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Creating Your Own Man Cave Haven

Looking to regain a space in your house that is reserved for sports, gaming, and movies only? It’s definitely time to start designing your in-home getaway! Whether you’re hanging with the guys with the game on in the background or having a video game marathon, a man cave haven is necessary. To get down to business, figure out your focal point (projector, big screen, seating, etc.), select a neutral color, add in your favorite team’s memorabilia, posters, and more! Before you know it, you’ll be reclining with a beer in hand listening to Carrie Understood sing the intro to Sunday Night Football. We’re here to help organize your ideas so you can build the perfect room and ensure that you never miss a game and a party never comes up stale.

The Sports Fan
When you hear the words “man cave,” one of the first things you think of is a room completely decked out in sports memorabilia. We think that too, and that’s why the sports fan man cave is the dream for all of you super fans out there. This design from brings together comfort, technology, and the love of the game. You can make this room your own by choosing which sport you want the room to embody and pump it up with all of your favorite team’s memorabilia. Kick it up a notch with Seatcraft Grenada Front Row Seating, and bring the stadium home so you can enjoy the ultimate comfort and convenience during your game-watching experience.

The Movie Mogul
Consider yourself a movie buff? Create a space that is sleek and stylish, personalized around your love for a specific franchise. This design by Benjamin Andrew Construction Co. shows the simplicity of a man cave cinema based around Star Wars, but if your tastes run more towards DC or Marvel Comics, the options are endless! Just make sure you place the right theater seats to bring the whole design together, like the Seatcraft Regis Home Theater Seating, complete with regal tassels and old Hollywood glamour. Your room should be as fun and exciting as the movies you sit down to enjoy!

The Bar Hopper
Gone are the days of coming home to change and heading back to your local bar to watch the big game. Kick back with a cold one in your own custom designed bar. First seen on the Georgia Outpost News Forum, this complete man cave bar brings in the rustic authenticity of the classic neighborhood bar from around the corner. Line the walls with a wide selection of top shelf alcohol and set up a big screen television to bring the whole room together. If you have the room, splurge on a pool table or dart board for the perfect authentic feel!

The Gamer Cave
Are you a hardcore gamer that just doesn’t have enough space in the family room for all of your consoles or to contain your excitable LAN teammates? Why not make yourself a man cave completely devoted to your love for video games? This design from has all the technology and atmosphere that a gamer could want, and has plenty of space for many people to play many games. Stock your game room with all of your consoles, games, and multiple televisions so that your friends can all have their own screen. Throw in a few of your favorite gaming posters and decorations to complete the room! When it comes to the comfort of your seating, the Seatcraft Madison Home Media Sectional will allow you and all of your friends to sit in luxury while you battle each other. It’s the perfect setup!

Hunter’s Paradise
Do you know who needs a place to relax and show off their passion the most? Hunters. If you’re a hunter that needs your own special man cave to show off your prize buck and just unwind with a beer, then this design from Dudeliving is for you! Turn your man cave into a classic hunting log cabin stocked with rustic looking furniture, nice fireplace, and, of course, your taxidermied friends. Take the room up a notch by adding in a cabinet or safe to store all of your guns and other hunting gear. Make it your go-to place to stock up on all your necessities before venturing out into the woods. It will be a place you and all your hunting buddies will flock to after a good hunt (and maybe during the days outside of hunting season).

Still in need of more ideas on how to decorate and build the perfect man cave haven? Make sure to go to to create the perfect getaway with luxury home theater seating, decor, carpet, popcorn machines, and more! Remember to not feel trapped by these specific ideas, and to just go wild with what you want out of your space. Enjoy turning your passions in life into a room where you can express them and truly be yourself. After all, a man needs a place where he can be a man!