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What’s New: Seatcraft Apex Home Theater Seat

Looking to upgrade and furnish your home theater room? Or maybe you’re looking for a place to start? Look no further! Seatcraft has released a top-of-the-line seating option that is perfect for any space. The Seatcraft Apex!

Seatcraft Apex

Unrivaled, the new Seatcraft Apex home theater seats are just the newest line of luxury available through Seatcraft. Thanks to this new line, you can now own the very best the home theater industry has to offer. Apex offers flawless stitching across the seats that will impress your guests with expert craftsmanship.

Seatcraft Apex with Diamond Stitching and Brown grade 7000 leather.
Seatcraft Apex with Diamond Stitching and Brown grade 7000 leather.


The Seatcraft Apex is available in Black, Brown, or Red grade 7000 leather.

Made from top grain leather 7000, the Apex seats are available in red, black, or brown to fit any color scheme. Seatcraft only uses the highest quality material so less maintenance is required and your seats will be show ready at all times.

The Apex offers power headrests, lumbar, and recline for the ultimate comfort. Add in a chaise-style padded footrest, and you have some of the most comfortable theater seats available.

The Seatcraft Apex is Powered By SoundShaker

One unique feature of the the Apex seating are the built-in Soundshaker transducers. Now you’re only an accessory away from a fully-immersive movie experience! You and your guests can enjoy the full movie experience with this unique feature!

The seats connect together in a straight row style. This way, you can have the traditional theater experience right in your own home!

LED lights are featured throughout the seats, both in the armrests and cup holders for easy visibility.

No matter your space, the Apex seat can work for you! The wallhugger feature allows these seats to be placed within 6 inches of a wall and still recline fully.

The Seatcraft Apex is a wallhugger seat needing only minimal space from the wall for full recline.
The Seatcraft Apex is a wallhugger seat needing only minimal space from the wall for full recline.


Just like all Seatcraft chairs, the Apex is easily customizable!

The Wine Glass Caddy provides spill-free relaxation.Add a wine caddy for spill-free relaxation. This aluminum finished feature offers 360-degree rotation and a sturdy base that will help keep your seats spot free. The beveled edges and stainless steel finish will only add to the aesthetic appeal in your home theater.

Consider the adjustable tablet and phone holder for easy access to your favorite mobile devices. Like the wine caddy, this holder has a stainless steel finish and 360 degree rotation, but it also features a jointed elbow for easier vertical adjustment. The holder has a sturdy base that sits next to the cup holder for comfortable use of your tablet of phone.

The LED Reading light allows you to read without disturbing anyone.

If your home theater has turned into your quiet space for reading, add an LED reading light to your Apex chair. The LED light makes it easy to read your favorite book or magazine right in the comfort of your Seatcraft chair.


Now is the best time to upgrade, or get started on that dream home theater room! The Apex chair by Seatcraft is everything and more that you could expect from a theater seat. So don’t hesitate, make the upgrade today!

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The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

If you’re tall or wide-set, seating can be hard to find. But when comfort and movie-watching experience are on the line, size does matter! The Seatcraft Pantheon is the Perfect Chair for Big and Tall People.

The Pantheon is Seatcraft’s entry to the Big & Tall category. With a wider seating area, taller backrest, and a stronger frame that can support up to 400 lbs., the Pantheon is the perfect seat for the large home theater-goer.

In this article, we’ll explore the details of the Seatcraft Pantheon and compare to other similar models.

The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

Big & Tall

The Seatcraft Pantheon’s most notable features are a wide seating area, broader armrests, and a taller backrest. It’s not simply that the seat is larger, but that it’s larger in key areas. Here are a few of the specs:

  • Height: 45 inches high
  • Seat width: 26.5 inches
  • Seat depth: 24

With wider and taller dimensions, you also get a stronger frame. The Pantheon’s enhanced structure allows it support up to 400lbs without the slightest buckle.

The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

Other Features

The reinforced wood frame and larger dimensions are the reason most people go for the Pantheon. But, you’ll also find this chair has the same features and exteriors that make Seatcraft the go-to brand for modern home theater-goers. The luxurious top grain leather 7000 leather makes the exterior smooth, durable, and luxurious. You’ll also find amenities that make movie watching a dream, such as power headrest, power lumbar and built-in Soundshaker transducer. Here’s a full list of amenities, you’ll find in the Pantheon:

  • Power headrest
  • Power recline
  • Soundshaker
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable power lumbar
  • Free swivel tray table
  • Hidden arm storage
  • Cupholders with LED lights
  • LED ambient base lighting

Pantheon vs. Comparable Models

The  Pantheon is similar to other Seatcraft models in many ways. Below is a comparison between the the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Equinox.

The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Equinox
The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Equinox

Pantheon vs. Colosseum

The Seatcraft Colosseum is also Big & Tall, but it’s a loveseat (two-seater) while the Pantheon is a single chair. Most of the specifications and amenities are the same for both products, including the top grain 7000 leather exterior and power lumbar support. However, the Colosseum features one amenity the Pantheon doesn’t, which is an additional storage console between the two seats.

The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Colosseum
The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Colosseum

Pantheon vs. Equinox

The Seatcraft Equinox looks and feels the same as the Pantheon with the same aesthetic design. The difference is that Equinox is smaller, featuring standard Seatcraft dimensions.

Equinox is also available in a back row version that is 7 inches taller than the average Equinox. However, the height difference in the back row version is made to make the seat higher so the viewer can see over front rows, rather than making the backrest higher, which is better for taller people. The raised structure is made for regular height people who want to see over the further ahead rows, not for taller or larger people who want more comfort.


With the Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in seating built for your body type! If you’re looking for a loveseat, go for Seatcraft Colosseum Big & Tall or if you’re looking for a regular seat with risers for the back row, go for the Equinox. Whether you’re big or tall, the Pantheon is an excellent choice.

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Seatcraft Veloce Theater Seating for your Modern Room

When designing your home theater, picking the right seating for your space is typically near the top of the priority list. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in those chairs and you want them to be comfortable! When looking for the right home theater seat, the Seatcraft Veloce theater seating has everything to turn your media room into everyone’s favorite space, including all of the latest features and benefits that we consider to be “must-haves” for any home theater.

Seatcraft Veloce Theater Seating

Grade 7000 Leather

The clean, modern look of the Seatcraft Veloce starts with the leather. Only the best materials are selected to create top-grain Grade 7000 Leather. That quality is further enhanced by buffing away any imperfections. The result is a soft, luxurious feel that wraps you in comfort. Leather furniture is the obvious choice in a room that sees a lot of use. Leather is easy to clean and maintain, and resists spills and soiling. Also, leather does an excellent job of conforming to your body shape, providing excellent support for those movie or gaming marathons. The tufting on the Veloce line features sleek chevron stitching, which lends a sporty, modern feel to your entire room.

Seatcraft Veloce ComfortView Lumbar

Ergonomically Sound

Reclining while watching a movie may be relaxing, but it can also wreak havoc on a body. The Seatcraft Veloce theater seating designers have taken your comfort into account with the ComfortView powered headrests and lumbar support. Both of these products are designed for optimal ergonomics and practicality. The ComfortView power headrest emerges from the chair back to allow for neck and head support, creating the perfect viewing angle in reclined positions without neck strain. The ComfortView lumbar support cradles your lower back to relieve excess tension. Both are fully adjustable, and when you are finished, a single press of the Home button resets the headrest, lumbar, and recline features back to the default position.

Seatcraft Veloce Ambient LED Blue Armrest.

Safe and Secure

Because you will be spending so much time in your home theater seating, designers have thought of everything to keep you safe and comfortable. Ever bang your shin or stub your toe on a chair? Avoid that obstacle! Subtle blue lighting around chair edges is dim enough not to intrude on the viewing experience yet provide sufficient illumination for easy navigation in dark spaces. The same lighting feature surrounds the built-in cup holders, ensuring against accidental spills while enjoying the show.

Seatcraft Veloce Hidden In-Arm Storage

Storage Galore

Since you may also use your home theater for gaming or computer work, it just makes sense to have your most-used accessories on hand. Avoid the clutter with Veloce’s hidden in-arm storage. Just flip the armrest up to reveal plenty of storage space for game controllers, headsets, laptop computers, or remote controls. It is also the perfect place to store the accessories to your chair!

USB Charging Ports included in each arm.


Speaking of accessories, there is a bevy of options to customize your seating experience, whatever your pleasure. There is the standard USB charging port built into the armrest which provides quick charging of your phone and other devices, but why stop there? The swivel tray table is a perfect resting place for snacks but is big enough for a laptop! If you expect to do some reading, choose the tablet holder or reading lamp. Is wine your beverage of choice? Then the wine glass caddy allows your stemware to remain safe and sound. Go hands-free with the cell phone holder. Or power up wirelessly with the wireless charging phone holder and tray tables. All of these options slide securely into place just in front of the cupholder, making hands-free simple.

If you love to be immersed in the experience, consider taking it to the next level with SoundShaker. When paired with the SoundShaker amplifier, transducers in your seat will vibrate your chair in sync with the on-screen action. This feature is the next level for films where the action is king and nearly essential for immersive gaming sessions!

For All Spaces

Because you may be converting an existing room into the media center of your dreams, space can be a factor. The Seatcraft Veloce is designed to be a wall hugger. A traditional recliner tips the seatback of the chair outward as the footrest raises. However, a wall hugger pushes the seat and footrest forward while lowering the seatback. This feature means that you only need six inches of clearance behind your seats.

The Seatcraft Veloce theater seating collection also allows you to create configurations based on your preferred use. Like to cuddle with your sweetie? There is a two-seater loveseat for that. Does everyone want their own space? String together rows of two to six single chairs. Or better yet, create a custom combination with a mix of loveseats and single chairs to form a row that makes everyone happy!

The Seatcraft Veloce collection marries form with function to provide the most comfortable, customizable seating for your home. Get a jump on building the perfect space!

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Product Spotlight: Seatcraft Colosseum Sofa/Loveseat

This month we’re spotlighting the Seatcraft Colosseum sofa and loveseat. This is the Big & Tall sofa/loveseat version of our top-selling home theater seats, the Equinox and Pantheon. These epic-sized power recliners are taller and wider than average recliners, providing expansive comfort and greater weight capacity for any big or tall home theater enthusiast.

Besides the Colosseum’s size and durability, what makes them so special? Well, the Colosseum sofas and loveseats are reliable, infinitely comfortable, built to last, and come fully loaded with custom features that are programmable to your unique needs.

Both the sofa and loveseat include adjustable, setting-controlled ComfortView™ Power Headrest and ComfortView™ Power Lumbar motors, as well as custom Power Recline. When you first sit in the Colosseum, find your perfect recline. Next, set the headrest and lumbar position that suits you, and press the memory button. Your settings are saved! Next time you settle down in the Colosseum, just press the memory button and you’ll be taken back to those exact positions. Every time, reliably.

The value of powered lumbar seats is especially important because this feature works to support your body’s natural curvature, giving your back the support it needs during extended time in a seated or reclined position. An added bonus of the ComfortView headrests is the ability to keep your viewing angle perfectly centered on the screen even when your seat is fully reclined. No more craning your neck or adding throw pillows behind your head to get a good view of your screen.

Padded Storage Consoles in each Colosseum loveseat have a unique sealed, silent-open-close panel that opens to reveal two cup holders and plenty of storage for accessories. Additionally, armrests on both the sofa and loveseat have cup holders as well as Hidden In-Arm Storage, where the polished black removable Swivel Tray Tables are stowed. Pull them out and attach to the arm, and you’ve got a place to set your snacks, a book, or a laptop. Then you’re ready to work, play, read, or watch in absolute comfort. In addition to storing the tray table, the in-arm storage compartment can also hold your books, magazines, or remotes.

Need to charge your phone or other devices while you relax watching your favorite movie? You can do that with USB Charging ports that are standard on every Colosseum. Need to charge your cell phones and laptop at the same time? No problem. The sofa takes it a step further with a fold-down burlwood table containing two lighted cup holders, power connections, and Wireless Charging.

The Colosseum’s impressive list of features would be less impactful without finishing it off with high-quality upholstered material. The best choice for both comfort and durability is obvious: Leather!

For both the Colosseum loveseat and sofa, we’ve chosen to use Leather 7000. But, what exactly is that? Quite simply, it’s the very finest leather designed specifically for your home theater seat. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked and chosen for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do! The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture, so that your Colosseum seat looks as swank, consistent, and inviting as possible.

As you sink into Leather 7000’s plush, inviting texture, this material will provide that soft yet supportive consistency which only the finest-quality natural leather can provide. The beauty of this leather is that it conforms to your body’s shape, while also being tougher, more durable, and easier to maintain than any other material. In short, the Leather 7000 ensures that the Colosseum will provide you with years of lasting comfort and enjoyment.

We’re positive that the Seatcraft Colosseum’s advanced power features, electronic extras, supreme leather comfort, and support, will provide you with the most extraordinary home theater experience for years to come.