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The Wine Glass Caddy

Why a wine glass caddy?  You may not be a wine drinker, and besides, doesn’t each home theater seat already come equipped with cup holders?  Many people do not realize the many benefits a wine glass caddy will add, in both convenience and style, to their home theater seat.  Although labeled a “wine glass caddy”, this convenient accessory can be used for any beverage.  A cup holder can only hold a certain size of cup or glass, and many times you will want the full bottle of liquid and the glass within arm’s reach.  With the caddy, you can place the bottle in the cup holder slot and then pour it into a glass which remains firmly and securely attached right next to it.  This setup is perfect for not only wine enthusiasts but those who drink sparkling ciders, large bottled waters, or large bottled sodas.  You will never have to leave your seat during a movie, just to get the original bottle to re-pour yourself a glass.  And you will never have to leave bottles or glasses on the floor, where they can tip over and spill.

Our wine glass caddies were also built with luxury style in mind.  You can instantly upgrade the look and feel of your home theater with these elegant-looking setpieces, with their beveled edges fashioned out of stainless steel.  The sleek, sophisticated look will impress anyone, and add a level of grace and convenience not even found in a movie theater itself!   Relax at home with your loved one over a glass of wine and a Blu-Ray copy of Casablanca, or perhaps use the caddies for a big get-together screening of the Dark Knight trilogy.  Whichever way you go, you can rest assured that these accessories were built with the Seatcraft commitment to quality and durability.

The wine glass caddy is also a perfect match for our other accessories.   You can place the caddy on one armrest and a tray table on another, to enjoy a full dining experience.  Or, you can place an iPad on a tablet holder, so that you can sip and surf at the same time. Articulated lighting will enhance local ambience, if you just wanted to spend a quiet night alone reading with your favorite beverage.   Power recline is always an excellent choice for those who want to lay back in any desired position with a Merlot, after a long day at work.   With the variety of combinations available, there’s no reason why your wine glass caddy won’t become an absolutely indispensable addition to your home theater setup.

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