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Home Theater Designs We Love: September Edition

What are you passionate about? The answer could be a wide variety of things, from art, to sports, or even video games. Whatever your mind drifts to when you hear that question, we can guarantee that you wish you had a room where you could display all of that passion. This is where you’re in luck, for this month’s edition of Home Theater Designs We Love, we are taking a journey through the internet to give you inspiration for your own home theater that will showcase everything you are passionate about. You won’t have to worry about storing away your fandom posters or finding a place to put all your Pop! Figures, because now you can have a room that you will not only cherish, but can also have a ton of fun in.

Art Museum
If you’re the kind of person that has a love for all things art, then this can be the perfect room for you. The designer made it to be the exact resemblance of a high-class art museum right out of New York, so anyone can be a famous artist on display in the comfort of their own home. With your big screen television the main focus in your room, you can easily add one of Seatcraft’s majestic home theater seating to add an extra touch of class. In addition, if you love to collect paintings and sculptures, you can decorate as you see fit, making the room your personalized museum.

Image courtesy of HGTV

Super Mario Bros. Theme
No one can resist that catchy, bit tune theme song, and trust us, we’ve tried! So, instead of trying to deny our love for one of the most iconic video game characters in the world, why not just embrace it instead? This home theater was designed with the fans in mind, for it captures the fun and wonder that the Mushroom Kingdom gave to all of us as kids. Put in shelving so that you can showcase all of your figurines, amiibos, video games, and most importantly, your movies! It is your room, so you never have to hide away your geek culture! Make the room more relaxing with cuddle couches, so you can have a more intimate experience with the friends of your choosing. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is, you don’t have to be stuck with Mario if you aren’t a super fanboy. Expand your horizons with The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Mega Man, or anything your mind can come up with. It’s your home theater, so you can make it how you want it!

Image courtesy of Deviantart

Sci-fi Theme
Do you love everything science fiction? What better place to show off your science fiction movie collection, collectables, and memorabilia than in your home theater? This designer went above and beyond when it comes to the decoration in the room, making it the sci-fi fanatics’ dream setup. The image shows that the designer chose to add in a projector and screen, but it would be just as easy to fit in the big screen of your choice to complete the overall look. Utilize wall space and shelving to make the most out of showing off your impressive collection, and don’t forget to go bold with it! This is your theater, so make it your own!

Image courtesy of Daily News Dig

Disney Theme
We all know that one person in our lives that loves everything Disney. The amusement parks, the souvenirs, the clothes, and especially the movies! Now, that person can bring those amazing movies to life through the design of their home theater. The designer of this room kept it simplistic with a red, white, and black color palette and old school artwork of famous Disney characters, but, if you choose to follow your Disney dreams, you can go as crazy as you desire. Maybe add different wall accents or curtains to enhance the overall look of the room. In the end, you’re only limited to your imagination.

Image courtesy of Houzz

European Street Theme
Many of us have that one special city or country that we’ve always wanted to visit. Now, you can bring all the beauty and culture of the place right into your home by decorating your home theater like a street. Not quite visualizing it? When James Potter put his vision of a European town to life, it became a spectacle everyone must see. With the theater portion resembling a French Pavilion with a rolling sunset overhead and architecturally gorgeous buildings in the background surrounding the theater seating of your choice, this setting is perfect for anyone that enjoys a good foreign film, or just love foreign cultures. Don’t feel trapped by the European theme; branch out and try to go Italian, Japanese, or any other culture you’re passionate about. Just go and have fun with it!

Image courtesy of Sound & Vision

Your home theater already has so much thought and dedication placed into it, so why not add a little more of what makes you, you? Your passions are not limited to the ones listed here, so go out and make the home theater of your dreams! Just take inspiration from designers that brought what they loved to life to show to the world. Remember to check out for all of your theater seating and decoration needs, and have fun exploring what you’re passionate about!