screen. You’ll not only see and hear but feel each moment as your chair vibrates to each car chase or explosion.
The Seatcraft Kodiak includes this Soundshaker technology, along with adjustable power lumbar support.

The wall-hugger seating option allows the chair to sit just inches from the wall, even in full recline, furthering its efficient use of space. This is an important feature for single recliners in small living spaces or media rooms. It’s also perfect for multiple rows of theater seats to keep people in the front row from reclining into those behind them.

Materials and Durability
Durability starts with the frame. If you want your home theater seating to last through years of use, be sure your seats are made with the highest quality kiln-dried natural or engineered wood with blocked reinforced frame joint construction.

Upholstery is important, obviously, and should be durable and stylish. The Seatcraft leather recliners we feature are available in many different types. Leather 7000 is the very finest leather for home theater seating. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do. The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture so that your home theater seat is tougher, more durable, and easier to maintain than any other material.

For those searching for the allure of leather, combined with the affordable value of other materials, bonded leather is an attractive alternative. It has the look and feels of genuine full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost. This is because bonded leather is made of a polyurethane-leather hybrid, which is more durable than fabric, while providing many of the same advantages in look, texture, and feel as full-grain leather. In addition, the material actually has more consistency than full-grain leather and is even easier to clean due to its non-porous material. Wipe with a damp cloth once a week, and it should look radiant for years to come.

Fabric upholstery is available in a wide range of main colors and coordinating piping colors. The Cavallo line of recliners features a plethora of leather and fabric materials. Fabric is a perfect choice for those looking for a multi-purpose material, as it’s renowned for projecting an informal, laid-back feel that is both warm and inviting. It is not limited by this reputation, however, as it can be fashioned into a dazzling array of texture, color, and pattern choices that can combine to mimic other fabrics with ease. The tough, resilient texture of burlap and the soft, velvety touch of suede can be equally replicated using fabric, at an outstanding value.

Recliners have come a long way since the classic manually adjustable seats of years past. Today, home theater seating comes in many styles and materials, and with advanced features that previous generations could only dream of. is committed to providing the best options for your home theater. Whether it’s a single recliner, multiple tiered rows, or media lounge sofas, we have all the seating and accessories you’ll need to make your experience the best it can be.

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Product Spotlight: Seatcraft Colosseum Sofa/Loveseat

This month we’re spotlighting the Seatcraft Colosseum sofa and loveseat. This is the Big & Tall sofa/loveseat version of our top-selling home theater seats, the Equinox and Pantheon. These epic-sized power recliners are taller and wider than average recliners, providing expansive comfort and greater weight capacity for any big or tall home theater enthusiast.

Besides the Colosseum’s size and durability, what makes them so special? Well, the Colosseum sofas and loveseats are reliable, infinitely comfortable, built to last, and come fully loaded with custom features that are programmable to your unique needs.

Both the sofa and loveseat include adjustable, setting-controlled ComfortView™ Power Headrest and ComfortView™ Power Lumbar motors, as well as custom Power Recline. When you first sit in the Colosseum, find your perfect recline. Next, set the headrest and lumbar position that suits you, and press the memory button. Your settings are saved! Next time you settle down in the Colosseum, just press the memory button and you’ll be taken back to those exact positions. Every time, reliably.

The value of powered lumbar seats is especially important because this feature works to support your body’s natural curvature, giving your back the support it needs during extended time in a seated or reclined position. An added bonus of the ComfortView headrests is the ability to keep your viewing angle perfectly centered on the screen even when your seat is fully reclined. No more craning your neck or adding throw pillows behind your head to get a good view of your screen.

Padded Storage Consoles in each Colosseum loveseat have a unique sealed, silent-open-close panel that opens to reveal two cup holders and plenty of storage for accessories. Additionally, armrests on both the sofa and loveseat have cup holders as well as Hidden In-Arm Storage, where the polished black removable Swivel Tray Tables are stowed. Pull them out and attach to the arm, and you’ve got a place to set your snacks, a book, or a laptop. Then you’re ready to work, play, read, or watch in absolute comfort. In addition to storing the tray table, the in-arm storage compartment can also hold your books, magazines, or remotes.

Need to charge your phone or other devices while you relax watching your favorite movie? You can do that with USB Charging ports that are standard on every Colosseum. Need to charge your cell phones and laptop at the same time? No problem. The sofa takes it a step further with a fold-down burlwood table containing two lighted cup holders, power connections, and Wireless Charging.

The Colosseum’s impressive list of features would be less impactful without finishing it off with high-quality upholstered material. The best choice for both comfort and durability is obvious: Leather!

For both the Colosseum loveseat and sofa, we’ve chosen to use Leather 7000. But, what exactly is that? Quite simply, it’s the very finest leather designed specifically for your home theater seat. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked and chosen for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do! The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture, so that your Colosseum seat looks as swank, consistent, and inviting as possible.

As you sink into Leather 7000’s plush, inviting texture, this material will provide that soft yet supportive consistency which only the finest-quality natural leather can provide. The beauty of this leather is that it conforms to your body’s shape, while also being tougher, more durable, and easier to maintain than any other material. In short, the Leather 7000 ensures that the Colosseum will provide you with years of lasting comfort and enjoyment.

We’re positive that the Seatcraft Colosseum’s advanced power features, electronic extras, supreme leather comfort, and support, will provide you with the most extraordinary home theater experience for years to come.

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10 Home Theater Seating Ideas

Home theater furniture is one of those purchases you really want to take your time with before settling on something you’ll be spending countless hours seated in. There’s nothing worse than finding what looks like the right seat, only for it to be uncomfortable, or quickly break down.

With all the options out there, though, this can become an overwhelming task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 home theater seats found on our website as a starting point for you, so grab your popcorn and read on!

10 Home Theater Seats to Check Out


1: Seatcraft Sienna
Don’t let this space-saving line from Seatcraft fool you, this home theater seat still packs in a lot of fun features to relax into while catching up on your favorite shows. Equipped with USB charging ports and space-saver armrests, this seat also comes with LED lighted cupholders and ambient base lighting. Choose between manual or power recline and different bonded leather colors to personalize your seats. A free swivel tray thrown in for good measure rounds out this great entry-level home theater line.

2: Cavallo Rapture
Another winner in the space-saving category is the Cavallo Rapture home theater seating line. With over 95 colors to choose from, plus a choice between power or manual recline, this line brings an ultra-cool, contemporary look to any home theater. Opt for an LED cup holder and base lighting and your room will look like it’s straight out of the next century.

3: Seatcraft Monaco
This classy, chic home theater seat is in a class of its own with its wood cognac accent and top-grain leather 7000 material choice. In addition to standard accessory offerings, this seat comes with in-arm storage and an accessory mount that allows you to swap out a swivel table for a wine glass caddy and so on. We love the powered headrest that perfectly compliments the standard power recline offered. This seat will not only be comfortable, it will add an elegant look to your home theater.

4: Seatcraft Imperial
The Seatcraft Imperial is the ultimate in classy, elegant home theater furniture and is reminiscent of the sort of luxury that went hand in hand with Hollywood’s gilded age. Complete with button-tufted cushioning, a bronze cup holder and bronze nailhead accents, this line of seating is crafted with top-grain leather 7000 material making this one of the best of the best in the Seatcraft arsenal.

5: Seatcraft Apex
If you’re the type that loves comfort plus a futuristic look, the Seatcraft Apex is the home theater seat for you. Not content to just be another comfy chair with grade 7000 top-grain leather, this seat goes above and beyond the typical accessories with power lumbar in addition to power headrest and power recline. On the LED front, this bad boy pairs LED-lighted cup holders with LED base lighting and (drumroll) LED armrest accents. Opt for the SoundShaker technology addition and you’ll soon have the home theater of your dreams.

6: Cavallo Continental
In a line-up heavily dominated by the crowd-favorite brand, Seatcraft, the Cavallo Continental is worth a second look to anyone in the market for home theater seating. The modern, contemporary design comes with a quilted backrest, and contrast piping throughout the whole seat. With seven different materials and over 95+ color options, this seat is remarkable in both its comfort and options for personalization.

7: Seatcraft Swivel Cuddle Couch
Talk about home theater furniture that stands out from the crowd! This swivel cuddle couch from Seatcraft is one of their most unique offerings out there. A rounded couch with an optional ottoman, this seat easily fits two adults for a comfy, cozy cuddle while watching movies. In addition to accent pillows, this home theater seat comes with cupholders and optional attachments like a glass tray table, a wine glass caddy, tablet holder, cigar host, or a reading light.

8: Seatcraft Capital
The Seatcraft Capital combines the luxury and comfort of the rest of their home theater seating line, with a stylish contemporary look and performance fabric. The result is a home theater loveseat that can easily double as regular living room furniture. This quartz gray loveseat comes with matching accent pillows, powered headrest, a fold-town lighted table, power recline and a wireless charging pad. With it’s clean-cut looks and durable comfort, the Seatcraft Capital is a clear winner.

9: Cavallo Chateau
The Cavallo Chateau is another one you won’t find anywhere else. This striking home theater furniture exudes luxury. With a chaise lounge on either side, and an optional ottoman for the middle seat, this sofa allows the whole family to lay back in regal comfort. The Cavallo Chateau has a tufted backrest, complimented with a nailhead design, and comes with matching pillows, cupholders, and a tray table mount to keep snacks nearby. Available in fabric or leather, you can choose from 40+ colors ensuring you get a piece of home theater furniture that will perfectly accent any home media room.

10: Seatcraft Anthem
Last, but in no way least, the Seatcraft Anthem is another crowd-favorite in the Seatcraft line of home theater furniture. This sofa not only comes in top-grain leather 7000 with a diamond tufted pattern it is loaded with features, including Powered headrest, wireless charging, fold-down table with lighting and USB ports, swivel tray table, hidden in-arm storage, LED lighted cup holders, ambient LED base lighting, and power recline. It’s a top-of-the-line home theater seat you truly have to see to believe.

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Seatcraft Home Theater Seating, Elegant and Affordable

Our line of Seatcraft theater seating has so many options, styles, and upgrades that make a decision on which theater seat will be the hardest part! Available in 4 different types of fabrics and leathers, each with different color options puts you in the driver seat when it comes to choosing and matching your theater seats and theater decor.

Elegant Styling in a Theater Seat

The Seatcraft line has 24 different styles to choose from! Each style has it own unique look. From the beautiful Bellagio Home Theater Seat with its free tray tables, IPAD Dock, Wine Glass Caddy, and Lighted Cupholders to the very affordable to the very stylish Rialto Theater Seat. The Rialto is a very special seat in that it comes in 3 different versions! A front row version which is 34″ tall, the standard version which is 41″ tall, and the back row version which is 48″ tall. This theater seat is the perfect setup for any customer who wants to eliminate the need, and extra cost, for risers. The goal of Seatcraft is to offer as many choices as possible to give the consumer a wide array of theater seating options!

Leather and Suede Fabric Choices

Microfiber Suede Fabric – Microfiber has a velvety, suede-like surface. An extremely fine polyester fiber with enhanced wash ability, breathability, and water repellency that is pleasant to the touch.

100% Genuine Bonded Leather Material – This particular leather is a smooth black, with just a touch of a sheen, a very nice selection. It has a very smooth texture and is soft to the touch. Long lasting and very durable.

Genuine Top Grain Soft Black Leather – Genuine Top Grain has been lightly buffed to remove any natural blemishes in the leather, but leaving the natural grain and feel of the leather. This surface coating makes the leather more resistant to stains and abuse, while still retaining the natural appearance and softness of full grain leather.

Natural Top Grain Soft Leather – Natural Grain is uncorrected leather that is made from only the finest hides. A natural grain is the softest, most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. Of course the natural grain is always the most expensive, but if you want the very best, this natural grain leather is as good as it gets and well worth the cost.

Options and Upgrades

With the Seatcraft line of Home Theater Seating comes options! Pro Buttshaker upgrades are available for every chair! The Pro Buttshaker gives you the ability to FEEL the movie. These are very easy to install and hook up. If you want total immersion into the audio of your favorite home theater movie then the pro buttshaker upgrade is right up your alley.

Each theater seat can also be upgraded with the Ambient Blue Lighted Cupholder. With it’s stainless steel ring and low profile on/off button this is a winner all around for any Seatcraft theater seat. It is removable and can be switched in and out at any time. This style cupholder is only available with this line of seating. These seats can also be upgraded to a stainless steel or burlwood finished cupholder. Each cupholder has exquisite styling and definitely enhances any theater seat upgraded with these items.

Wall hugger style seating with chaise lounger style footrests provide the ultimate comfort in a home theater seat line. If space is a concern then the wall hugger attribute will appeal to you. Only needing 3″ of wall space to fully recline space is non-issue. The chaiselounge style footrests are amazingly comfortable and provide head-to-toe support when fully reclined. Every Seatcraft style home theater seat has this feature included at no extra cost to you!

The Montage Warranty adds a 5 year top shelf warranty to your product. If your new furniture is covered by this warranty and becomes accidentally stained or damaged as described below during normal residential use, and cannot be corrected by the Stain Protection Kit, The Montage warranty will cover the cleaning, repairing, or replacement of the affected portion or the complete item with the same or a similar item having a retail purchase price less or equal to the original purchase price of the affected item.

Home Theater Seating Configurations

The Seatcraft line of seats can be configured in a number of ways to accommodate your room size and/or budget. All seats are available in Single seats, rows of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The can made into loveseats or sofas. Loveseats can be added to any row. Some seats are available in straight rows and some seats are available in curved rows. If you contact us directly our sales representatives will be happy to go over any, or all, configurations.

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Seatcraft Rialto Home Theater Stage Seating

No Risers needed here! The Rialto Comes in 3 differently sized styles!

Mix & Match: You can have any type of configuration you want; A Standard and a front row. A Back row and a Standard row, or you can have all 3 for the ultimate package! Now you can get stadium style seating without the risers, or the additional cost!

The front row style Rialto is exactly what it is for, The Front Row! It is only 34″ tall and can be combined with the standard or back row style! This style is unique because it has the support of a normal theater seat, but it is shorter than a normal movie chair. This seat can be purchased individually. Rialto Front Row Seating.

The Rialto Standard seat is a regular 41″ tall theater seat. This is considered the middle row, although it is just the normal Rialto. This seat can be combined with either the front row, or the back row, or with both for the ultimate setup! This seat can also be sold individually. Rialto Standard Seating.

The Rialto back row style is great for the back row of any home theater! Coming in at a height 48″ tall this seat completely eliminates the need for a riser! This seat can be combined with the front row or standard, or purchased individually! Rialto Back Row Theater Seating.