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Leather Care And Maintenance

Leather is the premium material of choice for any home theater seat, but in order to keep it in optimum condition, proper care and maintenance is required just as with any other material.  The following are a few helpful facts everyone should know about leather, including tips on how to maintain your new leather seat to look its best.

The first thing to keep in mind about leather, is that it is not a synthetically made substance.  It is taken from nature, therefore it will retain variations in color, shade and texture that are typical of any natural product.  Indeed, these rich variations are a part of the reason why the material is so treasured among home theater seat enthusiasts.  Leather is also prized for its elasticity, which can easily adapt to the natural contours of the body.  Therefore, some amount of stretching is to be expected over time and is not a cause for concern.

While variations and elasticity in leather are to be expected and even esteemed, there are other factors to keep in mind: the material can fade, harden, or age over time.  Fading occurs when leather is exposed to direct sunlight.  Hardening may occur if the pores of the leather become clogged with dirt and grease from hair, skin and clothes.  Leather can also dry and harden when left in a warm, dry environment for long periods.    All of these situations may result in peeling, tearing and cracks in the skin.  Most warranties protect against these pitfalls, as long as the material is properly maintained.  Fortunately, leather maintenance is simple, as long as you follow a few simple instructions:

1) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.  This will prevent fading and keep your leather looking young

2) Never place your home theater chair near heaters, radiators, or anything which gives off a warm, dry atmosphere.  This will help prevent drying and hardening of the material.  Make sure to keep at least a 20 inch distance from any heating agent, and maintain the room at normal humidity levels.

3) Leather should be vacuumed on a regular basis, to prevent dirt and grease from clogging the pores.

4) A slightly moistened cloth should also be applied regularly to remove dirt and grease.  Do not use other cleaners or conditioners, which can damage the leather and also void most warranties.


Although all products are packed and shipped very carefully from the manufacturer to your home, the material may exhibit a few extra folds, depressions or wrinkles that are normal after transportation.  These irregularities will settle over time; often, a simple pat-down of the cushions and back of the seat will return it to its natural shape.  Just remember, a little care will go a long way to making sure that your leather seat will look ageless for years to come, and a permanent fixture of your home theater decor.

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