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Increasing the Value of Your Home: Add a Home Theater Room

A home is often the biggest investment that you will ever make. Increasing the value of your home is important, along with doing renovations that will provide you with the biggest return on investment.  Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market or just want to enhance your home’s features for your own enjoyment, these improvements will provide you with the best added home value for your money.


The kitchen is often one of the most important aspects that house hunters look for when checking out homes. It is the core of the household and any improvement would undoubtedly increase the overall value of your home. Most think of a kitchen remodel as a pricey and daunting task. However, by implementing minor upgrades, you can give your kitchen a cost-efficient face lift. Some upgrades that would give you the most value for your money and time are:

Updated cabinets: Instead of completely restoring your cabinets, opt for simply replacing the cabinet doors for a new, fresh look. You can also add simple touches like roll-out shelving, spice racks and new hardware.

New lighting: New lighting fixtures will give your kitchen a more ambient and cheerful appearance.
Upgraded appliances- The appliances worth investing in are ones that will be used on a regular basis- such as the refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher. We suggest buying appliances in neutral colors and if affordable, stainless steel is always a great option.

New countertops: Choose the right style and color for your home and budget. We recommend granite because of its aesthetic appeal, its durability and versatility. Granite can pair well with and complement almost any interior design. It’s easy to clean and highly stain and heat resistant, making it a practical, worthwhile choice.

Energy Efficient
Decrease your household carbon footprint while shrinking your utility bills and adding value to your home. Creating an energy efficient home means more than just adding solar panels. Here are other ways to save money while saving the environment:

Appliances: Appliances that are labeled with the Energy Star logo are deemed energy efficient by the U.S. EPA. Look for these appliances when shopping for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and room air conditioners.

Insulation: The proper insulation in your house has the ability to make a huge difference in your energy consumption. It will also reduce noise, provide better humidity control and decrease the amount of dust and insects in your home.

Home Theater

A high quality home theater has the potential to have a high return cost. A home theater does not require any additional costs for updating or maintaining (unlike a swimming pool addition) so after the initial cost you are done! A home theater adds value to your home because it is attractive to potential buyers. They can picture themselves entertaining in the space, and it makes the home stand out against other properties. There are plenty of designs and ways to personalize your own home theater. Listed below are some of the items you’ll need to get started:

Seats: Comfortable seating is the core of your home theater. The Seatcraft Innovator features a power recline and headrest, LED light up cup holders, a fold down table and many other features to provide the ultimate design and comfort.

Projector: When shopping for a projector consider these aspects: the resolution, brightness, picture contrast and lens shift. There are many options to fit your ideal budget so you can have the full theater experience.

Remote: Don’t waste quality family time searching for several different remotes. Instead, choose a universal remote for a more convenient alternative.

Sound: Amp up your movie-watching experience with our SoundShaker seat vibration kit. Simple to install and easy to use, this device will make you feel every moment of your movie.

Decor: Lastly, add some finishing touches to your home theater by decorating with your favorite movie posters.

Enhance Your Entrance

An entry door replacement is a simple upgrade that has one of the highest percentage return on investment, meaning that it is a cost-efficient investment. Add some curb appeal to your home with these simple upgrade ideas:

Replace the door: A fresh, new door is the best way to give a great first impression to your home.

Spruce up the paint: If your door is still in good shape, try a fresh coat of paint in a new color to brighten up the entrance. Consider using a high-quality paint for a lasting finish.

Add some decor: Something as simple as adding planters or a unique wreath to your entryway will go a long way.

Add lighting: A new fixture will light up your entryway and add a stylish touch. There are many different styles to choose from to match the aesthetic of your home.

These are only a few of the many different projects you can take on to add value to your home. We hope that these ideas will inspire your own home improvement!