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The Tablet Holder

With New Years just around the corner, you may wish to upgrade your home theater to take advantage of the many exciting options available to enhance your entertainment experience. Among the many accessories which can help you do this, is the universal tablet holder.  This outstanding feature attaches easily to any accessory POD, allowing you to connect a tablet to your chair for individual browsing, or a full-blown hookup to your TV screen for a virtually endless array of viewing options.  Why be limited by a tiny tablet or laptop screen, when you can tap into the power of the large screen and state-of-the-art sound system that you have so painstakingly assembled for your home theater?

There’s no denying that the internet has opened up an entire universe of entertainment possibility, which goes far beyond basic cable or DVD options.  Youtube alone has become a virtual video library of quirky and unusual entertainment choices, from live music clips to news blooper compilations, stupid pet trick videos and much, much more.  It’s easy to get lost for hours browsing from clip to clip, all available at your viewing whim.  Internet streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have also become extremely popular as of late, especially now that they have begun offering commercial-free original programming.  In an interesting new twist, some shows have begun offering entire seasons in bulk, leading to the phenomenon of viewers watching hours of episodes back-to-back. Beware: some of these programs, like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, are highly critically acclaimed and enormously addicting.  Of course, many movies are also available to stream.

The internet has also become a paradise for “gamers”, those who lose themselves in the increasingly elaborate and sophisticated worlds of video game fantasy.  This entertainment option has come a long way since Pac-Man or Super Mario, now offering characters, plotlines, and beguiling visual backdrops that are more akin to user-participation movies than games.  There are plenty of game sites out there catering to the booming industry, which feature everything from variations on classic puzzles and board games, to far more elaborate fare.  Most sites also allow you to play with other users worldwide, in one-on-one or group matchups.  Once again, you may find a dramatic difference between playing these games on a limited, small tablet or laptop screen, and being able to see them in the context of your home theater setup.

There are so many more options available with a tablet hookup–everything from sharing slide photo presentations of your latest family vacation, to posting your latest obsessions on Pinterest.  But how does all this endless fun begin?  There are two primary ways of hooking a tablet to your TV screen.  The first step involves getting the adjustable tablet holder which attaches easily to your seat’s armrest.  There are then two ways to go from here: you can use your home wi-fi to connect the tablet to your screen, or you can use a cable to connect to the HDMI (High Definitiion MultiMedia Interface) ports on your tablet and TV.  For the fastest connections, a cable is preferable.  Once hooked in, the only problem from that point on will be figuring out just what to do, among the thousands of available choices.  One thing is for sure–you will never, ever be at a loss for entertainment, no matter what your mood or what guests you may have.

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