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The Best Universal Remotes on the Market in 2017

Our top 5 universal remotes

TV, Xbox, surround sound, and lighting are only a few of the essential items in your new man cave that you’re constantly turning on/off with each in-home theater experience. Looking for a hassle-free way to manage multiple devices without using six different remotes? Save time (and patience) by investing in a universal remote.

Turn on the simplicity in your home theater, apartment, or workspace with the help of one small device. The main purpose of a universal remote is to easily maneuver and control different consumer devices such as TVs, DVD players, cell phones, etc. Since everything these days revolves around advancements in technology, a reliable universal remote has the capability to make life at home or in the office much easier.

Logitech Harmony Elite
The Logitech Harmony Elite is top of the line when it comes to universal remotes. Complete with impressive reviews on Amazon, this remote can control over 270,000 entertainment and smart device brands. You can virtually control everything in your home with one finger. Want to dim the lights and close the blinds while laying in bed? There’s a button for that.

The sleek design and touchscreen features are favored compared to bulky traditional universal remotes. Lose your remote in the dark abyss of your sofa or chair? Have no fear! The Logitech Harmony Elite is accessible on an app through your smartphone! Or check out Seatcraft Home Theater Recliner Seats equipped with compartments to store your universal remote. Get the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub, and App on Amazon for $267.13.

Logitech Harmony Companion

If you want to save a little more coin, this universal remote is a close second to the Harmony Elite. The Logitech Harmony Companion works with as many devices as the Harmony Elite for almost half the price. The Harmony Companion is remarkably lightweight and although it doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, it has organized, streamlined buttons. You can purchase this remote on Amazon for $146.98.

The Harmony Companion also comes with a separate hub to ensure every command is being received even if you’re not in the line-of-sight.

Philips SRP5018/27 8-In-1 Universal Remote Control

The Philips SRP5018/27 is a very reliable universal remote for a bargain price of $21.99 on Amazon! Not only can it combine eight remotes into one, it’s also perfect for streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, etc.

This Universal remote is perfect for people who desire simple and easy usage. The product has very high reviews online, with most of them mentioning how they love the easy set-up!


Logitech Harmony 350

If you still want a top notch brand for a reasonable price, the all-inclusive Logitech Harmony 350 is way the go. This remote makes connecting to all kinds of devices so efficient. Supporting over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, the Harmony 350 is the simpler of the two Logitech remotes mentioned above. Unlike the two Logitech remotes above, the Harmony 350 does not include the hub, but still functions flawlessly.

Syncing is now easier than ever by connecting it to your computer to download all of the commands. This remote is also available on Amazon for the low price of $37.99.


Since everything nowadays is ‘smart,’ why not have your cell phone connected to your universal remote? Well, that’s exactly what Touchsquid is! It’s an app that converts your Android smartphone into a universal remote. The downfall is not everyone has a cell phone with an IR blaster built-in like the Samsung galaxy S5 (which is what you need for the Touchsquid App).

For those of you who do have a phone with IR, there are two different softwares you can download. The $9.49 Home version allows you to control 6 devices from your android phone, which is almost as many as a universal remote. The second software is the $28.99 Pro Version that lets you control up to 15 devices from your smartphone.

Users of Touchsquid have pointed out the app’s quick loading times and easy-to-use layout.

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