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Home Theater Seating: Shopping Online Made Easy

Shopping for home theater seating online should be a straightforward process. Yet, with so many options and variables, it can be a tad overwhelming.

To help make the process easier, we have created the perfect action steps to buy the ideal home theater seating for your home.

First, what is home theater seating?

Home Theater Seating: Shopping Online Made Easy

Home theaters are a convenient way to enjoy all the entertainment features of a movie theater. So it only makes sense that typical furniture would evolve into home theater seating with enhanced headrests, lumbar support, motorization, vibration, lighted elements, and multimedia support. Oh, and of course cupholders and tray tables!

Home theater seating is the ultimate movie buff furniture, whether in a single-seat, rows, chaise lounge, sectional, or sofa style configuration.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Shopping for Home Theater Seating Online

Before you start shopping…

There are four essential things you need to know before you start shopping online.

Measure the Dimensions of Your Room

1  The dimensions of your room.

The dimensions of your room will tell you how many seats you can have in a row, the optimal row shape, and how to optimize sightlines. Knowing these dimensions first gives you the framework for the maximum size of seats or seating your room can handle.

For help planning your home theater, contact Seatcraft Customer Service or try the Audio Advice Home Theater Designer tool.

2  How many people do you intend to sit at once?

It goes without saying that you have a minimum and a maximum number of seats that you require. But what about guests? What if you want several friends and their spouses to come over for movie night? What if the kids have a sleepover party to watch a new release?

Your room dimensions plus the number of seats you require help to narrow down the room layout. It also tells you what types of home theater seating won’t work for the space.

Home Theater Seating that Suits Your Dream Experience.

3  The style(s) of home theater seating that suits your dream experience.

Style is such a personal reflection of both the shopper and the space. Rest assured, there is a design to suit everyone. However, one has to consider more than just the looks of the home theater seating.

People have different preferences when it comes to how they watch movies. Some want all the powered features in a recliner; others like snuggling under a blanket with their popcorn.

With home theater seating, you can blend different styles and fabrics to accommodate everyone’s preferences and still have the home theater of your dreams. Work with your room’s dimensions and try some different seating plans with eye-catching home theater seats.

Read Home Theater Furniture: A Buyer’s Guide to Six Styles to learn more about the various home theater seating styles Seatcraft offers.

4  What is your budget?

Some would argue that it is hard to budget without first knowing the cost of home theater seating. Can’t fault them there, but it doesn’t hurt to know going in what your absolute maximum home theater allowance is. If you overspend in one area, you may not have room left in the budget to purchase the furniture you want.

A solid budget allows you to plan the ‘needs list’ and the ‘wants list.’ For example, the seats are quite heavy, so it makes sense to budget for special delivery. On the other hand, you may choose to mix-and-match home theater seats to make your budget work.

Your budget also ensures that you protect your investment by buying quality home theater seats from a reputable company. Money spent twice means a poor decision happened somewhere along the way.

Now you are ready!

If you read through The Buyer’s Guide, you have a grasp of the different styles of home theater seating available. You have plenty to choose from, between the ultimate single home theater seats, multimedia sofas, and sectionals to media lounge sofas.

You can dive into the online catalog of home theater seating based on your desired seating plan, the number of seats, and furniture styles.

Where to start…

Latest Seatcraft Home Theater Seating Designs

First, have some fun cruising through the latest Seatcraft designs and features on Then, jot out a list of potential candidates and circle back to see what unique features each has to offer. Not every seat has the same powered features. And some may be too large for your seating plan.

TIP: Seatcraft is known for its Wallhugger and SpaceSaver options and offers customizations to work in any home.

Here is a list of questions to help narrow things down:

  • What is the seat’s floor footprint in the upright and full recline position?
  • Which special features come with the seat?
  • Which features are available as optional add-ons?
  • Which upholstery fabrics, leather grades, and colors are available?
  • Does anyone require additional room for body types or sightlines?
  • Is special delivery available?
  • What is the warranty?
  • Do I need additional power or outlets?
  • Do I need additional parts to operate a feature like SoundShaker?
  • Is this seat/seating in stock? How long does it take to ship?
  • Is this seating option within my budget?


See how many are left once you’ve crossed off the home theater seats that don’t meet your criteria. Next, add up the upright and full recline dimensions of all the seats and determine if it leaves enough space for your floorplan— including pathways.

Which seating combinations are the best while meeting all your needs and wants?

Start filling out your order, including upholstery selections, add-ons, delivery, and any additional warranty. This step is to determine the total cost of your home theater seating before you order. But don’t commit just yet!

Try selecting other seating options from your list to decide which style(s) you like best, possibly saving you extra dollars without sacrificing features.


Before you eagerly hit the order button, it is wise to verify some crucial elements. So save your shopping cart and take these extra steps.

Make sure you fully understand the warranty and return policies in case of damages or the need for repair. To avoid costly mistakes, speak with Seatcraft’s Customer Service and verify your dimensions with the seating you intend to purchase. Review power requirements, set-up and installation requirements, and get any additional questions answered. Shopping online doesn’t have to mean you are without customer service.

Don’t trust the upholstery colors on your screen. Pixels are different on every device, and the online samples are only a representation of the actual color. Seatcraft offers free upholstery and fabric swatches. It is better to see how the color interacts with your light and other elements in the room, such as carpeting or other furniture.

Once you have made your educated selections, it’s time to order your fabulous home theater seating!

Tip: Not all home theater seating offers in-home delivery. In that case, the seating is only delivered to the curb. You will need to enlist help to carry the seats inside. 

Last thoughts about shopping online for home theater seating…

Shopping for home theater seating online can be intimidating. Seatcraft not only provides complete security to protect your private information, it fully supports their customers through their purchase, delivery, and for years to come.

Go to to begin shopping for your home theater seating today!