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On Home Theater Decor, Part One


Your home theater isn’t just about the TV set and the seats.  It’s about an ambience you wish to project that will enhance the entertainment experience. A properly decorated home theater room will say a lot about yourself, and has the potential to add an immeasurable amount of style and excitement to anything you watch on screen.  Why leave the house, when you can enjoy the thrill of a special night out, every night?  4seating  has just the right décor accessories to impress both friends and family, and what follows will help to navigate you through the different components of a good home theater, so that you can let your imagination do the rest of the work.

Although the look of your home theater is important, many of its accessories also provide a practical function.  One of the most important of these are acoustic wall panels.  These panels will help reduce room echo and provide a natural, consistent sound all around the room.  4seating offers panels in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials, to match virtually any room setup.   For a standard, solid-color backing, choose a Standard acoustic panel from which you can velcro any additional accents.  Tuck-and-roll paneling is fashioned from tough bonded leather, and offers a vintage look.  “Panel-ramic” paneling provides appealing contemporary patterns that can wrap around the room for a complete look, or you can choose Veneered Wood paneling for a natural elegance.  All panels can be custom made to color, size, and even pattern, but each one will provide the same expert sound modification essential to your theater enjoyment.

Once the paneling for your walls is chosen, you may want to enliven their look with additional accents.  This is where the real nitty-gritty of theater décor is made—at this point, given your acoustic paneling as a base, you’ll want to decide whether to give your room a classic, art-deco, contemporary, or postmodern feel.  4seating offers accents in each of these styles: for a classic old-world feel, choose the Cascade, which comprises long thin pieces that can be coordinated to emit a palatial ambience.  For those looking for a 20s/30s art-deco look from the golden ages of film, the Rapture and Diamond décor accents will take you right back to the days when Rudolph Valentino and Greta Garbo reigned supreme.  The Contemporary décor accent offers a clean, streamlined look of pleasing rectangular designs.  For a more daring look, the Flames décor can be spread among the walls to rock up your room with plenty of hot character.   As with the acoustic paneling, any one of these accents can be custom made according to color and size requirements.  Mix and match designs to your heart’s content!

One of the most striking additions to any home theater are accent columns, which can also fulfill practical purposes.  These tall, regal pieces also come in a variety of colors and sizes, some with different purposes.  For example, the Audio Theater column was designed to provide a beautiful frame for speakers that may otherwise be a sight burden.  The DVD Storage column does just that, as it discreetly holds eight slide-out shelves with which to store video items. The Techno Round and Techno Square columns feature top lighting for both ambience and practicality.  And this is just the beginning: with thirteen different styles of columns to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for the acoustic paneling and wall accents, all coming together to create the perfect space for imaginative self-expression.  With just the right décor, your theater will help to transport you to a time and place that will only serve to enhance anything you view from your TV screen.

The second half of this series on home theater décor, coming soon, will focus on the curtains, stages, and risers that provide the backbone of any theater setup.

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