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The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

If you’re tall or wide-set, seating can be hard to find. But when comfort and movie-watching experience are on the line, size does matter! The Seatcraft Pantheon is the Perfect Chair for Big and Tall People.

The Pantheon is Seatcraft’s entry to the Big & Tall category. With a wider seating area, taller backrest, and a stronger frame that can support up to 400 lbs., the Pantheon is the perfect seat for the large home theater-goer.

In this article, we’ll explore the details of the Seatcraft Pantheon and compare to other similar models.

The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

Big & Tall

The Seatcraft Pantheon’s most notable features are a wide seating area, broader armrests, and a taller backrest. It’s not simply that the seat is larger, but that it’s larger in key areas. Here are a few of the specs:

  • Height: 45 inches high
  • Seat width: 26.5 inches
  • Seat depth: 24

With wider and taller dimensions, you also get a stronger frame. The Pantheon’s enhanced structure allows it support up to 400lbs without the slightest buckle.

The Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People

Other Features

The reinforced wood frame and larger dimensions are the reason most people go for the Pantheon. But, you’ll also find this chair has the same features and exteriors that make Seatcraft the go-to brand for modern home theater-goers. The luxurious top grain leather 7000 leather makes the exterior smooth, durable, and luxurious. You’ll also find amenities that make movie watching a dream, such as power headrest, power lumbar and built-in Soundshaker transducer. Here’s a full list of amenities, you’ll find in the Pantheon:

  • Power headrest
  • Power recline
  • Soundshaker
  • USB charging port
  • Adjustable power lumbar
  • Free swivel tray table
  • Hidden arm storage
  • Cupholders with LED lights
  • LED ambient base lighting

Pantheon vs. Comparable Models

The  Pantheon is similar to other Seatcraft models in many ways. Below is a comparison between the the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Equinox.

The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Equinox
The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Equinox

Pantheon vs. Colosseum

The Seatcraft Colosseum is also Big & Tall, but it’s a loveseat (two-seater) while the Pantheon is a single chair. Most of the specifications and amenities are the same for both products, including the top grain 7000 leather exterior and power lumbar support. However, the Colosseum features one amenity the Pantheon doesn’t, which is an additional storage console between the two seats.

The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Colosseum
The Seatcraft Pantheon vs. The Seatcraft Colosseum

Pantheon vs. Equinox

The Seatcraft Equinox looks and feels the same as the Pantheon with the same aesthetic design. The difference is that Equinox is smaller, featuring standard Seatcraft dimensions.

Equinox is also available in a back row version that is 7 inches taller than the average Equinox. However, the height difference in the back row version is made to make the seat higher so the viewer can see over front rows, rather than making the backrest higher, which is better for taller people. The raised structure is made for regular height people who want to see over the further ahead rows, not for taller or larger people who want more comfort.


With the Seatcraft Pantheon Chair for Big and Tall People, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in seating built for your body type! If you’re looking for a loveseat, go for Seatcraft Colosseum Big & Tall or if you’re looking for a regular seat with risers for the back row, go for the Equinox. Whether you’re big or tall, the Pantheon is an excellent choice.