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Home Theater Design We Love: July 2017

5 Home Theater Designs We Love

This month, we have rounded up our top 5 themed home theater designs! These home theaters all follow unique designs. Some are based on movies, but others are born out of sheer creativity and imagination. Get some inspiration for your dream home theater with these incredible designs and head over to to start designing today!


Drive-In Movie Themed Home Theater
This home theater is found in a villa in Orlando, Florida. The home theater is designed to look like an old school drive-in theater. It is complete with faux grass and trees, as well as a starry-night accent wall. The fencing along the walls makes the theater goers feel as though they are really enclosed in a drive-in theater. Converted retro cars pose as comfy seating with camp blankets and pillows. Props such as folding chairs, picnic baskets and bulb string lights complete the look.


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Pirates of the Caribbean
Know a Pirates of the Caribbean fan? They’ll love this $2.5 million Pirates themed home theater in Florida! This home theater truly feels like you are on a pirate ship, minus the sea sickness. Ship walls enclose the theater with window views displaying a beautiful evening at sea scene. Wood panels cover the floor and walls. A true ship wouldn’t be complete without a captain’s lookout! You can find one in this theater at the top of the seating rows. Sails drape across the top, from side to side. It even has an external ticket booth, completely in theme.


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Egyptian Tomb
This home theater is designed to look like an Egyptian tomb. The remarkable detail on the wall mimics ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Details like a Pharaoh’s head, statues and mellow lighting enhance the theme. The couch offers a comfortable place for everyone, much like Seatcraft’s Cuddle Seat.


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Star Wars
Think you’re a diehard Star Wars fan? Think again. This particular fan just took his home to a whole new level with the Jedi-themed theater. This home theater was designed by Doug Chiang, the lead designer from the first two Star Wars prequels. This ensured all parts of the room would be as close to identical to the real deal as possible. There’s even a lobby leading into the home theater with raised floors to mimic the Death Star’s gangplanks. The mirrors on the floor give the illusion that the hallways go on indefinitely. This home theater is any Star Wars fan’s dream!
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Star Trek
More of a Star Trek fan? There’s a home theater for that, too! This $1.5 million home theater took 4 years to design and build. The theater is designed to be the bridge of the USS Enterprise, a spaceship featured on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” This theater has 11 custom chairs and eight recline flat to beds. The doors to the theater are replicas of the Turbolift doors from the show. If you stand on the circular “transporter” the doors open with the signature “woosh” sound. Outside the main theater room you will find a lobby with bar seating and a TV, so you won’t miss a moment of the movie when you step out to grab a snack. If that isn’t enough, owner Marc Bell also has over $1 million in Star Trek memorabilia.


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If you’re ready to start designing your new home theater, consider starting with a theme and deciding on a few key focal points for the room! Items such as seating, projector and screen, surround sound, carpeting, etc. are a great place to start! Next, complete the rest of the room with accessories, curtains, risers, poster frames, and more! Be creative and original! A specialty home theaters create a fully immersive cinema experience. Discover the newest options in home theater seating and decor at