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The Perfect Seating for Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Home theater seating has come a long way in the past few decades. You can enhance your home media experience with everything from commercial-style theater seating, plush reclining seats, or multimedia sectionals and sofas. Some even come loaded with built-in accessories like powered recline, powered headrests, lighted cup holders, and armrest storage, all designed for comfort and convenience. We’ve highlighted some important points to consider when thinking about buying theater seating for a media room or home theater.

Media Room or Home Theater?

If you’re wondering which one is right for your lifestyle, it’s important to keep in mind that a home theater is a room dedicated exclusively to movie and TV viewing. A media room is more of a family room with a visual and/or audio media focus. A big-screen TV is often the centerpiece, usually accompanied by a nice sound system as well. You and your guests will spend much of your time in front of the screen, so it’s important to choose the proper theater seating for your room’s size and layout. You’ll also want these items to be as comfortable as possible. That’s a given.

Media Room
If space you’ve chosen doubles as a living room, or if it might include areas for board or video games, billiards, a pinball machine, and maybe a small bar, then you’ll obviously want to go this route. Your decor can be more tied-in with the rest of your house since this room won’t necessarily need to adhere to a traditional theater-style. You might want to outfit the space with light-blocking curtains or blinds and muted wall paint to help enhance the movie-watching experience when it happens.

Multimedia sectionals are perfect for media rooms since they more closely resemble furniture found in most family rooms, and their modular design can be altered to fit your lifestyle. The Seatcraft Heavenly modular sofa features a host of possible configurations, allowing you to move all pieces to either side for any space or occasion.

A host of recliners, theater seats, and media lounge sofas are perfect for media rooms because of the many options and styles. It makes matching your decor a snap as well. For instance, the Cavallo Media Lounge Sofas bridge the gap between extended media viewing and living room relaxation. These comfy chaise lounges, ottomans, and loveseats provide you with plenty of choices to complete your ideal media room experience.

Home Theater
A home theater that strives to recreate a true theater experience usually requires a bit more specialized focus on design, furnishings, and the ability to have complete lighting control. This is especially true if your home theater is in a separate area, like a bonus room, spare bedroom, or fully finished basement. Theater seating — whether commercial-style seats, recliners in one row or tiered in multiple rows — usually remain fixed in one place. However, there are plenty of options to fit just about any space you have.

Besides recliners — this is true for both home theaters and media rooms — you may choose to include media lounge sofas, loveseats, or sectionals. Adding items such as acoustical panels, columns and wall accents, stages and curtains, or fiber-optic star panels all act to round out the home theater experience. All of these accessories should work in just about any size room.

Comfort Is Key
The common necessity that all home theaters and media rooms share is comfort. In addition to cozy recliners, you might want to include plush furnishings, throw pillows, blankets, and soft lighting. If you have windows, be sure to cover them with light-blocking blinds or curtains.

Theater seat recliners in recent years have come a long way — they’re a breed apart from the easy chairs of your dad and granddad’s era. The Seatcraft Apex, for example, has a powered headrest, lumbar support, and recline. Standard features include SoundShakers, USB charging stations, LED armrest accents, storage, and more.

Whether you choose to create a home theater or media room, has all you need to create your own place for movie and TV watching with family and friends. Selecting just the right combination of seating and accessories can be an exciting experience all its own. With so many options available, it’s easy to put your unique mark on your entertainment space!

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The Power of Lumbar Support

A great home theater seat should not only look quality, but also FEEL like quality. Comfort and strong, lower back support should be staples in your chair selection. Daily routines often include extended periods of standing or sitting, which tend to increase the potential for significant back strain overtime. Even if lower back pain doesn’t pop up right away, the possibility for gradual damage is more likely if you’re not getting the support you need.

Control over every area of your life isn’t feasible. Sometimes, sitting at a desk and staring at a screen is part of the daily routine. Recent studies show that 70% of Americans believe they are sitting too much at work. This makes choosing a seat with lumbar support that much more important when the choice is yours. Lumbar support keeps the spine from overworking itself, allowing a pain-free, care-free experience every time you unwind. Comfort is an obvious priority, but what defines maximum support, extended relaxation, and style vary from person to person. You don’t purchase luxury home theater seating to curl up and fall asleep! You make the investment to enjoy gaming, sport events, and the occasional binge watching with complete comfort.

The best case scenario after sitting for an extended period of time is to get up and not feel stiff or sore! No one wants to sit for 20 minutes and get up to stretch because they feel uncomfortable in their seat. At Seatcraft, we carry a variety of customizable designs for seats and sectionals that take lumbar support seriously, providing comfort that lasts. Each chair has been topped with plush cushioning, made with high quality materials, and innovatively designed with lower back support in mind.

The Seatcraft Equinox, for example, features an adjustable power lumbar and adjustable headrest. You can fully recline, hook up your USB devices with ease, and most importantly, each individual can select personal settings while providing support at the push of a button.

Space is also an important factor to consider. Just because space is limited doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice comfort or style. The Seatcraft Napa takes all of these components into consideration, and then some. The storage-free arm reduces row width by over 10%, allowing more space in your confined area.

Just like the Equinox, there’s a power adjustable headrest, as well as that much needed power, adjustable lumbar support. The gap between the seat and footrest has been removed, creating a chaise lounge, so you can still really stretch out. The quality and comfort of this Spacesaver is innovative and, best of all, reasonably priced.

If you’re looking for a real crowd pleaser, check out the Seatcraft Vienna Sofa. It combines all the standout elements of the most popular designs, making it not only one of the most versatile options but, hands down, the most comfortable. It features power lumbar, power headrest, and power recline options. It also includes in-arm storage, USB charging ports, and many other convenient features to simplify and satisfy.

54% of Americans claim to have chronic lower back pain and the numbers keep going up. Join Seatcraft in planning ahead and putting comfort first, ensuring that back pain will be the last thing on your mind when it’s time to take a seat.

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A Guide To Choosing the Best Home Theater Seats

You’ve chosen the room, projector, screen, and speakers for your new home theater. Or, maybe on the opposite end of the spectrum – you’re just searching for a place to start. Either way, choosing the right theater seating can be one of the most important decisions for your movie viewing and gaming experience. All of the high-tech equipment will become irrelevant if you and your guests are uncomfortable in your seats. Whatever your theater experience, there are many Seatcraft chair options you can fall in love with!

Space Saver
Seatcraft Rapture Space Saver

When you’re in a small space, your seating choices can be limited. You want to optimize seating without compromising comfort. Seatcraft Rapture Space Saver seats are one possible option for wallhugger efficiency. This specific style can fully recline when placed within 7½ inches of a wall. The slim armrests also save width space, allowing you to add more chairs without sacrificing comfortable seating. Each chair still comes with a cupholder and other optional inserts for the full luxury seating experience.

Chaise Lounger
Seatcraft Grenada Chaise
Looking for a space saver that also provides full leg and body support? The Seatcraft Grenada Chaise can also recline within inches of a wall but still provide the comfort of a chaise lounge. This set also features cupholders, a swivel tray, and LED base lighting.

Comfort Seating
Seatcraft Swivel Cuddle Couch

If comfort is your top priority, consider a cuddle couch! The Seatcraft Swivel Cuddle Couch maximizes your relaxation time. This option is ideal if you are looking to put one or two seats in a smaller theater room. Snuggle up close with the kids or your loved one in this Seatcraft favorite.

Seatcraft Regis
Does your home theater feature a vintage popcorn machine? Do you have a stash of Abba Zabas and Charleston Chews? Is your room filled with nostalgic movie posters? If so, Seatcraft Regis is the perfect fit for your personal theater! Enjoy old Hollywood glamour with this flashback style. These seats offer all the comfort of other Seatcraft products as well as memory foam toppers and cooling gel padding. Transport your guests to another time with this classic option.

Seatcraft Entrada Sectional
If you have a larger space to work with and are looking for a statement piece, consider a sectional for your home theater. The Seatcraft Entrada Sectional is sure to impress. This curved seating option provides each movie viewer the real theater experience, including all the bells and whistles. Enjoy the benefits of a chaiselounger as well as wallhugger recliners. Multiple customization options allow you to choose a combination that best fits your movie room.

Stadium Seating
Seatcraft Monterey
For a true movie theater experience that will wow your guests, set up your theater room with a stadium seating arrangement. Start with a front row of Seatcraft Monterey seats that feature overstuffed headrests and in-arm storage. Bring another element to your viewing experience by adding Seatcraft Monterey Back Row seats. Stadium seating is your best option if you have a large theater room and a tiered floor. It will provide the most seating, all with a fantastic view, during your next flick.

No matter which direction you go, almost all of the options above are customizable with Seatcraft accessories. With 360 degree rotation, the swivel table is a must for entertaining guests with popcorn and other movie treats. The wine caddy is perfect for any wine connoisseur. Easily added to most Seatcraft chairs, the wine caddy has an aluminum finish and sturdy base to help prevent spills and keep your chairs spotless. A cigar host is the perfect entertainment accessory for any cigar enthusiast. Create the atmosphere of a cigar lounge in the comfort of your own theater.

You can have all the right elements for the ideal home theater, but if you don’t have enjoyable seating, your guests will be less than impressed. There is an excellent option for any size and style home theater room you’re working with. Follow this guide, and you will have no problems creating your dream theater that is both functional and comfortable!

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Product Spotlight: Seatcraft Colosseum Sofa/Loveseat

This month we’re spotlighting the Seatcraft Colosseum sofa and loveseat. This is the Big & Tall sofa/loveseat version of our top-selling home theater seats, the Equinox and Pantheon. These epic-sized power recliners are taller and wider than average recliners, providing expansive comfort and greater weight capacity for any big or tall home theater enthusiast.

Besides the Colosseum’s size and durability, what makes them so special? Well, the Colosseum sofas and loveseats are reliable, infinitely comfortable, built to last, and come fully loaded with custom features that are programmable to your unique needs.

Both the sofa and loveseat include adjustable, setting-controlled ComfortView™ Power Headrest and ComfortView™ Power Lumbar motors, as well as custom Power Recline. When you first sit in the Colosseum, find your perfect recline. Next, set the headrest and lumbar position that suits you, and press the memory button. Your settings are saved! Next time you settle down in the Colosseum, just press the memory button and you’ll be taken back to those exact positions. Every time, reliably.

The value of powered lumbar seats is especially important because this feature works to support your body’s natural curvature, giving your back the support it needs during extended time in a seated or reclined position. An added bonus of the ComfortView headrests is the ability to keep your viewing angle perfectly centered on the screen even when your seat is fully reclined. No more craning your neck or adding throw pillows behind your head to get a good view of your screen.

Padded Storage Consoles in each Colosseum loveseat have a unique sealed, silent-open-close panel that opens to reveal two cup holders and plenty of storage for accessories. Additionally, armrests on both the sofa and loveseat have cup holders as well as Hidden In-Arm Storage, where the polished black removable Swivel Tray Tables are stowed. Pull them out and attach to the arm, and you’ve got a place to set your snacks, a book, or a laptop. Then you’re ready to work, play, read, or watch in absolute comfort. In addition to storing the tray table, the in-arm storage compartment can also hold your books, magazines, or remotes.

Need to charge your phone or other devices while you relax watching your favorite movie? You can do that with USB Charging ports that are standard on every Colosseum. Need to charge your cell phones and laptop at the same time? No problem. The sofa takes it a step further with a fold-down burlwood table containing two lighted cup holders, power connections, and Wireless Charging.

The Colosseum’s impressive list of features would be less impactful without finishing it off with high-quality upholstered material. The best choice for both comfort and durability is obvious: Leather!

For both the Colosseum loveseat and sofa, we’ve chosen to use Leather 7000. But, what exactly is that? Quite simply, it’s the very finest leather designed specifically for your home theater seat. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked and chosen for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do! The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture, so that your Colosseum seat looks as swank, consistent, and inviting as possible.

As you sink into Leather 7000’s plush, inviting texture, this material will provide that soft yet supportive consistency which only the finest-quality natural leather can provide. The beauty of this leather is that it conforms to your body’s shape, while also being tougher, more durable, and easier to maintain than any other material. In short, the Leather 7000 ensures that the Colosseum will provide you with years of lasting comfort and enjoyment.

We’re positive that the Seatcraft Colosseum’s advanced power features, electronic extras, supreme leather comfort, and support, will provide you with the most extraordinary home theater experience for years to come.

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How To Choose Home Theater Seating You’ll Love

Like most everyone today, you’re probably spending much more time at home than you ever did before. Maybe you’re streaming movies and TV shows, or digging through your collection of DVDs for those old favorite films you haven’t seen in years. More than ever now is the perfect time to start thinking about creating your own home theater. And remember, it’s not the size of your space that matters, but how you choose to use it.

Setting up a home theater can be as easy as adding a single recliner or two, a compact surround sound system, and a streaming device to the TV set in your family room, or as elaborate as building a dedicated viewing room with multimedia sofas, high-end speakers, and a big-screen TV system. Today, we’ll focus on the best seating for your home theater, no matter the size of your room.

Planning Your Space
What is the best home theater room size? That’s like asking what’s the best color. Everyone’s taste in a home theater experience is different. Whether you decide to use your existing space or build-out, there are many options for seating, as well as audio and video to suit your needs.

One thing to consider is the size of the TV or screen you have or want to purchase. Each size screen has its own optimal viewing distance, which is the minimum distance between you and the screen resulting in the best visual experience. There are loads of complex formulas, charts, and graphs online that will give you a precise viewing distance, but the easiest way to figure this is to measure your screen size and double it. For example, if you have a 60” TV, the best viewing distance is about 120” (10’). Remember, it’s not an exact science but a guide for what generally works best. Your preferred distance might be on either side of this formula.

Home Theater Seating Options

No matter how big your screen or amazing your sound system, trying to get comfortable on a lumpy couch and some spindly side chairs can spoil the entire home theater experience for your family and friends.

Commercial Style Seating
Commercial style movie theater seating is available in many different styles and colors that are sure to match your home theater decor. Flip-up armrests and gravity assisted flip-up seat cushions to come standard in most styles. The armrests contain generously sized cup holders to fit most beverage types. Whether you need a single seat or a row of six, these home theater seats are a suitable choice.


Recliner Seats
HIgher-end plush recliner theater seats have lately been installed in commercial theaters, but they’ve been a staple of home theaters for years. They work equally well in sets of one or two for living rooms, or in multiple rows for larger dedicated rooms. If you do choose multiple rows, a good rule of thumb is to have 6 feet of space between the rows and to use the largest screen that your wall will accommodate while factoring in viewing distance.


The Seatcraft Napa recliner, for example, is a great introductory model in the recliner home theater seat line. Equipped with a space saver design, top grain leather, USB charging port, LED-lighted cup holders, powered headrest and recline, you can even get free accessories like swivel tray tables and ambient LED lighting. Again, they’re perfect alone or as a pair, or you can choose to combine rows of six recliners or mix recliners with loveseats and sofas.


Multimedia Sofas
In addition to a vast selection of traditional reclining theater seats on the market, there are plenty of multimedia sofas that are perfect for any home theater or media room setup. Multimedia sofas are basically two recliners with a center seat that can be converted into a fold-down table with console storage. These can be easily adapted for up to three people with the center storage console folded up.


Single, Straight, or Curved
Many home theater seats are available in straight and curved rows. The number of seats – and whether they’re straight or curved – is determined by your room’s physical dimensions, obviously. But if your theater is wide enough, it can easily accommodate curved rows rather than straight. The biggest advantage of curved seating is that every person’s view is oriented toward the center of your screen, and no one has to crane their neck during a screening. Curved seating is most important for the front row in your theater but less critical for back rows where the sight angle is reduced, so straight rows are fine.


With the Palliser Ovation series, you can choose from a wide array of fabrics and grades of leather, all available as a single recliner or in 15 combinations of curved or straight rows of seats, sofas, and loveseats. Features include power recline and headrests, USB charging, hidden in-arm storage, LED lighted cupholders, and base lighting in seven ambient colors.


If you’re ready to start turning your home theater dream into reality, start shopping online with us today. We’ve been providing the largest selection of home theater seating for almost 20 years. We are the largest in-stock dealer of Seatcraft, Barcalounger, Lane, and Palliser home theater seats. Each brand is unique in its features and styles, providing a wide array of colors and materials to choose from. Custom theater chairs are also available for most brands, while these seats may take a little longer to produce, the quality and craftsmanship will last you for years to come.

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10 Home Theater Seating Ideas

Home theater furniture is one of those purchases you really want to take your time with before settling on something you’ll be spending countless hours seated in. There’s nothing worse than finding what looks like the right seat, only for it to be uncomfortable, or quickly break down.

With all the options out there, though, this can become an overwhelming task. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 home theater seats found on our website as a starting point for you, so grab your popcorn and read on!

10 Home Theater Seats to Check Out


1: Seatcraft Sienna
Don’t let this space-saving line from Seatcraft fool you, this home theater seat still packs in a lot of fun features to relax into while catching up on your favorite shows. Equipped with USB charging ports and space-saver armrests, this seat also comes with LED lighted cupholders and ambient base lighting. Choose between manual or power recline and different bonded leather colors to personalize your seats. A free swivel tray thrown in for good measure rounds out this great entry-level home theater line.

2: Cavallo Rapture
Another winner in the space-saving category is the Cavallo Rapture home theater seating line. With over 95 colors to choose from, plus a choice between power or manual recline, this line brings an ultra-cool, contemporary look to any home theater. Opt for an LED cup holder and base lighting and your room will look like it’s straight out of the next century.

3: Seatcraft Monaco
This classy, chic home theater seat is in a class of its own with its wood cognac accent and top-grain leather 7000 material choice. In addition to standard accessory offerings, this seat comes with in-arm storage and an accessory mount that allows you to swap out a swivel table for a wine glass caddy and so on. We love the powered headrest that perfectly compliments the standard power recline offered. This seat will not only be comfortable, it will add an elegant look to your home theater.

4: Seatcraft Imperial
The Seatcraft Imperial is the ultimate in classy, elegant home theater furniture and is reminiscent of the sort of luxury that went hand in hand with Hollywood’s gilded age. Complete with button-tufted cushioning, a bronze cup holder and bronze nailhead accents, this line of seating is crafted with top-grain leather 7000 material making this one of the best of the best in the Seatcraft arsenal.

5: Seatcraft Apex
If you’re the type that loves comfort plus a futuristic look, the Seatcraft Apex is the home theater seat for you. Not content to just be another comfy chair with grade 7000 top-grain leather, this seat goes above and beyond the typical accessories with power lumbar in addition to power headrest and power recline. On the LED front, this bad boy pairs LED-lighted cup holders with LED base lighting and (drumroll) LED armrest accents. Opt for the SoundShaker technology addition and you’ll soon have the home theater of your dreams.

6: Cavallo Continental
In a line-up heavily dominated by the crowd-favorite brand, Seatcraft, the Cavallo Continental is worth a second look to anyone in the market for home theater seating. The modern, contemporary design comes with a quilted backrest, and contrast piping throughout the whole seat. With seven different materials and over 95+ color options, this seat is remarkable in both its comfort and options for personalization.

7: Seatcraft Swivel Cuddle Couch
Talk about home theater furniture that stands out from the crowd! This swivel cuddle couch from Seatcraft is one of their most unique offerings out there. A rounded couch with an optional ottoman, this seat easily fits two adults for a comfy, cozy cuddle while watching movies. In addition to accent pillows, this home theater seat comes with cupholders and optional attachments like a glass tray table, a wine glass caddy, tablet holder, cigar host, or a reading light.

8: Seatcraft Capital
The Seatcraft Capital combines the luxury and comfort of the rest of their home theater seating line, with a stylish contemporary look and performance fabric. The result is a home theater loveseat that can easily double as regular living room furniture. This quartz gray loveseat comes with matching accent pillows, powered headrest, a fold-town lighted table, power recline and a wireless charging pad. With it’s clean-cut looks and durable comfort, the Seatcraft Capital is a clear winner.

9: Cavallo Chateau
The Cavallo Chateau is another one you won’t find anywhere else. This striking home theater furniture exudes luxury. With a chaise lounge on either side, and an optional ottoman for the middle seat, this sofa allows the whole family to lay back in regal comfort. The Cavallo Chateau has a tufted backrest, complimented with a nailhead design, and comes with matching pillows, cupholders, and a tray table mount to keep snacks nearby. Available in fabric or leather, you can choose from 40+ colors ensuring you get a piece of home theater furniture that will perfectly accent any home media room.

10: Seatcraft Anthem
Last, but in no way least, the Seatcraft Anthem is another crowd-favorite in the Seatcraft line of home theater furniture. This sofa not only comes in top-grain leather 7000 with a diamond tufted pattern it is loaded with features, including Powered headrest, wireless charging, fold-down table with lighting and USB ports, swivel tray table, hidden in-arm storage, LED lighted cup holders, ambient LED base lighting, and power recline. It’s a top-of-the-line home theater seat you truly have to see to believe.

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NCAA Final Four – Slam Dunk Treats for the Playoffs

College basketball’s national championship is just around the corner. You’ve filled out your bracket and followed your favored team all season long. Can you feel the anticipation building? If it’s your turn to host the party for a few of the final games, you’re going to need some recipes to impress. Whatever team you are rooting for, your guests will need delicious treats. If cooking is not your area of expertise, there’s no need to worry! These recipes are show stoppers but simple enough to whip up on game day.


Spicy Sausage Meatballs

Kick the evening off with spicy meatballs! This appetizer is so easy it can be prepared the night before and popped in the oven the day of the game.

Personal Seven Layer Dip

This starter is as simple as dumping all of your favorite toppings into individual cups. Go with refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole for a classic layered dip, or invent your own creation! Don’t forget to grab a bag of tortilla chips for this slam dunk treat.

Find the recipe here.

Sun Dried Tomato and Green Onion Dip

This dip is so easy it only requires two steps: mix all the ingredients and enjoy! This recipe can be made quickly and then chilled in the refrigerator until game time. Serve with tortilla chips, pita chips, or your favorite cracker.

Find the recipe here.

Main Dishes

Pigs in a Blanket Crescent

Enjoy this party classic with a twist! The crescent roll creates a more elegant presentation while still being simple enough to complete in just a few steps. Serve with marinara sauce, ketchup, or any favorite condiment.

Find the recipe here.

Quesadilla Bites

These unique quesadilla bites will wow your guests this playoff season. Start by layering a tortilla with a mashed potato combination, a meat mix, and three different types of cheese. Mashed potatoes on a quesadilla? That’s right! These hearty treats will surprise your guests with your culinary expertise.

Find the recipe here.

Pizza Wraps

Make this recipe your own by filling a puff pastry with your favorite pizza toppings. For an easy creation, use mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni. It’s that simple! This recipe is sure to beat a frozen pizza on game day.

Find the recipe here.


Bring a traditional Argentinian dish to your home with this straightforward empanada recipe. Chicken, chiles, and onions are traditional fillings, but feel free to spice up this recipe with your own favorites!

Find the recipe here.

Bourbon BBQ Ribs

Pick up your favorite bourbon for a heaping rack of flaming BBQ ribs. These sweet and smokey ribs will be an instant fan favorite. Create your own BBQ sauce with this recipe, or pick up your favorite bottle for an even easier game day meal.

Find the recipe here.


Tommy’s Margarita

This classic drink takes only minutes to put together. Garnish with a lime wedge and salt rim or black salt. Use your caddy so guests can enjoy these refreshing drinks from the comfort of your Seatcraft chairs. Tommy’s Margarita will bring different flavors to the classic margarita.

Find the recipe here.

Beer Punch

Yes, you could fill a cooler with bottles and cans of beer for your playoff party, but why not shake things up a bit? Who likes getting up every timeout for another drink anyway? Mix a flavorful beer with a carbonated drink for a new beverage your guests will love.

Having an impressive spread doesn’t have to take a week’s worth of preparation. You can prepare these slam dunk treats in no time so your guests can relax and enjoy the game in your beloved Seatcraft chairs. Follow these simple recipes and your treats will be the true champion at the final buzzer.

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12 Shows You Need To Stop Scrolling Passed On Netflix And Hulu

The buzz surrounding what to watch usually considers what’s hot and happening this minute,  but there’s always more to uncover and discover. So if episode after episode, you still feel like you’re missing something, don’t ignore that feeling. Instead, sit back, relax, and check out some of the most scrolled passed, stream-worthy shows you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Chewing Gum (Netflix)
This breakout, British comedy already has a big following across the pond, but is still somewhat of a hidden gem in the States. It’s already been picked up for a second season, so if you haven’t seen it, get to watching. The premise follows the growing pains of a sheltered, 20-something girl, living in London, and worshipping Beyoncé along with Jesus. She wants to see the world and she wants to take her relationship to the next level, but she’s not sure what any of that means yet. This one’s not quite what you’d expect, but in the most refreshing and funny of ways.

30 Rock (Hulu)
Tina Fey plays the head writer on a fictional sketch comedy show aired on NBC. Not so much of a stretch for the SNL writer, but the real comedic gold comes from the show’s behind the scenes premise. 30 Rock had a long run in its hay day, weighing in with a not so shabby seven seasons and big names to boot. But its recently been removed from Netflix, likely due to a lack of viewers. And that’s a shame. It won multiple Emmys, coined endless catch phrases, and is densely packed with smart and silly social commentary that’ll keep you laughing for days. Luckily, Hulu knows what’s up.

Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown (Netflix) 
This critically acclaimed Bourdain documentary continues his exploration of lesser known culinary hot spots from continent to continent and it’s definitely worth exploring from the comfort of your seat. Just like the seasons before, it’s culturally eye-opening, candid, and hunger inducing. But without all the hype that came with the documentary’s 2013 debut, it’s fast becoming his most underrated and overlooked series on Netflix.

Awkward (Hulu)
Awkward is an MTV original comedy that follows unpopular high schooler Jenna Hamilton as she unwittingly, and sort of embarrassingly, becomes the most popular, well, the most infamous girl in her school. It’s quirky, ridiculous at times, and filled with lots of teen angst. What more could you want? File this one under “guilty pleasure” and start binging.

Love (Netflix)
Originally a web series, Netflix only signed on for two seasons of Love. However, they decided that this underdog of romantic comedies deserved a third. Third time’s the charm, right? This fictional show feels very real at times, taking a self proclaimed “down to earth approach to love,” and there truly is something for everyone. The dating situations portrayed are not always flattering, but they’re honest. Maybe that’s why Netflix is not quite ready to move on from this one. And perhaps that’s the number one reason you should give it a chance while you still can.

Grace and Frankie (Netflix) 
This one already has a pretty loyal following, but it deserves the chance to keep growing. Yes, it follows two senior citizen women dealing with divorce, cataracts, and beach house life in La Jolla, California. But no matter how specific that premise may be, it really finds way of speaking to the human experience and situations we can all relate to: love, loss, and frenemies.

Party Down (Hulu) 
This dry, timely comedy follows a group of caterers living, laughing, and sometimes loathing their clientele in Los Angeles. Originally airing on Starz, it only lasted for one season. But that season was stellar. It has a one of a kind, killer cast including Jane Lynch and Adam Scott. And if you’ve got a little time to spare, check out this binge-worthy, cut short series still streaming on Hulu.

Dear White People (Netflix) 
Like Grace and Frankie, this Netflix Original already has a loyal band of fans, but doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves. It received a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason. It’s really, really good. The campus culture of a fictional ivy league is shaken up by a local radio host, Sam White, through her activism and observations on everything from dating to social media, and mainly, race relations. But it’s really about more than that. This thought provoking, sharp, and unexpectedly funny series touches on the struggles we all face when it comes to issues of identity, friendship, and whether or not to block our ex on Instagram.

Freaks and Geeks ( Netflix) 
Set in the 80’s, this short lived series is frequently considered one of the top teen premises in TV history. It’s funny, uncomfortable at times, and smartly written. In a high school where everybody’s just trying to fit in and eventually get out, a group of friends struggles with the ups and downs of being unpopular freshmen.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix)
Find out what happens in Jerry Seinfeld’s talk show on wheels where he basically interviews celebrities, public figures, and other comedians while driving around. It might not sound like your cup of tea at first, but you’ll quickly realize it’s still up and running because it’s pretty hilarious. Favorite interviewee so far: Former President Obama.

Workaholics (Hulu) 
Very quotable and endlessly funny, Comedy Central’s Workaholics is another series that ended too soon. Following three highly unmotivated, young professionals around during their day to day activities, this show highlights those mundane work gripes with zest, flare, and a whole lot of silliness. If you’re searching for a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this one will likely do the trick.

Wentworth (Netflix) 
The Australian drama, set in a women’s prison, seems a lot like the mega hit Orange Is The New Black at first glance. In somes ways, it obviously is. However, those who’ve viewed it argue that it’s way better, but that’s for you to decide. Superior or not, it’s definitely a more dramatic approach to women on trial. So if you’re in the mood for murder, tales of the wrongly accused, and an ugly cry, Wentworth won’t disappoint.

In the realm of TV, we’re always looking for our next big binge. The trick is knowing where to stop scrolling and start watching. So why not start with a few of these? Catch onto these binge-worthy underdogs and be the first to tell your friends about your new fav shows!

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The Oscars: 8 Ways to Throw the Party of the Year

If you’re not walking the red carpet this Sunday, it must be because you’re throwing the biggest party of the year! It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get out your planner, and start making some calls – you never know which celebrities could show up on your doorstep…

There is something to be said for glamorous parties, even if they’re on a budget. Is it possible to replicate a 90210 affair with supplies from your local craft store? Absolutely. From the invitations and attire to the cocktails and appetizers, there is always a way to make your party an award winner!

Whether your guest list consists of Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie, or just your friendly neighbors down the street, here are 8 ways to make your Oscars party the talk of the town:

A-List Admission
First impressions are everything. Keep it classy by using the official Oscar’s Site to design your invitations before you send them out to your VIP guest list. No one wants to get caught with the same evite as the event down the street, so add a quick preview of your party with a few photos and a fresh theme to get your guests ready for the big night!

Dress to Impress
“Who are you wearing?” will be the question of the night, on or off the red carpet. There has never been a better time to grab that sparkly dress out of the back of your closet, or visit your favorite department store to show off the newest 2018 trends. You may have a grade-a guest list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the star of the party!

Set the Scene
Every tabloid-worthy party has a color-scheme, a pop of art, and a timeless theme. Perhaps pastels are your thing – throw some baby blue napkins on the table and some rose pink cups at your refreshment bar! Or maybe you prefer the classic black, white, and gold look. Some gold confetti on the table with black and white balloons will give a classy feel to your home theater.

To add a cinematic touch to your viewing party, consider hanging up the nominated movies’ posters on the walls using our LED Marquee Poster Frames. These will illuminate your posters, making even the smallest room feel like a 5-star movie theater!

Spoonful of Sugar
The popcorn is only the start of your concessions stand for this premiere. Add a thematic touch with Red Carpet Cake Pops, and some decorative cupcakes!

Want to be the new Gatsby? Try some upscale appetizers like Caprese salad skewers and artichoke bruschetta bites. These will keep your guests coming back to your parties for years to come!

Pop, Fizz, Clink!
Originality is at the heart of every award-winning party. What better way to make a name for your event than a unique Oscars’ cocktail? Try your own rendition of the Leading Lady Martini – fresh lemon, raspberry and citrus vodka, orange liqueur, and raspberries for garnish.

Have some wine connoisseurs on your guest list? Make some decorative black-tie wine glasses for the occasion! But don’t forget your wine glass caddy to prevent spillage on your luxury home theater seats.

Lights, Camera, Action
There is no point in having a party if you can’t show it off! Head to your nearest craft store to create a small photo-booth and fun accessories, so your guests can share their photos on social media and make your party the talk of the town!

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor…
Friendly competition can always spice up a small get-together. Make everyone a bingo card with the nominated actors and movies. Each time an award is announced, everyone crosses it off their boards! Treat the winner to a wine and crackers gift basket, or some free movie passes so they can check out the best films of 2018!

Oh, Goodie!
Hit up your local dollar store to find some black and gold bags, a few treats, and miniature Oscars statues to make the perfect goodie bag for your guests to remember the evening by! You want all your guests to know that this will be their Oscars party destination for the 85th Annual Oscars in 2019!

Just because you don’t have Manhattan’s finest party planner, or George Clooney’s personal chef in your contacts doesn’t mean your event can’t be the party of the year… just follow these 8 simple steps to give your guests the Hollywood treatment this Sunday night!

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Increasing the Value of Your Home: Add a Home Theater Room

A home is often the biggest investment that you will ever make. Increasing the value of your home is important, along with doing renovations that will provide you with the biggest return on investment.  Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market or just want to enhance your home’s features for your own enjoyment, these improvements will provide you with the best added home value for your money.


The kitchen is often one of the most important aspects that house hunters look for when checking out homes. It is the core of the household and any improvement would undoubtedly increase the overall value of your home. Most think of a kitchen remodel as a pricey and daunting task. However, by implementing minor upgrades, you can give your kitchen a cost-efficient face lift. Some upgrades that would give you the most value for your money and time are:

Updated cabinets: Instead of completely restoring your cabinets, opt for simply replacing the cabinet doors for a new, fresh look. You can also add simple touches like roll-out shelving, spice racks and new hardware.

New lighting: New lighting fixtures will give your kitchen a more ambient and cheerful appearance.
Upgraded appliances- The appliances worth investing in are ones that will be used on a regular basis- such as the refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher. We suggest buying appliances in neutral colors and if affordable, stainless steel is always a great option.

New countertops: Choose the right style and color for your home and budget. We recommend granite because of its aesthetic appeal, its durability and versatility. Granite can pair well with and complement almost any interior design. It’s easy to clean and highly stain and heat resistant, making it a practical, worthwhile choice.

Energy Efficient
Decrease your household carbon footprint while shrinking your utility bills and adding value to your home. Creating an energy efficient home means more than just adding solar panels. Here are other ways to save money while saving the environment:

Appliances: Appliances that are labeled with the Energy Star logo are deemed energy efficient by the U.S. EPA. Look for these appliances when shopping for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and room air conditioners.

Insulation: The proper insulation in your house has the ability to make a huge difference in your energy consumption. It will also reduce noise, provide better humidity control and decrease the amount of dust and insects in your home.

Home Theater

A high quality home theater has the potential to have a high return cost. A home theater does not require any additional costs for updating or maintaining (unlike a swimming pool addition) so after the initial cost you are done! A home theater adds value to your home because it is attractive to potential buyers. They can picture themselves entertaining in the space, and it makes the home stand out against other properties. There are plenty of designs and ways to personalize your own home theater. Listed below are some of the items you’ll need to get started:

Seats: Comfortable seating is the core of your home theater. The Seatcraft Innovator features a power recline and headrest, LED light up cup holders, a fold down table and many other features to provide the ultimate design and comfort.

Projector: When shopping for a projector consider these aspects: the resolution, brightness, picture contrast and lens shift. There are many options to fit your ideal budget so you can have the full theater experience.

Remote: Don’t waste quality family time searching for several different remotes. Instead, choose a universal remote for a more convenient alternative.

Sound: Amp up your movie-watching experience with our SoundShaker seat vibration kit. Simple to install and easy to use, this device will make you feel every moment of your movie.

Decor: Lastly, add some finishing touches to your home theater by decorating with your favorite movie posters.

Enhance Your Entrance

An entry door replacement is a simple upgrade that has one of the highest percentage return on investment, meaning that it is a cost-efficient investment. Add some curb appeal to your home with these simple upgrade ideas:

Replace the door: A fresh, new door is the best way to give a great first impression to your home.

Spruce up the paint: If your door is still in good shape, try a fresh coat of paint in a new color to brighten up the entrance. Consider using a high-quality paint for a lasting finish.

Add some decor: Something as simple as adding planters or a unique wreath to your entryway will go a long way.

Add lighting: A new fixture will light up your entryway and add a stylish touch. There are many different styles to choose from to match the aesthetic of your home.

These are only a few of the many different projects you can take on to add value to your home. We hope that these ideas will inspire your own home improvement!