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Transforming Your Home Theater

Feel like your home theater is falling short of your expectations? It may be time for an upgrade and complete refresh! But does that mean throwing out everything and starting over? Of course not! We have many tips and tricks on what to replace, how often, and with what. Follow this guide and you will enjoy a revitalized theater experience!


The first upgrade to evaluate is the lighting. Consider swapping regular bulbs out for LED ones to save energy and money in the long run. Another trick for an upgraded look is installing lights behind crown molding around the room. It’s easier on the eyes and adds to the theater ambiance. Looking for a simple update? Try installing a dimmer. Relatively inexpensive, a dimmer instantly takes your theater to the next level.



If you use a television in your theater, it may be time to raise the bar and install a screen and projector. There are options available for any size and budget. If you upgrade, be sure to get both the screen AND projector. If you try to use a projector with a painted wall, all the imperfections will be obvious and be distracting to you and your guests. If a screen isn’t your cup of tea, consider a LED TV for a better picture. TVs are more inexpensive now than they ever been with such amazing picture and sound so you can’t go wrong. Need more TV suggestions? We have you covered here.

Seating Accessories

There is always an accessory available to refresh your Seatcraft chairs. For the all around experience, look into a SoundShaker vibration kit. It’s easy to install and will impress your guests with an added 4-D experience. If popcorn and snacks are staples in your theater, consider a swivel tray that’s easily added to any Seatcraft chair. If your theater is designed for winding down, a wine caddy is the best way to enjoy a glass and a movie! The sleek, beveled design prevents spills so you can enjoy your wine and relax with your favorite flick.



Sound is the biggest feature that should be checked regularly for upgrades. Most home theater fanatics agree that sound is crucial to your movie viewing experience. Amplifiers should be changed out when the sound comes out distorted, which can be frequently. Speakers don’t need to be upgraded as often, and if you like the sound, why change it? If you do decide to find new speakers, be aware that purchasing a new speaker doesn’t always mean it’s better than what you currently have installed.

If you think your sound is lacking bass, try adding a second subwoofer instead of replacing your current one. However, be careful not to over do it and drown out your other speakers with bass. Make sure to maintain a balance of sound between all of your speakers.

Cables rarely need to be replaced, unless you are hearing a buzzing or humming sound. However, if cables are an eyesore in your room, look into cable sleeves and cable ties. You can even run the cables behind baseboards for a cleaner look.


If your sound, seating, and screening are already up to your expectations, but you’re still itching to make a few improvements to your home theater, think about introducing a fun theme to your beloved space!

Rock Music:
Bust out your old guitar and hang it from the walls for a rock-and-roll themed home theater. If you’re a painter, scrawl some musical notes or sheet music on the walls. Hang up records across one of the walls for a retro look.

Transform your space into a batcave by using dim lighting, bat symbols, and city building silhouettes. Hang comic books around the room and decorate with other superhero decor! Whether you’re into DC Comics or Marvel, release your inner nerd and have fun with this super theme!

50’s Movie Theater:
An old school popcorn machine can bring a classic vibe to your home theater experience. Stock up on Charleston Chews and Neccos for a retro candy display! Hang up paintings of 50’s cars or set up a model car display to add to the theme.

The Oscars:
If you are a movie fanatic, an Academy Awards theme is a great way to spice up your home theater! You can purchase your own Oscars relatively cheap online and set up display cases around the room. Pick your top, award-winning movies and hang the posters on the walls. This theme is slightly more subtle but is guaranteed to give your room a major upgrade.

If you’re going for a modern look, utilize a black, gray, and white color scheme in your space. Dark woods, straight lines, and geometric patterns all create a sleek, new look. A Heavenly Modular Sofa, available in black or white, is the ideal couch upgrade if you want a contemporary style theater room.

If your theater room has become the new family room, look into a Disney theme! Go for a classic Disney look with a red, black, and white color scheme and plenty of Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Embrace your favorite animation with a theme all your own: Under the Sea, Toy Story, Princesses, or any number of combinations! Snuggle up on your Cuddle Couch and enjoy the next big Disney flick!

Transform you home theater into your own, personal man cave with a sports theme! Stick to your favorite game or make a mix of your favorite pastimes. Attach a basketball hoop to the wall, hang up your replica jerseys, and display footballs around the room. When it’s game time, you’ll definitely want a Seatcraft Sectional to provide enough seating for all the fans in your life.

Whether you need to replace some vital parts or just give your theater a new look, this guide will put you on the right path to upgrade your space. You don’t need a total renovation for a fresh, new look. Follow these tips and tricks and your home theater will transform before your eyes.