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Find Your Home Theater Deal

Now a day’s most homes are installing home theatre décor in place of their traditional living rooms and or family rooms. And you might be thinking this is an expensive transition to home decorating, but think again prices are actually coming down harder on home theater furniture than on most living room furniture’s sold in furniture stores. Not to mention, most furniture stores are also creating theater seat replicas and charging anywhere from $795 to $995 per seat. With those prices of course transitioning to a home theater look will be a no holds the bar. However, when you want to shop for real home theater furniture’s and not just replicas, visit our website at, you’ll definitely save money and acquire the look and feel of a real theater style decor.

Compared to our competitors we offer the lowest prices on theater seating and accessories. Our stylish Berkline 12022 series is at a low inventory blow out the sale of $380 per chair. It’s not only affordable it’s also comfortable. It has the ability to fully recline inches away from the wall, allowing for decorating flexibility and efficient use of space. It effortlessly reclines at the touch of a button and provides continuous head to toe support when it is in a fully reclined position. The cup holders are illuminated from the inside to make it easy to find your beverage in the dark. And last but not least the topstitching accents provides durability and adds a decorative look to the chair.

For more home theater decor items and deals, visit us at You’ll definitely be happy that you did.

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Top Classic Movies Every Home Theater Should Have

We have all experienced that shocking moment where a friend confesses they’ve never seen one of your favorite movies. Instead of teasing them (okay, maybe you can still do that), stock your home theater room with some classics! Impress your guests with your luxurious Seatcraft chairs and give them a movie education with these classic films.


Gone with the Wind (1939)
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” -Rhett Butler

Released in 1939, Gone with the Wind swept the movie industry with stunning performances by Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Leslie Howard. Set during the American Civil War, this classic film follows Scarlett O’Hara (Leigh), the headstrong daughter of a plantation owner in the South, as she experiences happiness and turmoil with her love interests (Gable and Howard) throughout the many hardships and losses of the war.

The film won eight categories during the 12th Academy Awards, setting a record at the time. Though it received criticism for historical accuracy and the portrayal of African Americans, there is little dispute that the film changed the movie industry.

Casablanca (1942)
“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” -Rick Blaine

This romantic, period drama stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, an American expatriate who runs a nightclub in Casablanca, Morocco during World War II. Rick’s old flame Isla shows up to his ‘gin joint’ seeking help to flee from the Nazis. Isla knows Rick can help her and her rebel husband escape the country, but not without its difficulties.

Casablanca received widely positive reviews and won three Academy Awards. It has become one of the most widely known films in America and is still enjoyed by movie buffs today.


Psycho (1960)
“A boy’s best friend is his mother.” -Norman Bates

Horror lovers will not want to miss this timeless Alfred Hitchcock film. Marion Crane is on the run after stealing from her employer when she gets caught in a rainstorm. Exhausted and looking for safe shelter, she checks into the Bates Motel. She meets the friendly but strange owner, Norman Bates, who has an affinity for taxidermy and a complicated relationship with his mother. Cue the slasher music.

Psycho received mixed reviews upon its release in 1960. Many criticized the film for oversexualization and gore, but it was widely loved by movie goers and has become one of the most recognized films in the horror genre.

Carrie (1976)
“They’re all gonna laugh at you!” -Margaret White

Carrie White is a shy, high school student who is sheltered by her extremely religious mother. Carrie hides her telekinetic powers but is nonetheless ridiculed by her classmates. Feeling guilty for their bullying, one of the most popular boys in school takes Carrie to the prom as an apology. Soon, though, Carrie’s other tormentors play a humiliating prank on her. Realizing she is still an outcast, Carrie unleashes her full power as revenge.

This angsty teenage drama quickly turns to a bloody horror film that movie critics instantly loved. It became one of the few horror movies to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The Omen (1976)
“When the Jews return to Zion, and a comet fills the sky, and the holy Roman Empire rises, then you and I must die.” -Father Brennan

After the death of their child, American diplomat, Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck), agrees to adopt an orphan, Damien, from the hospital. As the child grows up, the family beings to experience many violent events they soon attribute to their adopted son. As more and more people begin to die, Robert investigates Damien and makes a startling, demonic discovery.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
“Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.” -French Soldier

In 932 AD, King Arthur travels the kingdom looking for men to join the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur soon encounters many goofy, unqualified men and quickly abandons his search. Instead, he is directed to go on a quest for the Holy Grail. Arthur and his men encounter ridiculous scenarios, mock historical events, engage in laughable fights, and spew some classic lines in one of the most famous slapstick comedies in the industry.

Young Frankenstein (1974)
“It’s pronounced Fronkensteen.” -Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) learns he has inherited the estate of his infamous grandfather, Victor Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein has been quick to dismiss the relation, but he inevitably finds himself repeating his grandfather’s work. After creating his own monster, Dr. Frankenstein, with the help of some familiar sidekicks, has to deal with the consequences of his legacy.

This parody of a horror classic was an instant box office success. With its affectionate tribute to the original, Young Frankenstein was instant comedy gold.

Crime Drama

The Godfather (1972)
“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” -Don Vito Corleone

This mob drama stars Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone, the father of a powerful, Italian-American crime family. When Vito’s youngest son, Michael (Al Pacino), returns from the war, he is reluctant to embrace the family business. Eventually, pressures and events beyond his control force Michael to join the Mafia, where he is sucked into a life of crime and betrayal.

The Godfather is considered to be one of the best films ever released. It was the highest grossing film of 1972 and challenged all previous depictions of gangsters in Hollywood. The film is still popular today and has produced two sequels.

Dirty Harry (1971)
“You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” -Harry Callahan

Clint Eastwood takes on the role of San Francisco Police Department Inspector, Harry Callahan, in this crime drama. After a girl is shot and killed by an unknown man, Harry takes on the case to find the mysterious killer. The killer demands money or he will continue to leave bodies across San Francisco.

At the time of its release, the film received a lot of criticism. Many argued it glorified police brutality and feminists protested at the Academy Awards. Decades later, it is now considered one of Clint Eastwood’s best films and still tops charts of the best movies of all time.

So whether you are a comedy or drama fan, there is a classic movie that should have a place in your collection. Be your own critic and show off your movie knowledge with these must-haves. So snuggle up on that Seatcraft and enjoy some classic cinema from the comfort of your own home theater.

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Transforming Your Home Theater

Feel like your home theater is falling short of your expectations? It may be time for an upgrade and complete refresh! But does that mean throwing out everything and starting over? Of course not! We have many tips and tricks on what to replace, how often, and with what. Follow this guide and you will enjoy a revitalized theater experience!


The first upgrade to evaluate is the lighting. Consider swapping regular bulbs out for LED ones to save energy and money in the long run. Another trick for an upgraded look is installing lights behind crown molding around the room. It’s easier on the eyes and adds to the theater ambiance. Looking for a simple update? Try installing a dimmer. Relatively inexpensive, a dimmer instantly takes your theater to the next level.



If you use a television in your theater, it may be time to raise the bar and install a screen and projector. There are options available for any size and budget. If you upgrade, be sure to get both the screen AND projector. If you try to use a projector with a painted wall, all the imperfections will be obvious and be distracting to you and your guests. If a screen isn’t your cup of tea, consider a LED TV for a better picture. TVs are more inexpensive now than they ever been with such amazing picture and sound so you can’t go wrong. Need more TV suggestions? We have you covered here.

Seating Accessories

There is always an accessory available to refresh your Seatcraft chairs. For the all around experience, look into a SoundShaker vibration kit. It’s easy to install and will impress your guests with an added 4-D experience. If popcorn and snacks are staples in your theater, consider a swivel tray that’s easily added to any Seatcraft chair. If your theater is designed for winding down, a wine caddy is the best way to enjoy a glass and a movie! The sleek, beveled design prevents spills so you can enjoy your wine and relax with your favorite flick.



Sound is the biggest feature that should be checked regularly for upgrades. Most home theater fanatics agree that sound is crucial to your movie viewing experience. Amplifiers should be changed out when the sound comes out distorted, which can be frequently. Speakers don’t need to be upgraded as often, and if you like the sound, why change it? If you do decide to find new speakers, be aware that purchasing a new speaker doesn’t always mean it’s better than what you currently have installed.

If you think your sound is lacking bass, try adding a second subwoofer instead of replacing your current one. However, be careful not to over do it and drown out your other speakers with bass. Make sure to maintain a balance of sound between all of your speakers.

Cables rarely need to be replaced, unless you are hearing a buzzing or humming sound. However, if cables are an eyesore in your room, look into cable sleeves and cable ties. You can even run the cables behind baseboards for a cleaner look.


If your sound, seating, and screening are already up to your expectations, but you’re still itching to make a few improvements to your home theater, think about introducing a fun theme to your beloved space!

Rock Music:
Bust out your old guitar and hang it from the walls for a rock-and-roll themed home theater. If you’re a painter, scrawl some musical notes or sheet music on the walls. Hang up records across one of the walls for a retro look.

Transform your space into a batcave by using dim lighting, bat symbols, and city building silhouettes. Hang comic books around the room and decorate with other superhero decor! Whether you’re into DC Comics or Marvel, release your inner nerd and have fun with this super theme!

50’s Movie Theater:
An old school popcorn machine can bring a classic vibe to your home theater experience. Stock up on Charleston Chews and Neccos for a retro candy display! Hang up paintings of 50’s cars or set up a model car display to add to the theme.

The Oscars:
If you are a movie fanatic, an Academy Awards theme is a great way to spice up your home theater! You can purchase your own Oscars relatively cheap online and set up display cases around the room. Pick your top, award-winning movies and hang the posters on the walls. This theme is slightly more subtle but is guaranteed to give your room a major upgrade.

If you’re going for a modern look, utilize a black, gray, and white color scheme in your space. Dark woods, straight lines, and geometric patterns all create a sleek, new look. A Heavenly Modular Sofa, available in black or white, is the ideal couch upgrade if you want a contemporary style theater room.

If your theater room has become the new family room, look into a Disney theme! Go for a classic Disney look with a red, black, and white color scheme and plenty of Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Embrace your favorite animation with a theme all your own: Under the Sea, Toy Story, Princesses, or any number of combinations! Snuggle up on your Cuddle Couch and enjoy the next big Disney flick!

Transform you home theater into your own, personal man cave with a sports theme! Stick to your favorite game or make a mix of your favorite pastimes. Attach a basketball hoop to the wall, hang up your replica jerseys, and display footballs around the room. When it’s game time, you’ll definitely want a Seatcraft Sectional to provide enough seating for all the fans in your life.

Whether you need to replace some vital parts or just give your theater a new look, this guide will put you on the right path to upgrade your space. You don’t need a total renovation for a fresh, new look. Follow these tips and tricks and your home theater will transform before your eyes.

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Increasing the Value of Your Home: Add a Home Theater Room

A home is often the biggest investment that you will ever make. Increasing the value of your home is important, along with doing renovations that will provide you with the biggest return on investment.  Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market or just want to enhance your home’s features for your own enjoyment, these improvements will provide you with the best added home value for your money.


The kitchen is often one of the most important aspects that house hunters look for when checking out homes. It is the core of the household and any improvement would undoubtedly increase the overall value of your home. Most think of a kitchen remodel as a pricey and daunting task. However, by implementing minor upgrades, you can give your kitchen a cost-efficient face lift. Some upgrades that would give you the most value for your money and time are:

Updated cabinets: Instead of completely restoring your cabinets, opt for simply replacing the cabinet doors for a new, fresh look. You can also add simple touches like roll-out shelving, spice racks and new hardware.

New lighting: New lighting fixtures will give your kitchen a more ambient and cheerful appearance.
Upgraded appliances- The appliances worth investing in are ones that will be used on a regular basis- such as the refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher. We suggest buying appliances in neutral colors and if affordable, stainless steel is always a great option.

New countertops: Choose the right style and color for your home and budget. We recommend granite because of its aesthetic appeal, its durability and versatility. Granite can pair well with and complement almost any interior design. It’s easy to clean and highly stain and heat resistant, making it a practical, worthwhile choice.

Energy Efficient
Decrease your household carbon footprint while shrinking your utility bills and adding value to your home. Creating an energy efficient home means more than just adding solar panels. Here are other ways to save money while saving the environment:

Appliances: Appliances that are labeled with the Energy Star logo are deemed energy efficient by the U.S. EPA. Look for these appliances when shopping for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and room air conditioners.

Insulation: The proper insulation in your house has the ability to make a huge difference in your energy consumption. It will also reduce noise, provide better humidity control and decrease the amount of dust and insects in your home.

Home Theater

A high quality home theater has the potential to have a high return cost. A home theater does not require any additional costs for updating or maintaining (unlike a swimming pool addition) so after the initial cost you are done! A home theater adds value to your home because it is attractive to potential buyers. They can picture themselves entertaining in the space, and it makes the home stand out against other properties. There are plenty of designs and ways to personalize your own home theater. Listed below are some of the items you’ll need to get started:

Seats: Comfortable seating is the core of your home theater. The Seatcraft Innovator features a power recline and headrest, LED light up cup holders, a fold down table and many other features to provide the ultimate design and comfort.

Projector: When shopping for a projector consider these aspects: the resolution, brightness, picture contrast and lens shift. There are many options to fit your ideal budget so you can have the full theater experience.

Remote: Don’t waste quality family time searching for several different remotes. Instead, choose a universal remote for a more convenient alternative.

Sound: Amp up your movie-watching experience with our SoundShaker seat vibration kit. Simple to install and easy to use, this device will make you feel every moment of your movie.

Decor: Lastly, add some finishing touches to your home theater by decorating with your favorite movie posters.

Enhance Your Entrance

An entry door replacement is a simple upgrade that has one of the highest percentage return on investment, meaning that it is a cost-efficient investment. Add some curb appeal to your home with these simple upgrade ideas:

Replace the door: A fresh, new door is the best way to give a great first impression to your home.

Spruce up the paint: If your door is still in good shape, try a fresh coat of paint in a new color to brighten up the entrance. Consider using a high-quality paint for a lasting finish.

Add some decor: Something as simple as adding planters or a unique wreath to your entryway will go a long way.

Add lighting: A new fixture will light up your entryway and add a stylish touch. There are many different styles to choose from to match the aesthetic of your home.

These are only a few of the many different projects you can take on to add value to your home. We hope that these ideas will inspire your own home improvement!

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Creating the Ultimate Sports Fan-Cave

Love sports but don’t have the time to go out to every game? Look no further than the fan-cave, a room that will place you directly in the front row from the comfort of your own home! Follow these four easy steps to create your ultimate sports fan-cave:

Step 1: Flooring
The first step to designing any themed room is finding the right flooring for you. Are you an NFL fan? Consider some astroturf flooring that will transport you and your guests right onto the field. More of a MLB kind of person? No problem! Incorporate a dugout themed rug into your flooring plans to get a similar feel. For the NHL fans, hockey flooring tiles could be a fun way to give your fan-cave an authentic feel. Just be careful not to slip! Did someone say NBA? Look into some wood flooring to show your team spirit. You could also choose to add a basketball themed carpet for a softer feel.

Finally, if you are the ultimate sports fan and are looking to build a fan-cave that reflects all sports, look into more neutral carpeting and tile solutions. You could even select your favorite team colors to make the room your own!

Image courtesy of:

Step 2: Walls
There are many directions you could go in when it comes to choosing your walls’ color scheme. If your flooring is rather neutral, you might want to go with team colors on the walls! For the football fans, a green wall could even be marked with white lines to mimic a football field. Another option could be to select an iconic sports image and turn it into a wall mural! Or, add life-size wall stickers of your favorite players. This would be a fun way to amp up your game day spirit.

Step 3: Furniture
The right furniture is essential to any fan-cave, especially seating! Find the right seating for your room size and style by determining how many seats you would need and which colors you’d like to use. If you are looking for a classic look with leather, the Seatcraft Vader home theater seating might be right for you. This option is particular popular for it’s wallhugger seating that can be placed directly against most walls. It can also hold tray tables that are perfect for game day snacking. Another great option for seating is the Seatcraft Seville Recliner. Attach a SoundShaker seat vibration kit and bring the game to life! The kit receives a wireless audio signal which tells your seat transducer when to vibrate.

Another important piece in your fan-cave is a screen! Whether you prefer a flat screen TV or projector, this item will be the centerpiece of your room so choose wisely.

Image courtesy of:

Last but not least, spice up your fan-cave with some fun games for everyone. Add a pool or foosball table to keep the good times rolling even through commercial breaks. You could also add basketball hoops or a couple of small goal posts if you’ve got some wide, empty spaces! For hockey fans, add a couple of pairs of rollerblades and street hockey sticks. This way, not only will you be following the sports events, you’ll be participating in your own!

Step 4: Decor
Final step: decorate, decorate, decorate. Personalize your seating with helpful additions such as a wine glass caddy, LED lighting, or even a tablet holder that are perfect for multitasking. Once that’s done, move onto other domains of decor such as jerseys, autographs, old tickets, and other memorabilia. If you have stairs leading to your fan-cave, replace the railings with baseball bats or hockey sticks! Or, frame your television screens with pictures of your past game days and sports experiences. You could even build a sports bar to complete your fan-cave look!

Image courtesy of:

Score the ultimate goal by creating a fan-can your friends and family won’t want to miss out on! Not only will it be fun to build, the memories made in it will be just as priceless as the first time you ate a hot dog at a baseball game (and comfier too!).

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5 Subscription Ideas to Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

There come times in every person’s week where you just want to take a break from reality and all the busyness to dive into some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Why not kick up your relaxing even a notch and try out a subscription plan for food, drink, streaming services, or even personal items?!. You work hard and deserve to relax “hard,” too. Take a look at some of our favorite subscriptions to enhance your home theater experience!

Do you want all the goodness of the foods you love, but don’t want your waistline to pay the price? How about substituting those snacks for healthier, but equally delicious alternatives? Graze is a monthly subscription where you get to choose from 100+ healthy and wholesome snacks you want delivered to your door and how often. With usually 8 individual sized snacks to a box, you decide whether a box each week, every two weeks, or once a month.

You can shop through their intensive shop categories that will satisfy any craving, and also fulfill whatever health specifications you have. Are you watching your calories or sugar count? They will show you the perfect snacks to help. They also have specialized categories for any occasion, including when you are watching a movie! So, get ready to have all the delicious flavors from your favorite candy and popcorn in new, healthy forms. For those of you who love the lightly salted or black pepper popcorn, you’re in luck, because has both vintage and contemporary popcorn machines that will ensure that each batch is perfectly popped each time, and will also look incredibly stylish in your home theater. All you sweet tooths out there will adore the chocolate pecan pie bags and the salted fudge and peanut cookie assortments. You can’t go wrong with these snacks!

When you join Graze’s subscription, your first box of snacks will be half off, and all others will be $13.99, so you’ll get awesome flavors for pretty cheap. It is the perfect accompaniment for any casual or serious movie going experience.

For all of you wine enthusiasts out there who enjoy sipping on a glass while you watch movies, this could be your perfect subscription. Vinebox is the first ever box subscription that sends you three or six measured amounts of wine straight to your doorstep. All you need to do is order, receive the box, and pour the small tube of wine into your glass. It’s perfect for everyone who wishes they could sample a new wine before they waste money on a bottle they might not enjoy. These wines are specifically chosen from boutique wineries in Europe just to suit your tastes, and if you discover one you love, you have the option of ordering an entire bottle.

The process is very simple: Vinebox has you take a quiz about yourself and your wine preferences, then you choose how many samples of wine you would like per month (either three or six), and finally you decide for how many months you would like this service. It’s so simple! Each wine also comes with tasting notes, a list of recommendations for other wines you might enjoy, and pairings to go with the wine. So, it’s like having a sommelier right by your side.

The subscription boxes start at $25 per month, so while it might cost more than other subscriptions, you will be getting quality wine without overpaying for a bottle that doesn’t do anything for you. Keep that prized glass upright with a wine glass caddy from Seatcraft that connects directly into your theater seat!

Universal Yums
It’s time to add a little adventure to your snack menu! Explore food from countries all around the world without ever leaving your home theater. Universal Yums is a subscription service that sends a box of popular, regional snacks from a different country each month. You never know what you’re going to get, so each unboxing is a unique experience. Past boxes include: Colombia, Korea, Mexico, Japan, Austria, and many more. If you’re sad about missing out on a country you’ve been willing to try, don’t worry, for there’s a chance that they will revisit fan favorites in the future.

There are two different boxes that subscribers can choose from: The Yum Box, and the Yum Yum Box. The Yum Box includes 6+ snacks per box and an eight page booklet about the country the snacks are from, along with trivia and games. The Yum Yum Box is very similar, but includes 12+ snacks per box and a 12 page booklet. After you choose how big of a box you want, you can choose to pay for a full year of snacks, or just month to month. There is also free shipping if you live in the USA!

Pricing varies depending on the length of time you want the service along with the size of the box, but the Yum Box starts at around $13-14, and the Yum Yum box starts at $23-25. This service is perfect for those of you who want to try new things and experience new cultures all at the same time, and it will be an amazing addition for your movie or TV watching.

Hello Fresh
If you’re someone who wants the perfect date night with the one you love, but don’t want to deal with large, annoying crowds of strangers ruining the mood for you, then you might want to check this out. Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription that delivers boxes of fresh, healthy ingredients alongside recipes for you to cook at home. Each ingredient is pre-measured, so all you have to do it follow the directions and add a bit of salt. It is a great solution for everyone who has had a bad restaurant or movie theater experience, or just want to spend a romantic night at home.

All the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about being sold bad produce. The site also offers vegetarian options for those who just don’t like meat, and family meal plans for a couple with kids. Whether you’re using this service for a night with your special someone, or for a family movie night, you will be all set for your dinner needs.

Pricing starts at $9.99 per meal serving, so it’s cheaper than wasting time and gas driving to the grocery store! They will also offer discounts for both your first and second box, along with free delivery. If you’re worried about the food being delivered when you’re not at home, then it’ll ease your mind to know that each package is insulated and 100% recyclable, so contents will stay fresh for up to 24 hours. Can you ask for a better deal?

Streaming Subscriptions
We’ve gone over all the snacks, meals, and drinks that you can get to accompany your home theater experience, but is there something we are missing? Of course! The movies! Are you tired of the collection of DVDs that you’ve watched probably once or twice over, and want to experience something new? Then, why not try out one of these popular streaming services? You’ll be treated to a wide variety of TV shows and movies, some of which you may never have heard of! It will revolutionize everything you know about movie night, and you won’t be sorry for giving it a try.

Netflix: This service is perfect for the viewer that loves original programming. It provides thousands of movies and shows just at the press of a button, and they’re filtering in and out new content each month, so you’ll never run out of things to watch. Pricing starts at $7.99 per month, and supports 1-4 concurrent streams, so you and your family can enjoy your own personalized selections. There isn’t any live TV, but there are also no ads, so that’s something to rejoice over.

Hulu: This service is specialized for the TV lovers out there. Just like Netflix, Hulu has thousands of movies and TV shows you can watch, so you’ll never run out of content. Pricing starts at $7.99 a month, but it only supports one unlimited stream, so everyone will have to share! There is live TV and original programming, but it also has ads, and the ad free service costs extra. If you aren’t bothered by a few ads, then this will be perfect for you!

Amazon Video: This service is perfect for all of you bargain hunters who want that to stretch over to your movie going experience. There are thousands of TV shows and movies at your fingertips, with the option of buying or renting movies from other streaming sources, so there are many cheap and easy options for you. The service supports two concurrent streams, so your very special friend can have their own streaming site if they don’t like what you’re watching. It has plenty of original programming and no live TV, but the lack of ads should make up for it. The service starts at $8.99 a month, so while it’s an extra dollar when compared to Netflix and Hulu, you are getting plenty of content, so it is worth the payment.

There you have it, all of you movie and home theater enthusiasts! You have your fun time snacks, wine, complete meals, and even the sources for your movies that you can combine to create an amazing night for you and the ones you love. Check them all out if you’re interested in enhancing your movie night experiences, and make sure to check out if you are interested in upgrading your home theater room with high quality seating and accessories. You have to sit somewhere! Might as well be in luxury home theater seating!

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Home Theater Designs We Love: September Edition

What are you passionate about? The answer could be a wide variety of things, from art, to sports, or even video games. Whatever your mind drifts to when you hear that question, we can guarantee that you wish you had a room where you could display all of that passion. This is where you’re in luck, for this month’s edition of Home Theater Designs We Love, we are taking a journey through the internet to give you inspiration for your own home theater that will showcase everything you are passionate about. You won’t have to worry about storing away your fandom posters or finding a place to put all your Pop! Figures, because now you can have a room that you will not only cherish, but can also have a ton of fun in.

Art Museum
If you’re the kind of person that has a love for all things art, then this can be the perfect room for you. The designer made it to be the exact resemblance of a high-class art museum right out of New York, so anyone can be a famous artist on display in the comfort of their own home. With your big screen television the main focus in your room, you can easily add one of Seatcraft’s majestic home theater seating to add an extra touch of class. In addition, if you love to collect paintings and sculptures, you can decorate as you see fit, making the room your personalized museum.

Image courtesy of HGTV

Super Mario Bros. Theme
No one can resist that catchy, bit tune theme song, and trust us, we’ve tried! So, instead of trying to deny our love for one of the most iconic video game characters in the world, why not just embrace it instead? This home theater was designed with the fans in mind, for it captures the fun and wonder that the Mushroom Kingdom gave to all of us as kids. Put in shelving so that you can showcase all of your figurines, amiibos, video games, and most importantly, your movies! It is your room, so you never have to hide away your geek culture! Make the room more relaxing with cuddle couches, so you can have a more intimate experience with the friends of your choosing. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is, you don’t have to be stuck with Mario if you aren’t a super fanboy. Expand your horizons with The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mega Man, or anything your mind can come up with. It’s your home theater, so you can make it how you want it!

Image courtesy of Deviantart

Sci-fi Theme
Do you love everything science fiction? What better place to show off your science fiction movie collection, collectables, and memorabilia than in your home theater? This designer went above and beyond when it comes to the decoration in the room, making it the sci-fi fanatics’ dream setup. The image shows that the designer chose to add in a projector and screen, but it would be just as easy to fit in the big screen of your choice to complete the overall look. Utilize wall space and shelving to make the most out of showing off your impressive collection, and don’t forget to go bold with it! This is your theater, so make it your own!

Image courtesy of Daily News Dig

Disney Theme
We all know that one person in our lives that loves everything Disney. The amusement parks, the souvenirs, the clothes, and especially the movies! Now, that person can bring those amazing movies to life through the design of their home theater. The designer of this room kept it simplistic with a red, white, and black color palette and old school artwork of famous Disney characters, but, if you choose to follow your Disney dreams, you can go as crazy as you desire. Maybe add different wall accents or curtains to enhance the overall look of the room. In the end, you’re only limited to your imagination.

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European Street Theme
Many of us have that one special city or country that we’ve always wanted to visit. Now, you can bring all the beauty and culture of the place right into your home by decorating your home theater like a street. Not quite visualizing it? When James Potter put his vision of a European town to life, it became a spectacle everyone must see. With the theater portion resembling a French Pavilion with a rolling sunset overhead and architecturally gorgeous buildings in the background surrounding the theater seating of your choice, this setting is perfect for anyone that enjoys a good foreign film, or just love foreign cultures. Don’t feel trapped by the European theme; branch out and try to go Italian, Japanese, or any other culture you’re passionate about. Just go and have fun with it!

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Your home theater already has so much thought and dedication placed into it, so why not add a little more of what makes you, you? Your passions are not limited to the ones listed here, so go out and make the home theater of your dreams! Just take inspiration from designers that brought what they loved to life to show to the world. Remember to check out for all of your theater seating and decoration needs, and have fun exploring what you’re passionate about!

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Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

Instead of breaking the bank and stressing over the details of heading out for date, try a date night staycation! Take the weekend off and take advantage of your media room with an in-home date night! Get the most out of your home theater by enjoying a few different date night themes!

Swivel Tray Table for the Win on Taco Tuesday

Margaritas, salsa, and tacos. What’s not to love about Taco Tuesday?! Spice up your in-home date night with a Mexican themed dinner. Dinner and a show? Yes, please! This is made possible by adding Seatcraft’s Swivel Tray Table to your Seatcraft home theater chair! Now you will be able to enjoy your food and movie at the same time.

Looking for a healthier alternative to margaritas? Summer is the perfect time to try this refreshing drink: Mix 1 shot tequila with 1 cup soda water or flavored water (try grapefruit for a fruity twist) with plenty of fresh squeezed limes and garnish with fresh mint. This refreshing beverage is great if you want to cut down on the sugar intake while not compromising on taste! Salsa music and dancing? What better way to kick off your romantic staycation than with some fun dancing in your media room?! Turn on streaming salsa/latin music and have fun with it! Once you can’t dance anymore, put up your feet on Seatcraft’s Swivel Cuddle Couch and watch Dirty Dancing – Havana Nights!

Get cozy on Seatcraft’s Cuddle Seat

Going to the movies for date night can be a blast and be a bit nostalgic, but it’s much more romantic to cuddle up to your significant other in the comfort of your own home. Get close on this Seatcraft Cuddle Seat so you can enjoy the movie together!

With customizable colors, you can make your cuddle seat match the decor of your home theater effortlessly. Not only is it a stylish addition, it’s also incredibly comfortable with long lasting and durable foam filling. Adding soft blankets and plush throw pillows will surely make your staycation feel like a true vacation filled with plenty of R&R.

Wine Glass Caddy for Wine Wednesday

Make your staycation enviable with a flight of different wines to try with your significant other! This turns movie night into much more than just watching the latest film. To make this wine night possible, try this attachable Seatcraft wine glass caddy. With no-slip technology, you won’t need to worry about spills! We love how Seatcraft has plenty of add-on accessories to make your home theater seats customizable to your lifestyle! So, BYOB and enjoy your wine without the corkage fee.

Include a SoundShaker Seat Vibration Kit

To make your movie watching experience memorable, include Seatcraft’s revolutionary SoundShaker Seat Vibration Kit. It simply connects to your seat to shake and vibrate in synchronization with on-screen action that way you can really feel the movie! With easy wireless connection, you and your significant other will feel as though you are in the movie alongside your favorite actors!

Movies, Movies and More Movies
The options are endless when it comes to themed date night staycation. However, if themes aren’t necessarily your speed, try a simpler staycation for you and your significant other. Throw together a fine and versatile cheese board the two of you can share. Pair it with your favorite beverage and this staycation will be one for the books. You can even make it romantic with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne! The cherry on top is a good romantic comedy on the big screen!

Here are a few of our favorite rom-coms to watch with your significant other:

Crazy Stupid Love
Steve Carell is known for providing copious belly laughs and Ryan Gosling for his charming humor and good looks, so this pair makes a for a fan favorite. This movie is both relatable as well as candid about the struggles of post-breakup life, finding love again and family.

There’s Something About Mary
This is a classic romantic comedy go-to and for good reason. Something About Mary stars Cameron Diaz and depicts what happens when everyone falls for Mary.

Silver Linings Playbook
Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, this romantic comedy is heartfelt and honest. Showing how life doesn’t always go as planned but how love can be redeeming and in this case, a saving grace.

The Big Sick
Based on the real life story of a couple who endures some difficult times together. This witty and heartfelt love story is both funny and intelligent. Offering a cross-cultural twist on the classic romantic comedies we know and love.

Most are available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Pre-order the Big Sick to watch from the comfort of your home during your staycation.

Get to Planning!
Now that we have covered the many ways you can turn date night into a staycation with your significant other, pick something that works for you both! Date night at home can be made just as fun (if not more enjoyable) as a night out. So, take our advice and get creative with ways to turn your new media room into a staycation paradise!

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Home Theater Designs We Love

Brace yourselves! This month, we’ve decided to change up our favorite home theater design ideas. Instead of showcasing elaborate, out-of-this-world custom home theaters, we are going to show you how to make the most out of LESS.

That’s right. Your home theater doesn’t need to be large and grandeur to be incredible! Some of the most amazing moments are right in the comfort of your own home, regardless of the size. Our home theater design ideas for this month are keeping budget in mind, so you don’t have to break the bank to have a mind-blowing cinema experience.

Urban Comfort

Simple, comfortable, and realistic. Is it the easy access wine cellar or the 10 foot screen projector that makes us crazy about this design? No movie night is complete without uncorking a bottle of fine wine! The highlight of this home theater is the wine cellar, which is enough to grab the attention of any wine lover! This easily attainable design comes complete with overhead light fixtures, sensible storage, and, of course, fashionable mini beverage tables. The neutral color scheme makes this design suitable for a variety of homes.


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Classic and Theatrical

Love the feel of the theater, but not the drive, prices, or annoying audience members? Stay within the comfort of your own home with this perfect design! This home theater is ideal for the whole family, but not too over the top! The red walls and floor, along with the dimmable wall lights completely transform this intimate sized room into a theater. For an extra effect, consider adding in wall-mounted speakers to intensify every action that occurs in the film.


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Sports Heaven

He shoots, he scores! If you’re a huge sports fan, this theater design is a dream come true. Equipped with a full sports bar and multiple TVs, you’ll never need to leave the house to watch a sports game…ever again. This design even has a scorekeeper above the media wall so you never have to squint to catch a glimpse of the score. This sports heaven is actually located in a pool cabana, but can easily be an inspiration for your home theater.


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Modern Cinema

Have that room in your home that just never gets used? Turn it a beautifully styled movie room! We love this idea because this is a very normal sized room that holds so much potential. This room can comfortably fit the whole family! Consider adding the Seatcraft Cuddle for the ultimate comfort! Add the adjustable LED colored lights create a fun ambiance the whole family will enjoy!


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Maximum Comfort

WARNING: The following design is NOT intended for those who fall asleep during movies! This design might be too comfortable for you and could cause excessive sleepiness. Who doesn’t love the idea of laying down while watching tv, or a movie? Take your home theater to the next level while still utilizing a smaller space with this super cozy theater design. We love everything from the LED accent lights to the eccentrically patterned carpet. The sconces and wall color add a regal essence to the design.


Rustic and Cozy

The possibilities are endless, even if you have a small space. This whimsical design brings the magic back into watching a good film. Have you had a hectic week? Well, wind down by sneaking away to this hidden gem and get lost in a marvelous film. The hanging lights and lanterns set the mood for a romantic evening with your significant other. Make this design even cozier by adding in a fireplace or pellet stove for a complete european cottage vibe.


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Home Theater Designs We Love

7 Home Theater Designs We Love

You’re finally ready to get that home theater all set up and the anticipation is continuing to build! The idea of having a fully immersive cinema experience right in the comfort of your home is enough to make anyone quiver with excitement! There’s just one main question that is eating away at you: Where do I even start?!

With the options literally being endless, take into consideration both the technical and financial aspects of building a home theater. What’s most important to you? The seats vibrating during various parts of the movie to make it truly come to life? Or maybe it’s the candy and popcorn bar you’ve been dreaming of for months? Whether or not you have the specifics figured out, it’s best to start with design. Here are a few home theater designs we love:

Mimic Real Life Theater Designs


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Play copycat and adapt the big screen to your personal home theater! Invest in track lighting, wall accents, and the perfect projection screen to showcase your next big cinema showing. Looking to kick it up a notch? Seek out movie poster frames and manifest your own walk of stars!

Go Big Or Go Home


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Take inspiration from the real movie theater and spring for the bigtime – you won’t regret it! In this home theater, the TV is the main centerpiece that pulls the entire home theater set-up together. The big screen captures your attention, radiating your gaze from the inside out. The muted color palette emphasizes the screen beautifully with bonus points for the pop of color paintings on the back wall!

Take It Outdoors


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Think outside the box and bring the great outdoors indoors! Create the perfect staycation spot right inside your home with a stargazing option built into the ceiling. Accent the space with warm colors and cozy pillows to create the ultimate, relaxing ambiance.

Lighting Is Essential


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Lighting can make or break your new man cave or home theater! Remember, it’s all about creating an established experience to limit distractions. Keep in mind that suspended or hanging fixtures and lamps could cause uneven lighting or reflections on the screen. If it’s in your budget, go for dimmable and remote-controlled lights. For a bolder look, try adding LED lights to frame the screen and fiber optic lighting strips around the floor or baseboards.

It’s All About the Seating


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Building a home theater around the comfort of the seating is a great place to begin. An in-home theater viewing experience is amazingly enhanced with an organized seating scheme. Choose a seating style and design that fits your needs and desires for the space. If you’re going for the traditional cinema theme with stadium seating and dramatic curtains, then plan to search for theater seating that is traditional as well. However, if your home theater is a smaller affair and more of a media room, skip the dramatic experience and consider more traditional seating such a wrap around sofas complemented with 1-2 arm chairs.

Preserve Space, Prioritize Shelving



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You don’t need a four-story mansion to incorporate a great movie room! Even a small space can be transformed – all with the help of good shelving and storage! It can be a challenge to navigate cramped quarters, making utilization of every available inch more important than ever. Minimize clutter and avoid furniture that refuses to conform to corners. Ditch the bulky TV and accompanying stand for a mounted TV and counter space that doubles as a shelf to accommodate your gaming systems and extra storage.

Don’t Miss the Game


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Watch all the games all at once in this man cave built for every sports fanatic! Complete with a bar, pool table, and football field carpet, this man cave gives every home theater a run for its money. Every in-home theater should be catered around your desires and needs for a personal getaway. Make it as unique as you!