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Find Your Home Theater Deal

Now a day’s most homes are installing home theatre décor in place of their traditional living rooms and or family rooms. And you might be thinking this is an expensive transition to home decorating, but think again prices are actually coming down harder on home theater furniture than on most living room furniture’s sold in furniture stores. Not to mention, most furniture stores are also creating theater seat replicas and charging anywhere from $795 to $995 per seat. With those prices of, course transitioning to a home theater look will be a no holds bar. However, when you want to shop for real home theater furniture and not just replicas, visit our website at, you’ll definitely save money and acquire the look and feel of a real theater-style decor.

Compared to our competitors we offer the lowest prices on theater seating and accessories. Our stylish Berkline 12022 series is at a low inventory blow out sale of $380 per chair. It’s not only affordable it’s also comfortable. It has the ability to fully recline inches away from the wall, allowing for decorating flexibility and efficient use of space. It effortlessly reclines at the touch of a button and provides continuous head to toe support when it is in a fully reclined position. The cup holders are illuminated from the inside to make it easy to find your beverage in the dark. And last but not least the topstitching accents provide durability and add a decorative look to the chair.

For more home theater decor items and deals, visit us at You’ll definitely be happy that you did.