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Home Theater Seating DIY Troubleshooting Guide

We understand our home theater seating customers’ needs for visual support, so we made step-by-step instructions just for you.

Troubleshooting or making small repairs on your theater seats can seem daunting or time consuming. We spoke to our customers and saw that many of the issues could be resolved with a simple set of visual instructions to help guide our customers through the most common problems they might encounter with their chair. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-understand  . We’ve covered the most common problems but if you’re encountering a different issue, please give us a call any time. We’re here to support you.

Our library of videos ranges from everything like completely replacing a power recliner motor, to removing and installing new armrests. Many of these installations and repairs require very few to no tools at all, and most of the projects take 10 mins or less. You’ll mainly have to use Philips and flathead screwdrivers for most of these. Create an intro / segue sentence here to the list below

How to Get Replacement Parts:

Contact us at 1(800)407-8665  we can look up your order and first help you troubleshoot. Sometimes the fix can be minor such as unplugging and plugging in an AC adapter.

Service Technicians:

For any complicated issues that require experts, we do have a national network of service technicians available.  we will discuss sending out one of our experts to help.

Our Operating Hours:

M-F: 7AM-4PM