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Introducing The Element

Seatcraft has outdone itself yet again with The Element, the latest in the company’s high-end Signature series.  This seat was designed to build on the experience and innovation that has marked the Seatcraft brand for years, to bring you the highest standards in every aspect of the construction.  Everything from the seat’s sophisticated look to the way its armrests gently flip up, is smoother, more refined, and more comfortable than ever before.

The Element is constructed from Leather 7000, an exclusive brand of top-grain leather that is chosen from the top third of all hides.  Each piece is carefully handpicked for its appearance, texture, and durability, so that you get one of the best leather experiences on the market.  This material is then buffed to remove any imperfections, leaving a smooth, polished sheen that looks incredible in any home theater.  Adding to the look is the Element’s black onyx shade, which beautifully reflects under lighting for a lustrous shine that is sure to catch the eye.   The seat back also boasts an art-deco stitch design with dramatic diagonal curves, which gives it a truly unique overall appearance.

The Element also incorporates the latest in hi-tech bells and whistles for the ultimate in convenience. A series of touch-sensitive buttons by the armrest gives one the option of powered headrests, so that you can adjust your head, neck, and shoulders to the fit that’s just right for you.  This headrest has a great range, being able to accommodate guests as tall as 6’5″ in height.  With this option, you can stay relaxed and focused on the screen for hours of extended viewing, adjusting when needed with the absolute minimum of effort.

The cup holders are also operated by a button at the console which illuminates their outside ring with a soothing, azure radiance that makes it easy to find your beverages in the dark.  Ambient base lighting at the bottom of the Element performs the same function, letting your guests find their place quickly without disturbing.  The Element’s chaiselounger is also operated by a power recline, which will pamper your lower body with a complete cushion of support that eliminates the usual gap between the seat and headrest.  A special “wall-hugger” design even allows the seat to conserve space, as it can sit just three inches from any wall even in full recline.

Included black tray tables provide a convenient space for food, tablets, remotes, and other items you may need to complete your night.  These tables can be attached and detached with ease, and are a breeze to clean.  Speaking of cleanup, simply lift the armrest of the seat to reveal plenty of storage space to place any items after use.  With this kind of power and efficiency combined with the Element’s high-end material and design, comes an all-in-one home theater experience that will, quite simply, blow you away.

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