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Home Theater Furniture – A Buyer’s Guide to 6 Styles

Shopping for Home Theater Furniture Can Be Confusing

Home theater and media room furniture answer the struggle between attractive design and functional comfort in multi-purpose family rooms. Now you can entertain or lounge in style, whether in full movie mode or just relaxing with a book.

It is fun to imagine all the fantastic new high-tech features designed for premium enjoyment like a kid in the candy store. And like every kid who sees all the delicious choices and gets overwhelmed, it can be hard to know where to start your search.

Understanding which options are better suited to your needs and desires begins with looking at how you, and your family or guests, are likely to use the furniture.

Will you be more likely to sit in your own chair, with options to recline and hold your drink like in a big-screen theater? Or do you like to snuggle up together to share your popcorn and a blanket like the drive-in movies? Do you like the idea of a set seating plan, or do you need the ability to rearrange according to the number of guests you have? How kid or pet-friendly does the furniture need to be? How many seats are required, and what are the dimensions of the space?

As you consider your answers, write them down, and compare them with anyone you regularly share the furniture with. Know what you like and don’t like, and leave room for some pleasant surprises. Make sure you are on the same page before you start shopping to avoid confusion and disagreements that make selecting more difficult.

Once you have your mutually agreed-upon answers, you are ready to look at your options for home theater and media room seating.

What are the 6 Types of Home Theater Furniture?

There are six Seatcraft categories of home theater furniture: Home Theater Seats, Multimedia Sofas and Loveseats, Multimedia Sectionals, Media Lounge Furniture, Cuddle Furniture, and Commercial Theater Seats. As you read through the similarities and differences of each, you will get a clear picture of which checks off all the boxes on your wishlist.

Home Theater Seating

Home Theater Seats

Home theater seats are the epitome of ‘kick back and relax.’ Designed for each person to sink into their favorite chair, drink in hand, and every need handled with the touch of a button, this furniture takes the home theater experience to the next level.

With various styles to choose from, you can customize your seats to fit your taste, budget, and decor without sacrificing quality or functionality. That means you aren’t stuck with dad’s old recliner taking up prime real estate in front of the television.

Chairs can be configured in multiple ways for optimal sightlines, seat plan preferences, and room size, proving their versatility and convenience with modular components.

For example, Seatcraft Kodiak home theater seating boasts many desirable pre-installed features to complete the ultimate home theater. They include:

  • LED Ambient Baselighting
  • Power Recline
  • SoundShaker
  • USB Charging Port
  • Top Grain Leather 7000
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • ComfortView Power Headrest
  • ComfortView Power Lumbar Support
  • 2.2 density Gool Gel Memory Foam
  • Free Swivel Tray Table
  • Additional Optional Accessories & Upgrades

While browsing, you can select your leather color, number of seats, and layout. Then, scroll down to the Dimensions Tab to verify the sizes of each piece and select any additional accessories you want for each chair.

The PROS for Home Theater Seats:
  1. Optimal viewing for all users while maintaining their own space.
  2. Straight and curved rows are available in some lines. Check the Product Specifications to determine which seats have the curved option.
  3. You can charge your phone, tablet, or device directly through the chair, rather than plugged into a wall or in another room.
  4. You can opt for a style with fewer power features without losing comfort or quality.
  5. It looks, feels, and sits like a luxurious, fully immersive, high-quality chair worthy of a dream theater room.
  6. Front row and back row seating provide tiered heights without adding steps. However, theater seat risers are available to help sightlines to the screen for multiple furniture rows.
  7. Theater furniture is not limited to large homes. SpaceSaver features are available for smaller rooms or apartments. Designed with smaller armrests and needing only 6″ from the wall for full recline, SpaceSaver seating saves valuable square footage.
  8. Customizations are available in upholstery and have a Big & Tall line for customers who need extra room.
  9. The Cool Gel Memory Foam regulates body temperature to keep you at ease for long periods.
  10. Several Seatcraft Home Theater Seats come with the SoundShaker feature installed or have the option to add it.
  11. Full-Service Installation is available, so all you have to do is open the door and lead the way. Then, all the heavy lifting, unpacking, and installation are taken care of for you.
  12. Top-quality leather and fabrics are available in various colors, though some Seatcraft lines have fewer options than others. Swatches are available free of charge to help make a confident choice.

While there are many reasons to love this style of home theater furniture, there are some considerations that may sway your decision.

The CONSiderations for Home Theater Seats:
  1. Not every feature is available on each Seatcraft line and needs to be added to the base price of each chair if you want them.
  2. Some configurations will end up sharing armrest space between two people when they sit side by side.
  3. This style doesn’t allow a person to lay comfortably across it as they would a sofa.
  4. There is often some confusion that one or more chairs arrive missing an armrest; however, once installed together, it creates one armrest between two corresponding pieces rather than doubling them and is intentionally designed this way.
  5. Regular shipping is to the door. You will need help moving and unpacking the boxes as they are heavy. Installation is simple with the provided Seatcraft instructions.
  6. Home theater furniture mimics movie theater seats. If you prefer more traditional furniture designs, opt for other styles and configurations.

Once you have weighed your options, you can investigate other theater types or media furniture for your home.

Mulitmedia Sofa & Loveseats for your Home Theater.

Multimedia Sofa & Loveseats

Home Theater Seats arrange into multiple single chair rows or combinations of chairs and loveseats. Instead, Multimedia Sofa and Loveseats are only two or three-seat units only.

Seatcraft Multimedia Sofas and Loveseats are versatile, with the middle console of the loveseat providing storage for swivel tables, charging stations, and cupholders. In addition, the sofa features a center seat without armrests that converts into a larger fold-down table. Finally, choose from the loveseat with a row layout of two seats or the sofa with three.

While multimedia sofa and loveseats have many of the same features and extras as theater seats, they don’t offer the option of front and back row seating. You need a Home Theater Riser to raise this furniture 7″ or 14″ depending on the desired height you need for clear sight to the screen.

The SoundShaker feature is an add-on feature in several multimedia sofa and loveseats, like the Big & Tall line.

For example, the Seatcraft Big & Tall Cavalry loveseat and sofa has the following pre-installed features:

  • LED Ambient Baselighting
  • Power Recline
  • Free Swivel Tray Table
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • USB Charging Port
  • ComfortView Power Headrest
  • ComfortView Power Lumbar Support
  • 2.2 density Gool Gel Memory Foam
  • Additional Optional Accessories & Upgrades
  • Top Grain Leather 7000 with coordinating metal cupholders

The SoundShaker system is available as an add-on, along with a reading light, wireless charging phone mount and tray table, tablet holder, and wine glass caddy.

Seatcraft Argus Track Arm or Seatcraft Altadena Living Room Track Arm sofa and loveseats are a mesmerizing addition for sophisticated contemporary spaces suited to refined lines.

The PROS for Multimedia Sofas and Loveseats:
  1. You get optimal viewing for all users with the option to maintain their own space or cozy up together while still enjoying a theater-style seat.
  2. Charge your phone, tablet, or device directly through the sofa or loveseat.
  3. It looks, feels, and sits like a luxurious, fully immersive, high-quality sofa or loveseat worthy of a dream theater room.
  4. Customizations are available in upholstery and include the Seatcraft Big & Tall line for customers who need extra room.
  5. The Cool Gel Memory Foam regulates body temperature to keep you at ease for long periods.
  6. Full-Service Installation is available, so all you have to do is open the door and lead the way. Then, all the heavy lifting, unpacking, and installation are taken care of for you.
  7. Top-quality leather and fabrics are available in various colors, though some Seatcraft lines have fewer options than others. Swatches are available free of charge to help make a confident choice.
  8. Fully upholstered furniture back on each piece of furniture for a finished view at every angle.
The CONSiderations for Multimedia Sofas and Loveseats:
  1. Features are specific to each Seatcraft multimedia line. Make sure to add options during the selection process.
  2. Multimedia sofas and loveseats are available as single units and only in a straight configuration. Curved is not available. If you are looking for a curved layout, consider Home Theater Seating.
  3. You need to purchase Home Theater Risers for tiered viewing to have clear sight over the people seated in front of you.
  4. Multimedia sofas and loveseats come in row layouts. If you enjoy modular home theater seating, consider Seatcraft Home Theater Seats.

The first two categories cover all sizes and shapes of home theater rooms. But what if you are working with specific floorplans and odd angles in your home? Maybe you need your furniture to be more multi-purpose. If so, read on!

Home Theater style sectionals for your multimedia room.

Multimedia Sectionals

Multimedia sectionals can be as high-tech or low-key as you wish. With Seatcraft, you can choose from modular sectionals with fabric upholstery and goose feather cushioning; or premium leather sectionals that mimic movie theater chairs but have convenient L-shape or Wedge composition to work with the shape or size of your room.

Modular sectionals like Seatcraft Heavenly allow you to push ottomans into several positions for the ultimate “cloud-like” relaxation and enjoyment for the whole family. What it doesn’t have in multimedia options, it makes up for in pure entertainment comfort.

Theater-type multimedia sectionals like Seatcraft Entrada have all the benefits of handy storage, LED lighted cupholders, USB charging stations, ComfortView Power headrest, power recline, and swivel tray tables. All while providing sumptuous comfort with Premium Leather 7000 in various configurations to suit the angles of your room.

The PROS for Multimedia Sectionals:
  1. They are designed for your living space while still providing the ultimate entertainment experience.
  2. Modular sectionals can be enjoyed in an upright or reclining position with people spaced out or as close together as they wish.
  3. Multimedia sectionals can configure to suit all living room sizes and shapes while allowing families to entertain in comfort, style, and convenience.
  4. The Cool Gel Memory Foam regulates body temperature to keep you at ease for long periods.
  5. Full-Service Installation is available for modular sectionals only.
  6. Top-quality leather and fabrics are available in various colors, though some Seatcraft lines have fewer options than others. Swatches are available free of charge to help make a confident choice.
The CONSiderations for Multimedia Sectionals:
  1. The SoundShaker system is not available for multimedia sectionals.
  2. In addition, optimal viewing may be challenging for every person depending on the placement of the screen or television.
  3. Multimedia sectionals will require you to assemble them with the help of a handy assistant. Unfortunately, Full-Service Installation is not available.
  4. You lose the feel of a traditional movie theater but instead have furniture better suited to your living space.

Multimedia sectionals work with family rooms, living areas, and entertainment spaces rather than designated theater rooms. As a result, they boast of comfort and convenience while still providing enough seating for everyone to gather together.

Do you love the idea of the multimedia sectional but want to relax in style with a glamorous Hollywood feel? Then Media Lounge Furniture will surely fit the bill.

Media lounge furniture comes in wide array of colors and styles.
Media Lounge Furniture comes in a wide array of colors and styles.
Media Lounge Furniture

This seating is just as exciting as what is happening on the screen. Media lounge furniture combines various chaise seats, ottomans, loveseats, and lounge sofas in exquisite style. A variety of styles offer breathtaking design and versatility to suit the dimensions of any home theater or media room.

The most significant difference between Multimedia Sectionals and Media Lounge Furniture is that lounge furniture is not configured in individual seats but rather elaborates on traditional furniture designs.

While there are leather options, upholstery is a popular choice with quality plush fabrics in a selection of multiple colors and shades.

Luxury can mean different things to different people, and Seatcraft Cavallo Media Lounge Furniture brings Hollywood Art Deco glam to life with refined lines, tailored plush fabrics, and exquisite details. With coordinating home theater seats, sectionals, and cuddle furniture, you can customize your ultimate entertainment room to meet every desire and need. Not to mention the oohs and aahs you get from all your guests!

The PROS for media lounge furniture:
  1. The media lounge furniture can be as casual or sophisticated as desired to fit the room’s decor.
  2. It can be coordinated with other, more high-tech theater room seats to accommodate everyone’s tastes while staying to the room’s theme.
  3. Modules and ottomans move to create a variety of home theater seating positions.
  4. Less heavy than home theater seating with power features.
  5. Less likely to need a variety of power outlets to manage the theater or media power features.
  6. Depending on the media furniture style, various accessories are available, including wine glass caddy, cigar host, tablet holder, glass tray table, and reading light.
  7. Some furniture has full delivery and installation service, but not all.
  8. There are lots of fabric and upholstery options available.
The CONSiderations for media lounge furniture:
  1. It does not set up in rows like a movie theater. However, it coordinates with other theater furniture for a wide range of seating options.
  2. The Seatcraft Solarium featured in Red grade 7000 Leather.
    Seatcraft Solarium

    The majority of power features and recline are not available, save for the Seatcraft Solarium Media Lounge. Otherwise, the chaise loungers and ottomans give you ample legroom to stretch out.

  3. With all the components not fitted together, ottomans may need to be stored out of the way and could be cumbersome if there are side tables or there isn’t room.

Who says family rooms have to sacrifice style for comfort? The Seatcraft Media Lounge Furniture line is gorgeous function and comfort wrapped into one, and it’s a compelling way to melt away in relaxation.

Yet, there is still one more category for the lounge lover to consider before deciding which home theater or media room seating to purchase.  

The Seatcraft Cuddle Loveseat can be shared with you and the family.

Cuddle Furniture

What is cuddle furniture? Cuddle furniture is a rounded chair, loveseat, or sofa designed to cuddle up alone or with one to two other people. So, whether watching a show or reading a book, cuddle furniture is casual comfort personified.

Cuddle furniture has been around longer than you would think. Initially designed for ladies to sit with their large dresses, rounded single-seat furniture was a wider version of a cushioned chair. In current times, cuddle furniture style is found in casual family and media rooms or paired with theater room chairs as a flop-easy place for kids to wiggle in with their popcorn.

Cuddle furniture isn’t just for kids. Parents love to snuggle up and read stories with their little ones or catch some cozy alone time with a book of their own and a glass of wine. They are even perfect for setting up a little love nest to catch movie night or an afternoon nap!

Not to be mistaken for a sack chair, Seatcraft Cuddle Seats are fashionable and come in styles from casual to chic and found with or without matching ottomans.

The PROS for cuddle furniture:
  1. It provides an increase in connection with friends and family who enjoy cuddle furniture together.
  2. It is the perfect furniture for a reading nook, bedroom, or an addition to the theater or media room.
  3. Accessories are available, including trays, reading lights, tablet holders, and wine glass caddies.
  4. They pair wonderfully as front rows to theater seating, and fabrics can coordinate for a cohesive look.
  5. Full-service delivery and installation are available.
  6. The furniture is not as heavy as seating with powered features.
  7. There are lots of ways to customize the upholstery on your cuddle furniture.
The CONSiderations for cuddle furniture:
  1. Power options are not available. However, other features like swivel, cupholders, coordinating pillows, and ottomans are available.
  2. Traditional furniture with square lines may not complement well to cuddle furniture.

Home theaters and media rooms allow for a truly immersive entertainment experience, from the screen, sound, decor, and Seatcraft furniture.

The final category of theater or media seat is where it all began, Commercial Theater Seats.

Seatcraft Commercial seats shown with the 'No-Drill' Base.
Seatcraft Commercial seats shown with the ‘No-Drill’ Base.
Commercial Theater Seats

Commercial Theater Seating has had quite a history over time. Fashioned after theater halls for the upper class, movie theaters originally had extravagant cushioned seats, decorative carpets, and elaborate decoration.
The modern-day commercial theater seat is comfortable and convenient, lined up in a row, and ready for the big screen. With the Seatcraft Free Standing No-Drill Base, rows of chairs install without drilling into the floor. In addition, they come with all the amenities of gravity-lift seats, fold-up arms, and cupholders.
Or, for standard installation, Seatcraft also offers Bolt-Down Movie Seats too. Both styles come in rows from two to six, cooperating with room dimensions and angles for optimum viewing in every space.

The PROS for commercial theater seats:
  1. The size and fold-up seats help conserve space, fitting several seats together for a traditional cinematic experience.
  2. Top-quality cushioning, seat design and upholstery ensure a comfortable user experience for any length of time.
  3. Two base designs allow installation on different types of surfaces without necessarily drilling into the floor.
  4. Easily configure into rows with Theater Seat Risers and Home Theater Platforms to help sightlines.
  5. More people can fit into the viewing space.
  6. You can choose from several styles, fabrics, and colors, giving you the ability to customize the seats to your color scheme and design.
  7. You have the option of a Rocker Recliner Backrest or Fixed Back commercial theater seat to allow users to lean back or maintain an upright position.
The CONSideration for commercial theater seats:
  1. Power features and extra accessories are not available.
  2. Full-service delivery and installation are not available.
  3. The chairs have less armrest space depending on the style of chair you select.
  4. So, while cuddling up is not as comfortable, but you can still put your feet up, hold hands and share popcorn.

Theater seating and media furniture continue to enhance the home entertainment experience. Seatcraft leads the industry in comfort, durability, innovation, and service with rave reviews and customer satisfaction. So finally, you can make your furniture purchase with confidence and, above all else, excitement!

Visit to purchase your theater and media furniture today!